2018 – 042 Who is the Father of the EU? Not Jean Monnet.

So who was the Father of the EU?

1922 –  Richard Coudenhove Kalergi with his Pan European Movement

1933 – Sir Arthur Salter with his book  The United States of Europe and other papers

1933  – Jean Monnet. A close friend of Salter who campaigned for the United States of Europe, got the Treaty of Rome but was pipped in the 1964 committee by Hallstein for the EU. However he  was more than happy with the 1964 version that was agreed.

1942 – Walther Funk’s committee produced a document Europaische Wirtschafts Gemeinsschaft on how Germany would run Europe post war .  It was to become the first draft of the EU in 1964

In 1944 SS obergruppenfurhrer Dr Sheid laid out how Germany should prepare for losing the war but winning the peace. A very high up SS officer who organised the looting of all the treasuries of the subject nations controlled by the Nazis to hide outside Germany. That vast wealth was later used by Hallstein to overwhelm the other 4 countries on the 1964 committee who were destitute having had all their wealth looted by Dr Sheid in 1944/5

1964 Walter Hallstein, was a very high up member of the IG Faben/Nazi wartime coalition and one of Hitlers top Lawyers. He  became chairman of the 1964 committee to start the EU and was the first President of the new EU. He hijacked the EU for Germany using Funk’s  EWG for the first draft of the EU. As such he  can truly claim to be the Father of the EU. For Hallstein’s full CV go to  https://www.dr-rath-foundation.org/2016/06/the-hidden-nazi-background-of-walter-hallstein-founding-president-of-the-brussels-eu-commission/

Take your pick as to who you think was the Father of the EU.

My choice is Hallstein who the EU want to write out of the history.

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