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An information Iron curtain has descended between the BBC, Main Stream Media, government officials and the citizens of the UK. Much of the Data and Information in these posts is being withheld from the UK citizens.

If you find the contents of the posts of interest please forward all this information on to all your contacts because the BBC will certainly not.

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This Blog is not necessarily for or against any particular political party. It merely gives the facts for you to form your own opinion. It is non profit making publication but any donations to help with the running costs would be gratefully accepted. Go to Donate button.



The establishment have, in fact, lowered an ‘iron curtain’ between the facts of the EU and the citizens. The BBC and the media are just as complicit. Where they do give the facts they are distorted or truncated to give the reverse impression of what is the true situation.

Of great importance is to use your vote. But you must use it with the knowledge of what you are voting for – not what the candidates say.

THIS WEBSITE IS TO PROVIDE THAT INFORMATION ON THE EUROPEAN FRANKENSTEIN UNION. If you find it of interest and worthy of wider readership please forward it on to all your contacts.

By a Frankenstein Union I mean it is disparate countries stitched together with an evil brain

The attitude of our Political Elite is encapsulated in an overheard conversation between a group of A Listers at an election count at Orpington “It really is degrading having to grovel to the stupid public to get elected.”

Please copy any item you wish and circulate it to all your contacts and reference www.theeuroprobe.org. Should you feel any thing is incorrect please send your comments to editor@theeuroprobe.org with documents to back up your objections.

Thank you.

On the left hand side are a list of the latest posts on the blog. ( e.g  2012-021  The origin of the EU) Click on the one of interest and it will open up. If you want to see all posts then head over to the blog page.

Our mission is to objectively expose the covert activities of the EU, and of those in the UK who are trying to dismantle our country and its culture by small increments, so that it can seamlessly disappear into the European Frankenstein Union.  Plus other items of interest as they occur to us.

We will continue to expose information on what the ‘Elite Politique’ are trying to keep hidden and surreptitiously implement while we are not looking.

We also want to add those vital bits of information which are usually missing in official statements about the EU.

We will also expose the consequences of EU Directives – these usually cause far more problems than they solve.

The Europrobe is an independent, non-profit-making e-bulletin.

We will try to ensure that all information included is accurate. If any reader feels that something may be inaccurate or misleading, they are free to respond – in a clear and succinct manner, and no Eurobabble please.

Some information comes to us anonymously, so we may sometimes unwittingly transgress copyright; however, The Europrobe is non-profit making and exists only to pass on the information to as wide a readership as possible.

Whenever possible we will credit the source of any item.

If you have any item that you wish to contribute, or any comment you wish to make, then please email it to editor@theeuroprobe.org

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‘ Brave New Europe? – now available

What do the experts think of it? Many supportive letters and comments were received after issue 1 was published – among them:

“…..The pamphlet makes many good points that are all fair.”  Dr Eamonn Butler – director of The Adam Smith Institute.

“…..your analysis is spot on” – Lord Willoughby De Broke, House of Lords

“….your pamphlet is well argued – the real battle is yet to come!” Tony Benn

“…this pamphlet is by far the simplest and clearest analysis of the European Union and its aims I have yet seen. Everything in it is valid” – Nigel Spearing – Labour Party MP for over 28 years, member of the House of Commons Select Committee on Europe for over 18 years and chairman of that committee for 8 years.

This is a very dangerous document. It should not be read by the general public” – from a very angry Europhile bureaucrat who, sadly, would not give his name.   A ringing endorsement of this pamphlet indeed.

To obtain your copy circle the quantity and send in this form or write to the address below.

Name …………………………………  Address …………………………………….


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1 copy £1.60 : 5 at £6.00: 15 at £15.00:  (all inc p&p). Send with a cheque made out to Technagraphic Systems (Publications)  65 Cudam Lane, Orpington, Kent  BR6 6BX           email  editor@theeuroprobe.org



15 Responses to Welcome to the E-blog ‘theeuroprobe’

  1. Is this publication..Brave New Europe available by internet delivery E-book,PDF at all or only through the post and by cheque

  2. Wow, that’s what I was searching for, what a material! existing here at this web site, thanks admin of this web page.

  3. Need to know the relationship with the Euro Trans European Core routes and its affect on the UK especially with regards to HS 1 and HS2 and the West Coast mainline

    We believe this £50bn project is a demand of Europe and included in

    • It is a vanity project of Jacques Chirac as his legacy. OK for the long runs on the continent but quite unsuitable for UK. If it goes ahead I would put a crispy tenner on Siemens getting to plum contracts.

  4. Founder father of EU SUPERSTATE Jean Monnet said”..europes nations will be guided towards the SUPERSTATE without their people understanding what is happening.This can be accomplished by successive steps each disguised as having an economic purpose,but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to the federation of Europe”

    • Yes – that is what he said and that is what they have done. Introduced the undemocratic EU by stealth and lies. see 2013 – 43

  5. Hi Please fix your spelling mistake “BUREAUCRATES”. <<< Dont publish this
    I like your expose on what has been happening. Please support UKIP and rational parties. We are having a ball exposing the morons here in Australia.
    But news reports are still being evasive and obstructive as they either dont wish to rock the environmental boat or are part and parcel to the crazies.

  6. Not morons at all…some folk cant spell but have intelligent observations they wich to cmmuneecate ya kekin snob….

  7. not a moron at all..some folk have difficulty spelling is all…but still have something to comuneecate..ya fekin snob

  8. Hi Dick Graham: I run a website too! Typo’s do get through.
    For a website to be seen as having substance, corrections to my website are always welcome. Snob? You’re darn tooting wrong. I fly with the obtuse as well as the educated, learning as I go along. No need for -tive remarks. This website is well put together and positive in its observations.
    The morons I’m writing about are the Global Warming political gits. Mick is right….

  9. We must demand that all theories and mechanisms are explained in detail? Without this detail there is no understanding and its difficult to develop logical proof.

    A ball, placed on a slope runs down hill. Can we explain exactly how this happens? Other than: it’s the slope, and the usual ill informed abuse thrown at carbon doubters like: you silly idiot, moron, clown, etc this does nothing to advance understanding.

    We can of course, a ball on a flat level surface rests its mass on a single point .

    A line from the ball’s centre of gravity through to the the centre of the earth will be in the middle of the ball’s contact point.

    If we raise one side of this surface say 10 degrees, the line through the centre point is displaced down the slope, ahead of the ball’s contact point.

    Knowing the weight of the ball, the angle of slope, and using scale vector diagrams we can quantify the force acting on our ball to roll it down hill.

    A similar logical approach is also needed with climate changes when considering the mechanism. When believers quote the warming theories we must first deal with CO2 which is released by heat, a cause. In the next breath we are told it is responsible for the heating, this has reversed the effect and is now a heating cause? As Douglas Adams once wrote, “This is of course, quite impossible”.

    Will the CO2 lobby please explain exactly how CO2 works in the Carbon Theory please? We don’t need to use any climatologist jargon, keep it to simple English.

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