2013 – 036a European Court of Human Rights

Europrobe release No 1       Oct     2013                                                         

 Please forward this email on to all your contacts and ask them to forward on to all their contacts as well. The object of these Releases is to give citizens the information that is being withheld; suppressed, distorted, clipped or dismissed by our political elite and the BBC i.e. they do not want you to know about it.

1.         The European Court of Human Rights. This was an initiative by Eleanor Roosevelt after WWII. It consisted of 12 highly respected and experienced judges. Now there are 47 judges of whom most are appointed on political grounds. Many have limited legal expertise while others were apparatchiks of communist East Europe. Few have any knowledge of, nor interest in, English Common law where you cannot be arrested without evidence nor held in custody without charge and you are innocent until the State can prove your guilt. They all want to see English Common Law replaced with EU Corpus Juris and you have to prove your innocence.

The ECHR of today bears no resemblance whatsoever to the excellent original concept. It has been hijacked and exploited by the political elite of the EU and their supporters in the British political elite.

Many in the legal profession have become millionaires by exploiting the Human Rights Act to ensure that those who wish our country ill can continue to stay here on full social benefits.

EU Corpus Juris legal system where you can be arrested without evidence and held in custody without charge for an indefinite period. You have to prove your innocence not the State your guilt.

The ECHR consider the Human Rights of criminals to be of equal importance to those of their victims and the victim of a crime is as equally guilty as the criminal. Continued in WWW.theeuroprobe.org  2012 – 019 & 2012 – 018

Are they part of the EU?  Technically no but if you are in the EU you are in the ECHR so to say that the ECFR is separate from the EU is quite disingenuous. It is now effectively an agent of the EU.  They fly the EU flag – the most potent symbol of affiliation. (Incidentally it is not a Flag – it’s a Banner – despite the EU changing the definition of a ‘Flag’. A flag can only be flown by a state which the EU is not).

Also the booklet Freedom, Security & Justice (the creation of a European Union Police State) by Gerard Batten MEP for London – free from PO Box 2409, Ilford, IG1 8ES.


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