2013 – 043 The EU/UN New World Order Plan – The Replacement of The Caucasian People Of Europe and Agenda 21

The UN was started with the best of intentions but has been hijacked by Cultural Marxists. It is now like a stick of Blackpool rock. Sweet on the outside with Cultural Marxism though its center.  The end game of the United Nations Agenda 21 and the EU Coudenhove plan is to remove the white Caucasian DNA from the human gene pool. Also to dismantle the Industrial Society and return the ordinary people to serfdom.


Its origin is the Frankfurt School of Marxism,  read  http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2012-025-the-frankfurt-school/

Global warming is a UN Trojan Horse to get their New World Order by stealth.  http://www.theeuroprobe.org/210-global-warming-fraud-invented-by-the-club-of-rome/



see also  http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2016-082-globalism-and-populism/

The UN Wildlands  youtu.be/uN4ip9t7JvU?a 

read also http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2 013-044-couden/

see http://www.theeuroprobe.org/?s=barcelona  The Barcelona Declaration/Treaty For mass migration from N Africa in Europe.

cz-ddx2xcaas3h6Twitter has admitted that it banned those who said they were proud to be Engish on St Georges Day.

2013 – 043 The EU Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan – The Genocide Of The People Of Europe, Agenda 21 and the EU Charlemagne Prize.


The end game of UN Agenda 21 and the EU Coudenhove plan is to remove the white Caucasian DNA from the human gene pool’. The world’s population of various tribes and races are to be mixed together to become Coudenhovee’s Mestizo people.

The EU want to change all the cultures of the Europeans to a single European Culture. Lenin and Stalin changed the Russian culture by starving to death millions of Kulaks. The Kulaks were small farmers and the backbone of Russian culture.

The EU are trying to do similar but by mass immigration from Africa and Middle East to ethnically dilute the White Tribes out of existence to replace with Coudenhove’s  mestizo race. By White tribes they mean Caucasians.

Every second year the EU awards a prize to the politician or bureaucrat who has made a significant contribution to Coudenhoves Plan.

Gordon Brown tells of the New World Order  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uv5cqh26CC0&feature=youtu.be

Before the PC brigade get worked up reading this these are the words of the EU not mine.

If it is so important to keep this information from the citizens then it must be very bad news for them.

Exterminate white people 

Published on Jun 16, 2013

In October 2005, Professor Kamao Kambon (aka Leroy Jefferson) advocated the extermination of the white race at Howard University Law School.

It is the intention of the EU to destroy not only English culture and the English nation but that of every nation in the EU.

Mitterrand told his confidante Migouli when he was Premier of France.

“I will have the last word,” Mitterrand replied. “Her island, it’s me who will destroy it. Her island, I swear that soon it will no longer be one. I will take my revenge on the upstart English. I will tie England to Europe, despite its natural tendency for isolation. Yes. I will succeed where Napoleon III failed.”

The goal is to meet the challenge of racial interbreeding” Sarkozy told the French public, “Not to intermarry racially is bad for the survival of the country.” He wants to breed the white out of the Caucasians

see also 2012 – 021 The Toxic Origins of the EU

If you think this post important please forward on to all your email contacts. It is the driving force for mass migration into the UK and the manifestation of Cultural Marxism. (2015 – 028 We are controlled by Cultural Marxists, What is that all about? http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2015-028-we-are-controlled-by-cultural-marxists-what-is-it/ and to eliminate the White Caucasian  tribes.

“To achieve One World Government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, their loyalty to family traditions and national identification.” Brock Chisholm, when director of the UN World Health Organization.
Perhaps this is also necessary to achieve the EU Project in the UK.

This has echos of the Nazi Lebensborn that encouraged anonymous births by unmarried women with ‘suitable’ men and mediated adoption of these children so they had no knowledge of their parents, siblings or heritage.

These are the words of the EU and UN. When Tony Blair made the UK ‘open borders’ he did it for two reasons. The first because it was an EU requirement and he had to do it. Secondly because he calculated that the vast majority of the immigrants would vote Labour and outvote the indigenous British.

Also  the majority of the immigrants will be men from N Africa and Mid East. This will put all European white women at risk.

It essentially a stepping stone towards the UN Wildlands project 2014 – 014 The Wildlands Project to control all humans and Agenda 21. it is the ultimate in Politrickery.

Two of the most important things that a Human Being requires is sufficient land (that contains all the resources for you and your family to survive) and to know their ancestry. In extremis it is your clan that will come to your aid. This an EU plan is to destroy your ancestry, family loyalty, nationality and Englishness. It is part of the plan to dumb down the open education of the young and only teach ‘revised’ and politically approved material.

All animals have the imperative to ensure their ancestry and heritage are continued to their legacy. They have evolved complicated courting rituals to ensure that Swans mate with Swans and not Canada Geese. With humans there is an emotional imperative to only mate with one’s kind. But also an intellectual imperative than recognises that as we are all the same race that does not always apply.

To want to maintain your Caucasian heritage does not mean that have any bad thoughts about other tribes who are just as keen to maintain their heritage.

As Mandelson said ‘The democratic experiment in Europe has failed. We must now move on to the post democratic society’

This article is a translation of an Italian article, originally posted on Identità. Also http://blog.balder.org/?p=404

The aim of this plan is to destroy the White Tribes of Europe by what they call ‘ethnic dilution’. Is this a conspiracy theory? It reads like a James Bond film. If you think so then you must explain why Merkel and Van Rompuy have both been awarded the EU Charlemagne prize for their efforts in moving the Coudenhove Kalergi plan forward.

Richard Coudenhove Kalergi was the first recipient in 1950 for his Pan European Plan for the elimination of the White Tribes of Europe.

For a list of the rest of recipients others scroll down

Nationaler Karlspreis zu Aachen

Created in 1949, and first awarded in 1950, the Charlemagne Prize is one of the most prestigious prizes in Europe. It compensates public personalities for their contribution to the service of West European understanding and common endeavour and in the service of humanity and world peace. The prize was conceived by citizens of the German city of Aachen. Named after Charlemagne, it highlights that Aachen was once the political center of Europe, from where Charlemagne attempted the unification of the continent. Charlemagne is buried in the Aachen cathedral.


  1. 1950 : Richard Nikolaus, Graf von Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894-1972)
  2. 1951 : Hendrik Brugmans
  3. 1952 : Alcide de Gasperi
  4. 1953 : Jean Monnet
  5. 1954 : Konrad Adenauer (1876-1967)
  6. 1956 : Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)
  7. 1957 : Paul Henri Spaak (1899-1972)
  8. 1958 : Robert Schuman (1886-1963)
  9. 1959 : George C. Marshall (1880-1959)
  10. 1960 : Joseph Bech
  11. 1961 : Walter Hallstein
  12. 1963 : Edward Heath (1916-2005)
  13. 1964 : Antonio Segni
  14. 1966 : Jens Otto Krag
  15. 1967 : Joseph Luns
  16. 1969 : The European Commission
  17. 1970 : François Seydoux de Clausonne
  18. 1972 : Roy Jenkins
  19. 1973 : Salvador de Madariaga y Rojo (1886-1978)
  20. 1976 : Leo Tindemans
  21. 1977 : Walter Scheel
  22. 1978 : Konstantinos Karamanlis
  23. 1979 : Emilio Colombo
  24. 1981 : Simone Veil
  25. 1982 : Juan Carlos I, rey de España (1938- )
  26. 1984 : Karl Carstens
  27. 1986 : The People of Luxembourg
  28. 1987 : Henry Kissinger
  29. 1988 : François Mitterrand (1916-1996) and Helmut Kohl (1930- )
  30. 1989 : Frère Roger (of the Taizé Community)
  31. 1990 : Gyula Horn
  32. 1991 : Václav Havel
  33. 1992 : Jacques Delors
  34. 1993 : Felipe González
  35. 1994 : Gro Harlem Brundtland
  36. 1995 : Franz Vranitzky
  37. 1996 : Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands
  38. 1997 : Roman Herzog
  39. 1998 : Bronislaw Geremek
  40. 1999 : Tony Blair (1953- )
  41. 2000 : Bill Clinton (1946- )
  42. 2001 : György Konrád
  43. 2002 : The Euro
  44. 2003 : Valéry Giscard d’Estaing (1926- )
  45. 2004 : Pat Cox
  46. 2004 : Pope John Paul II (extraordinary prize) (1920-2005)
  47. 2005 : Carlo Azeglio Ciampi
  48. 2006 : Jean-Claude Juncker
  49. 2007 : Javier Solana (1942- )
  50. 2008 : Angela Merkel (1954- )
  51. 2009 : Andrea Riccardi
  52. 2010 : Donald Tusk (1957-)
  53. 2011 : Jean-Claude Trichet
  54. 2012 : Wolfgang Schäuble
  55. 2013 : Dalia Grybauskaitė (1956- )
  56. 2014 : Herman Van Rompuy (1947-)
  57. 2015 : Martin Schultz
  58. 2016 : Pope Francis (1936-)

“The very essence of Cultural Marxism is the support of mass immigration / open borders.”

“The end goal of Cultural Marxists is white genocide.”

“Political Correctness is Cultural Marxism.” see 2015 – 028

“Cultural Marxists have taken over the institutions of the media, education, mainstream Christianity (conservative and liberal), law, and finance often via Common Purpose 2015 – 013 The Rotherham Common Purpose Effect. Their goal is the annihilation of Western Civilization in general and white people in particular.”

It is a plan to re-establish a world society of Lords and serfs.

It would have been polite, surely, to ask the White Tribes of Europe whether or not they wanted to be eliminated.

Whether this plan is good or bad is not the point. In a free society you should be free to marry whoever you wish (with their agreement of course). This plan, however, is being engineered, orchestrated and implemented by a faceless, unaccountable, arrogant, self centered political elite without consulting the public are even telling them. It gives the Plan a very sinister edge indeed. eg Tony Blair’s opening of the UK borders to all and sundry without it being discussed openly in parliament. However it is being used by the EU to what they call the ethnic dilution the British people and culture and that of the other European nations. Their ultimate aim is for the EU to be governed by an obscenely wealthy elite, run by a pampered bureaucracy. The rest of us to be molded into an amalgamated serf-like herd of cattle to be told what we can do, when we can do it, how we can do it and where we can do it.

This Plan is being implemented in the UK by giving migrants preferential treatment in houses and jobs over native Brits.

You probably couldn’t get more racist than that.

There is also the nightmarish possibility that if the great majority of people wish to marry their own kind then the mind set of the New World Order elite may decide that they have to have complete control of who you can marry??? to achieve their goal. Quite possible.

As Cassius Clay said ‘pigeons don’t fly with sparrows’.

This should, of course, be headlines in the British media and BBC. The fact it is not says that either the media is unaware of it, which seriously reflects on their competence, or deliberate choice not to publish.

The CK Plan is the reason behind migrants being given homes and jobs in the public sector ahead of native Brits.

However for the UK the sudden influx of 4 million uninvited immigrants (by the public) has overwhelmed British society with demands for housing, schools, the Health Service, water supply, city transport etc. Facilities that were carefully set up over many years for 55 million and at breaking point with 4 million extra. British society is being reduced to a shambles – much to the amusement of many in the European Commission.

Mick Greenhough

see also  https://web.archive.org/web/20160402024854/http://balder.org/judea/Richard-Coudenhove-Kalergi-Practical-Idealism-Vienna-1925.php

‘Too many White Christian faces in Britain’ says David Cameron: http://youtu.be/mHqRtLeI_pE (for some reason you will have to copy into Word then control click) via @youtube Too many white Christian faces! That may be his opinion but in a democratic society it should be put openly to the citizens and not be implemented covertly.

Cameron has also said that he wants to see far more Muslims in positions of authority and eventually a Muslim Prime Minister

The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan – The Genocide Of The People Of Europe

The sounds like the plot of a James Bond movie. However every year the EU awards ‘The EU Coudenhove Kalergi Prize also known as the Charlemagne Prize’. This prize is for work to destroy the different tribes and nationalities of Europe (and eventually the world) and integrate independent peoples (Plebs only) into a common, undifferentiated homogeneous people. Their aim is for a serf like common people dominated by an obscenely wealthy self electing elite. The CK plan is not just to ‘dilute’ the White Races but the Black and Brown as well. (Not dissimilar from the Roman Empire)

The fact that this is no made up story is confirmed by Vaira Vike-Freberg in 2006, Merkel being awarded the EU Coudenhove Kalergi prize in 2010 and Van Rumpoy in 2012 for their efforts to ensure the mass migration of European people – particularly into the UK. scroll down for full list (There is within the EU hierarchy an element that wishes the UK and particularly the English serious harm)

Posted on October 27, 2013 by cigpapers

Mass immigration is a phenomenon, the causes of which are still cleverly concealed by the system, and the multicultural propaganda is trying to falsely portray it as inevitable. With this article we intend to prove once and for all, that this is not a spontaneous phenomenon. What they want to present as an inevitable outcome of modern life, is actually a plan conceived around a table and prepared for decades, to completely destroy the face of the continent.

You may think that Blair’s opening the UK borders to mass immigration without openly putting it before parliament was an act of Treason against the British citizens. Not so – he took care to remove the Treason Act by repealing it hidden in the 1998 Crime & Disorder Act. It was mentioned in parliament but not clearly and openly explained what its object is.

The Pan-Europe:

Few people know that one of the main initiators of the process of European integration was also the man who designed the genocide plan of the Peoples of Europe. He is a dark, sinister person, whose existence is unknown to the masses, but the elite considers him as the founder of the European Union. His name is Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. His father was an Austrian diplomat named Heinrich von Coudenhove-Kalergi (with connections to the Byzantine family of the Kallergis) and his mother the Japanese Mitsu Aoyama. Kalergi, thanks to his close contacts with all European aristocrats and politicians, due to the relationships of his nobleman-diplomat father, and by moving behind the scenes, away from the glare of publicity, he managed to attract the most important heads of state to his plan, making them supporters and collaborators for the “project of European integration”.

The man behind White European genocide Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi.

In 1922 he founded the “Pan-European” movement in Vienna, which aimed to create a New World Order, based on a federation of nations led by the United States. European integration would be the first step in creating a world government. Among the first supporters, including Czech politicians Tomáš Masaryk and Edvard Beneš and the banker Max Warburg, who invested the first 60,000 marks. The Austrian Chancellor Ignaz Seipel and the next president of Austria, Karl Renner, took the responsibility for leading the “Pan-European” movement. Later, French politicians, such as Léon Bloum, Aristide Briand, Alcide De Gasperi, etc will offer their help.

With the rise of Fascism in Europe, the project was abandoned and the “Pan-European” movement was forced to dissolve, but after the Second World War, Kalergi, thanks to frantic and tireless activity and the alleged support of Winston Churchill (doesn’t sound like Churchill?? ed), the Jewish Masonic Lodge B’nai B’rith and major newspapers like the New York Times, the plan managed to be accepted by the United States Government. The CIA later undertakes the completion of the project.

The Essence Of The Coudenhove Kalergi Plan:

In his book Practical Idealism, Kalergi indicates that the residents of the future “United States of Europe” will not be the People of the Old Continent, but a kind of sub-humans, products of miscegenation. He clearly states that the peoples of Europe should interbreed with Asians and colored races, thus creating something akin to a  multinational herd of livestock with no quality and easily controlled by the ruling elite.

The only way ensure this is for the governing elite to have complete control of who has children with whom. Rather like the way Hitler wanted to produce his ‘Master Race’. If you wish to wed a person from a different ‘race’ that is entirely your decision. Not to be told with whom you can have children by an unknown bureaucrat.

Kalergi proclaims the abolition of the right of self-determination and then the elimination of nations with the use of ethnic separatist movements and mass migration. In order for Europe to be controlled by an elite, he wants to turn people into one homogeneous mixed breed of Blacks, Whites and Asians. Who is this elite however? Kalergi is particularly illuminating on this:

“The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples and the diversity of individuals. Instead of destroying European Judaism against her will, refined and educated these people, driving them to their future status as a leading nation through this artificial evolutionary process. It’s not surprising that the people that escaped from the Ghetto-Prison, became the spiritual nobility of Europe. Thus, the compassionate care given by Europe created a new breed of aristocrats. This happened when the European feudal aristocracy crashed because of the emancipation of the Jews [due to the actions taken by the French Revolution]”

Although no textbook mentions Kalergi, his ideas are the guiding principles of the European Union. The belief that the peoples of Europe should be mixed with Africans and Asians, to destroy our identity and create a single mestizo race, is the basis of all community policies that aim to protect minorities. Not for humanitarian reasons, but because of the directives issued by the ruthless Regime that machinates the greatest genocide in history. The Coudenhove-Kalergi European Prize  awarded every second year (similar to the Charlemagne Prize) is awarded nearly every year to Europeans who have excelled in promoting this plan of ever further integration. Among those awarded with such a prize are Angela Merkel and Herman Van Rompuy.

The incitement to genocide, is also the basis of the constant appeals of the United Nations, that demands we accept millions of immigrants to help with the low birth rates of the EU. According to a report published on January 2000 in «Population division» Review of the United Nations in New York, under the title “Immigration replacement: A solution to declining and aging population,” Europe will need by 2025 159,000,000 migrants.

One could wonder how there can be such accuracy on the estimates of immigration, although it was not a premeditated plan. It is certain that the low birth rate could easily be reversed with appropriate measures to support families. It is just as clear that it is the contribution of foreign genes do not protect our genetic heritage, but that it enables their disappearance. The sole purpose of these measures is to completely distort our people, to turn them into a group of people without national, historical, family or cultural cohesion. In short, the policies of the Kalergi plan was and still is, the basis of official government policies aimed at genocide of the Peoples of Europe, through mass immigration. G. Brock Chisholm, former director of the World Health Organization (OMS), proves that he has learned the lesson of Kalergi well when he says: “What people in all places have to do is to limit of birthrates and promote mixed marriages (between different races), this aims to create a single race in a world which will be directed by a central authority. ”

It would seem that their aim is for a remote and unknown, un-elected bureaucrat to decide who you can have children with.The children will then be taken away to be brought up by the state and indoctrinated. Rather like the puppies of Bluebell and Jesse in Animal Farm or Hitler’s Children. A far sighted visionary was George Orwell.


If we look around us, the Coudenhove Kalergi plan seems to be in full flow. We face Europe’s fusion with the Third World. The plague of interracial marriage produces each year thousands of young people of mixed race: “The children of Kalergi”. Under the dual pressures of misinformation and humanitarian stupefaction, promoted by the MSM (main stream media), the Europeans are being taught to renounce their origin, family and renounce their national identity.

The servants of globalization are trying to convince us that to deny our identity, is a progressive and humanitarian act, that “racism” is wrong, because they want us all to be blind consumers. It is necessary, now more than ever, to counter the lies of the System, to awaken the revolutionary spirit Europeans. Every one must see this truth, that European Integration amounts to genocide. We have no other option, the alternative is national suicide.

Translator’s note: Although the reasons due to which Kalergi made the choices he made are of no particular interest to us, we will try to answer a question that will surely our readers have already asked: Why a European aristocrat with Flemish, Polish, Greek-Byzantine roots and even with some samurai blood in his veins (from his mother) was such a body planed and organised in the hands of dark forces? The reasons, in our opinion, are multiple, idiosyncratic, psychological and … women.

We therefore observe a personality with strong snobbish attitudes, arrogance, and, allow me the term, “degenerate elitism.” Also, the fact that his mother was Asian, perhaps created internal conflicts and frustrations, something that can happen to people with such temperament. But the most decisive factor must have been the “proper teenager”, which incidentally of course, was beside him, and became his first woman (at age 13): The Jewess Ida Roland, who would later become a famous actress.

What should the Caucasian White Tribes do about Coudenhove?

  1. If their heritage is of no consequence to them then accept mass immigration and the Coudenhove Plan  with complete loss of their Heritage , Culture, Legacy and family.
  2. If they do not want to be ethnically diluted out of existence then resist it by only marrying fellow Caucasians and having at least 4 children.
  3. If they actively  want their heritage to be lost then marry a non Caucasian and have as many children as possible.
  4. Most important is to have pride in your heritage and achievements of your ancestors. The Caucasians have considerably more to be proud of than ashamed of despite the covert efforts of the Education Establishments efforts to denigrate their achievements.


Van Rompuy won the Coudenhove-Kalergi prize (also known as the Charlemagne Prize) for the biggest contribution to White European genocide and enslavement..

The Award Of The Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize To President Van Rompuy

On November 16th 2012, the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, was awarded the Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize, during a special conference in Vienna, to celebrate 90 years of pan-European movement. The prize is awarded every year to leading personalities for their outstanding contribution to the process of European integration.

A decisive factor that helped him win the prize was the balanced way in which President Van Rompuy executed his duties in the new position of President of the European Council, which was established by the Treaty of Lisbon. He handled this particularly sensitive leading and coordinating role with a spirit of determination and reconciliation, while emphasis was also given to his skillful arbitration on European affairs and unfailing commitment to European moral values.

During his speech, Mr Van Rompuy described the unification of Europe as a peace project. This idea, which was also the objective of the work of Coudenhove-Kalergi, after 90 years is still important. The award bears the name of Count Richard Nicolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894-1972), philosopher, diplomat, publisher and founder of the Pan-European Movement (1923). Coudenhove-Kalergi was the pioneer of European integration and popularized the idea of a federal Europe with his work.

Among the winners of the award, the Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel (2010) and the President of Latvia Vaira Vike-Freiberga (2006), are included.

Agenda 21 Revealed – You Need to Know This

Added by Lucille Femine on September 21, 2013. Saved under Lucille Femine, Op-ed, Political Right, Politics

This is neither the website of, nor affiliated in any way with, Guardian News and Media.


Agenda 21 is a major tool of the New World order, conceived in 1992 in Rio DeJaniero at the “Earth Summit.” Its original name, “Sustainable Development”, began in 1987 with Gro Harlem Brundtland, VP of the World Socialist Party. Heavily promoted to the public as the salvation for this planet and every human being, it is anything but that. It needs to be revealed in no uncertain terms so you know what it truly is.

By putting this data out here, I might be labeled a prominent member of the lunatic fringe but I believe we have an ethical obligation to present truth, as we see it. If I’m wrong – well, I’ll be embarrassed but then I’ll be relieved because maybe this insanity won’t happen after all.

However, there is growing evidence this rotten egg called Agenda 21 has been hatching for quite some time, under our very noses. And it stinks.

At that momentous meeting, 178 nations signed the document; President Bush signed for the U.S. Later President Clinton signed an executive order, basically demanding compliance from every state and community with the goals and plans of Agenda 21 which is fast coming about as official policy in every town, city and state

Compassionate-sounding terms like “Population Stabilization” and “Sustainable Development” are simply masks for the true purpose of this United Nations plan – a world domination of your life and liberty, basically an insidious plot to control any and all parts of existence.

According to its authors, sustainability focuses on three things: “global land use, global education and global population control and reduction”. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? However, in actual practice, these concepts pan out far below their lofty rhetoric. see 2014 – 021 The UN Wildlands Project Unleashes its War on Mankind

The true objectives of Agenda 21, revealed, include an end to national sovereignty; restructure of the family unit which means basically the state will take care of your children, with a keen eye toward indoctrinating them into state control over family allegiance; abolition of private property with citizens crammed into “stack and pack”, hi-rise apartment buildings, close to railroad tracks while cars will not be allowed.

It is also their intention to breakup family life by Tax incentives and removing children from families and banning fathers from seeing their kids.

“To achieve One World Government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, their loyalty to family traditions and national identification.” Brock Chisholm, when director of the UN World Health Organization.

for further info on Agenda 21 see

Agenda 21 Revealed – You Need to Know This


21 Sep 2013 – Agenda 21 is a major tool of the New World order, conceived in 1992 in Rio DeJaniero at the “Earth Summit.” Its original name, “Sustainable …

http://www.amren.com/ar/2011/01/index.html#article1 … (copy into Word then control click) An excellent article…Wake up people!

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2 Responses to 2013 – 043 The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan – The Genocide Of The People Of Europe and Agenda 21

Jonathan | 5 January, 2014 at 1:16 pm | Reply | Edit ( 2014 – 014 The Wildlands Project to control all humans and Agenda 21)

” Tony Blair’s opening the UK borders to all and sundry without it being discussed in parliament”

This isn’t true – the various relevant legal instruments were not only discussed in Parliament but Labour gave us a referendum on them in 1975. The major piece of legislation in question is the European Communities Act 1972. This had nothing to do with Labour but was passed under the Tories.

It should be noted that parliament is essentially controlled by the unelected Cabinet Office (2013 – 013 How the Lisbon Treaty was voted through) and MPs quite often have no idea what they are voting for.

s2(1) of it says “All such rights, powers, liabilities, obligations and restrictions from time to time created or arising by or under the Treaties, and all such remedies and procedures from time to time provided for by or under the Treaties, as in accordance with the Treaties are without further enactment to be given legal effect or used in the United Kingdom shall be recognised and available in law, and be enforced, allowed and followed accordingly”


The “treaties” in question are the then TEEC which provides for free movement of workers. Later treaty modifications were approved under Margaret Thatcher and John Major and very much spoken about in Parliament. Thatcher was lied to by some of her more senior cabinet members about the implications and consequences of the EU.

Mick | 5 January, 2014 at 7:16 pm | Reply | Edit

As we were blatantly lied to by Heath in 1972 and Crispen Tickell instructed the MPs not to discuss the EEC in public it was effectively a secret deal. To say now that we should of known is quite perfidious. The implication and consequences were not explained in the press.

The Charlemagne Prize

Winston Churchill was awarded this prize in 1956. He was near death in 1956 and it seems quite likely that he was tricked into supporting it. When he became aware of its true aims he disowned it.

The Recpients of the Charlemagne Prize.

1950 Austria Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi
1951 Netherlands Hendrik Brugmans
1952 Italy Alcide de Gasperi
1953 France Jean Monnet
1954 Germany Konrad Adenauer
1956 United Kingdom Sir Winston S. Churchill
1957 Belgium Paul Henri Spaak
1958 France Robert Schuman
1959 United States George C. Marshall
1960 Luxembourg Joseph Bech
1961 Germany Walter Hallstein
1963 United Kingdom Edward Heath
1964 Italy Antonio Segni
1966 Denmark Jens Otto Krag
1967 Netherlands Joseph Luns
1969 European Union European Commission
1970 France François Seydoux de Clausonne
1972 United Kingdom Roy Jenkins
1973 Spain Salvador de Madariaga
1976 Belgium Leo Tindemans
1977 Germany Walter Scheel
1978 Greece Konstantinos Karamanlis
1979 Italy Emilio Colombo
1981 France Simone Veil
1982 Spain Juan Carlos of Spain
1984 Germany Karl Carstens
1986 Luxembourg The People of Luxembourg
1987 United States Henry Kissinger
1988 Germany Helmut Kohl and France François Mitterrand
1989 Switzerland Frère Roger
1990 Hungary Gyula Horn
1991 Czechoslovakia Václav Havel
1992 France Jacques Delors
1993 Spain Felipe González
1994 Norway Gro Harlem Brundtland
1995 Austria Franz Vranitzky
1996 Netherlands Beatrix of the Netherlands
1997 Germany Roman Herzog
1998 Poland Bronisław Geremek
1999 United Kingdom Tony Blair
2000 United States Bill Clinton
2001 Hungary György Konrád
2002 European Union The Euro
2003 France Valéry Giscard d’Estaing
2004 Republic of Ireland Pat Cox
2004 Vatican City / Poland John Paul II (extraordinary prize)
2005 Italy Carlo Azeglio Ciampi
2006 Luxembourg Jean-Claude Juncker
2007 Spain Javier Solana
2008 Germany Angela Merkel
2009 Italy Andrea Riccardi
2010 Poland Donald Tusk
2011 France Jean-Claude Trichet
2012 Germany Wolfgang Schäuble
2013 Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė
2014 Belgium Herman Van Rompuy
2015 Germany Martin Schulz[1]

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37 responses to “2013 – 043 The EU/UN New World Order Plan – The Replacement of The Caucasian People Of Europe and Agenda 21

  1. ” Tony Blair’s opening the UK borders to all and sundry without it being discussed in parliament”

    This isn’t true – the various relevant legal instruments were not only discussed in Parliament but Labour gave us a referendum on them in 1975. The major piece of legislation in question is the European Communities Act 1972. This had nothing to do with Labour but was passed under the Tories.

    s2(1) of it says “All such rights, powers, liabilities, obligations and restrictions from time to time created or arising by or under the Treaties, and all such remedies and procedures from time to time provided for by or under the Treaties, as in accordance with the Treaties are without further enactment to be given legal effect or used in the United Kingdom shall be recognised and available in law, and be enforced, allowed and followed accordingly”


    The “treaties” in question are the then TEEC which provides for free movement of workers. Later treaty modifications were approved under Margaret Thatcher and John Major and very much spoken about in Parliament.

    • As we were blatantly lied to by Heath in 1972 and Crispen Tickell instructed the MPs not to discuss the EEC in public it was effectively a secret deal. To say now that we should of known is quite perfidious.

  2. Heath continually said that it was only a Trade Agreement. He lied and later admitted that he lied because’ The British public are too stupid to be involved in governing themselves.’

  3. That is quite a mouthful. I need time to digest it. Brits are always underestimated, but who preserved the free world from that megalomaniac in 1939/40? My ancestors may not have been educated to your degree, but my God, they new who needed toasting.

    • Hi Alan, I was born in 1936, my father was professional soldier and was in the expeditionary force to stop Hitler. We know it failed and dad was one of the last out,and the first back in Normandy on the Juno Nan White beach with the Canadian Troops, he had been tasked with training them in gunnery for the invasion. He survived the conflict and at the end of the war resigned his commission in protest over Stalin shooting his own returning POW soldiers.

      This WAR should never have been fought, all the reasons have been smudged and distorted. Too many died for no good reason, and Stalin was more of a problem spreading the Social Marxist message Globally. Its the slide into global Marxism and the perpetrators who need dealing with, a shy group not often identified.

  4. this has been the single most frightening piece of literature I have ever read. I don’t know what else to say.

  5. I am so shocked after reading this, believe me i’m going to make sure the man and his world reads this. How dare they be so cruel ? How can we fight back ? I am so worried for my Children’s future. It says something when all you think about is your child’s future. That is so wrong I can’t get it round my head we actually have people as cold heart’ed they don’t really care at all, i’m so gutted ! What heartless,vindictive, evil selfish, not forgetting greedy people. I can’t get my head around it. WHY ? I feel quite threatened & scared with it all. I agree this needs to get out to everyone we know. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Mick Greenhough

      As far as I know theeuroprobe.org is the only organ broadcasting this info. Please forward it on to all your contacts.

  6. After reading this I am totaly shocked. We need to pass this all over Europe. How in the name of God can we fight this.
    We are talking world goverment. The EU must be destroyed. Get Britain out and hope others follow.

  7. Dear All.

    Although I have found these informations scary and rather disappointing, but I had the chance to obtain the actual “Agenda 21 documents” and read several points through. please see here: http://www.postsustainabilityinstitute.org/which-nations-signed-agenda-21.html So you can find the project on this website and really shocking the way how they will get rid of us, because eventually they will. All the act what you do daily in some way impacts on the nature, if you accept this fact you will see that when you are just simply using your car it basically affects our environment in a bad way. you are only one in the system! now multiply this act at least 5.B times and you will realise that why do we need this agenda. It will be a horror for humanity but eventually maybe we will be able to save our planet and this is the most important thing at all cost then carry our comfy and selfish lifestyle

    • Many thanks Gerry My main concern is that it being done without informing us Plebs and Proles.

    • Hello Gerry! Please look a bit further than your nose regarding cars somehow destroying the planet. AGW is a false premise. Folks who swallow that CO2 aka plantfood is detrimental to the environment, didn’t learn basic grade 6 natural science. Preposterous! One proof of this snow-job is that TPTB propose carbon footprint taxation and restricting economic activity. They also intend to use carbon credits as a tradeable security, without having any economic production behind it, just like the infamous derivatives. Aside from the fact that Mother Nature is well able to take care of herself, in spite of thousands of volcanoes emitting deadly toxic gases (24/7)*365, the Cosmos and Sol also have a lot greater climate changing effect on Gaia than us puny humans!
      So you worry about your CO2? We have millions of unemployed hands that could be reforesting lands long abused by natives having to cook every day. See poor godforsaken Haiti. Put them to work planting trees! Can it be done? Oh NOOO, it’s politically incorrect! We need all those people to shoot renegades who oppose Big Gov’t, FFS! Concerned about World Health? Teach the lower 5 billion to build brick shithouses and septic systems so their groundwater will be clean! Can it be done? Oh NOOOO, you can’t insult innocent natives, it’s not PC! They need extermination by Agenda 21! Just my two cents.

  8. Taken in context of the present migrant problems in Europe . Caused by another who recevied the Charlemagne prize.
    It all makes sense, why else would she make such a statement to accept millions of migrants without consulting the rest of Europe.
    This one statement caused the massive flood we now see, Is Germany to be the testing ground for this terrible crime against the white peoples of Europe.
    p.s. I am a ordainary person not a crack pot. Please have a open mind. If engough belive may be something can be done ???.

  9. Can it be stopped? Or is it already too far gone?

    • Mick Greenhough

      Can be stopped but not by Cameron. It will take a determined gov to remove the illegals ans criminals. It will also be necessary to teach our kids to have pride in their heritage.

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  11. “Islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies is in a dog.” Winston Churchill.
    So how come he received the Charlemagne Prize in 1956? Explanation please?

  12. By whom?

  13. If he was “tricked” then it couldn’t have been by a dining room table or a tame buffalo – it must have been by someone, or some people, or some group. Hence my very simple question: “By whom?”

  14. No response from Greenhough on a very simple question. I wonder why not.

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  16. Marxism does not exist today. Most nations are quite right wing and Fascist. Corporations control nearly every nation on the planet as a result. The author is confused which is not surprising since there is little difference between a classical Marxist and a modern Fascist, it’s just the labels are confused. Politics has failed the people, it has been co-opted by the rich and powerful, by corporations, by religions, they have destroyed democracy and the public understanding of what democracy is. We need a revolution. We need to destroy the ruling class, and destroy religion. We need a new future.

    • I think I would more or less agree with that. It does not really matter to those ‘in control’ what ideology they espouse so long as they are in control.

  17. I am making a short leaflet of 2013—043 and i intend to send it to the main members of the UK Leave campaign

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  19. This site was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something which helped
    me. Thanks!

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