2019 – 006 Operation Mockingbird update

D notice gagging order on our press

WWI demonstrated to the Establishment the power of propaganda to mold the opinions of the public. Goebbels raised it to an art form and it has been refined considerably since. The Goebbelisation of news is now wide spread within the MSM and TV channels. Commonly called Fake news and is used to deceive the public.


The majority of the worlds Media are now owned by about 6 families and Russian Oligarchs who all seem to universally lean towards the Authoritarian New World Order. Hense the lack of diversity in news reporting.

e.g. The MSM and TV continually refer to the EU as a Single Market and deliberately not mentioning it includes unlimited migration from the EU and complete subservience to all EU law and regulations and complete loss of national sovereignty.

e.g. BBC programme Question Time frquently will have a panel of 4 Remainers and 1  Brexiteer. To match the Referendum it should have 3 Brexiteers and 2 Remainers.

The BBC is technically perhaps the best in the world however its controlling management is perhaps among the worst. It only recruits from very left wing sources for its news correspondents, programme makers and decision makers. In about 2016 it was estimated that some 600 crypto Marxist Common Purpose alumni were in positions of authority.

Why is this?

Operation Mockingbird is a covert project to gain control of the worlds media. Started by the CIA but has now been hijacked by the New World Order.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation Mockingbird

Shocking to see super liberal The Hill not only admit that there was no insurrection, but also point out that MSM were told to label BLM & AnQueefa as protestors (not rioters) & #MAGA as insurrectionists (not protestors) & the contrast in prosecutions.

The Main Stream Media have a fairly common generally left wing bias – particularly TV except TalkTV and GBNews. The Soviets claim to have been able to insert Marxist journalists into most of the worlds media.  The BBC is a classic. Several of their senior political commentators were certainly Marxists when at Uni. There are reputed to be some 600 Common Purpose alumni in positions of authority in the BBC. Common Purpose is a crypto Marxist training college that teaches its alumni on how to administer outside of the democratic process.

However Social Media has given ordinary people a world wide voice outside of government control who were otherwise denied exposure. The Establishment are desperately trying to gain control of this ‘dangerous’ media that is out of their control.

Mockingbird is a very little known project reputed to be started by the CIA in the ’50s. It seems now to have been taken on by the UN and the New World Order. More info from the inside is needed.

It is very likely an integral part of the preparations for the New World Order. To understand what that means read ‘New World Order’ by Mark Dice – available in Amazon.

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