2017 – 038 Is the EU Democratic?

Is the EU Democratic?

The BBC continually describes the EU as democratic. Well, is it?

What is the difference between a police state and a democratic state?

 An Oligarchic/Police State

  • An Oligarch of an unelected ‘Elite’ who are effectively the ‘State’.
  • Any elected parliament has no power.
  • System run by a complicit Civil Service.
  • No criticism of the State permitted.
  • The State controls all social activities.
  • Press and media controlled by the State.
  • Police answerable to the State.
  • Citizens monitored by State Security.
  • Police can arrest anyone without needing a warrant or evidence.
  • All citizens required to carry an ID card.
  • Local informers report on neighbours.
  • Citizens are guilty until they can prove their innocence.

A Democratic State

  • Citizens can stand for any political position and vote for any party.
  • The Civil Service is strictly neutral.
  • Vote by secret ballot to remove or keep the government of the day.
  • The government is required to give a truthful answer to any question.
  • Citizens are innocent until proven guilty and arrested only with a warrant.
  • Police and judiciary independent of government.
  • Press and media free from government control.
  • Citizens have freedom of speech, movement and religion.

Comparison of an Oligarchic/Police State with the EU

  • Government by an unelected Elite who cannot be voted out – yes
  • Any elected parliament has little or no power – yes
  • System run by a pampered and compliant Civil Service – yes
  • No criticism of State permitted – moving that way
  • All commercial and social activities controlled by the State – desired
  • Press and Media controlled by the State – moving that way
  • Police and Security Forces answerable to the State – yes
  • Citizens continually monitored by Security – coming
  • Police can arrest anyone without a warrant or evidence – yes
  • All citizens required to carry an ID card – yes
  • Local informers to report on their neighbours – now in embryonic form (€30 Million allocated for this)
  • Citizens are guilty until they can prove their innocence – yes – Corpus Juris
  • Licences required for nearly every activity – moving that way
  • Officials are unaccountable and immune from prosecution – becoming more so

The Origins of the EU shows why (appendix 17).

As yet, much of the EU list is embryonic – but the clear conclusion is that this is a bloodless coup that has the potential to become a police state.©

Vladimir Bukovksy, the 63-year old former Soviet dissident, who spent 12 years in Soviet prisons, fears that the European Union is on its way to becoming another Soviet Union. In a speech he delivered in Brussels, Mr Bukovsky called the EU a monster that must be destroyed, the sooner the better, before it develops into a fully-fledged totalitarian state (appendix  18)).

Clearly, a structure is being set up that will be an authoritarian state. There will be no mechanism to prevent it, sooner or later, from becoming a full-blown police state.


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