2018 – 037 UK citizenship post Brexit

All UK citizens became EU citizens when the Maastricht Treaty became operative. That means that a UK citizen now also an EU citizen. Not clear which takes precedence? Surely it must be EU citizenship – no way the EU would allow British citizenship to take precedence.

British citizenship should not be given out like Smarties. It is something that should be well earned and if abused revoked.

Post Brexit we will have to reinstate UK citizenship. It will be a new beginning and we will have the opportunity to prevent the mistakes of the past.

We can make all those who were UK citizens pre Maastricht (and their descendants) to automatically become UK citizens.

All others who are EU citizens remain EU citizens. They can stay in the UK but will have no voting nor citizen rights in UK. They will keep their EU citizen rights.

All non UK citizens to carry an ID card.

Refugees will come under the same conditions but will be entitled to temporarily sanctuary and limited benefits until it is safe to return to their home country. Once their country is deemed safe they must return there. They will have no choice of location of accommodation but where ever cheapest.

Those convicted of a crime with a custodial sentence deported immediately their sentence is completed with their nuclear family.

Appeals – only one appeal is accepted. If it fails the solicitor will not be entitled to  further public funding.

Any further appeals to be funded by a charity supported entirely by public donations.

Those who want to become UK citizens must conform to the following

  • 10 years tax returns
  • No criminal record
  • Have a job
  • Have accommodation
  • Have health cover (from their EU home country or private). Entitled to NHS once a UK citizen.
  • Swear allegiance to British law above all other law.
  • Swear allegiance to Queen and Country
  • Fluent in conversational English
  • Accept British customs over their inherited non UK customs
  • No infectious diseases.
  • They keep their EU citizenship (or whatever their original citizenship is) until they become UK citizens. Then have dual UK/EU citizenship.
  • Any breach of these conditions and their UK citizenship is revoked and they revert to EU citizenship only.
  • Children born in the UK to EU citizen parents would be EU citizens
  • People born in the Empire of British parents were given British citizenship when they returned home. It somehow got converted to anyone from anywhere.

Non compliance with of any of the above will be reason to reject any application for UK citizenship or revoke it for later non compliance but may keep their EU citizenship.

  • Those with no documents must return to their home country or the country they came to UK from to apply for a work Visa. ie If they came via France then they must return to France to apply for a visa there.
  • Anyone found with an illegal passport automatic deportation. (bogus marriage, stolen, fake)
  • No Legal Aid for non UK citizens. Funding can be via crowdfunding.
  • Students who have completed their studies to return to their homeland and apply there for a visa to work in the UK.
  • Application for UK citizenship or work visa must be applied for in their home country – where known.
  • Only those with full UK citizenship will be entitled to vote in UK elections
  • Only UK citizens will be entitled to social benefits (except temporary refugees).
  • Non UK citizens cannot own the freehold of land. Only rental or leasehold.
  • Only UK citizens entitled to free education, health care, benefits.


If a ‘refugee’ has no passport and refuses to give his country of origin. Give him an EU passport with a 6 month life with a no return to UK clause. Give them 6 one monthly payments of £100 to help them settle themselves somewhere of their choice.

Non UK citizens who want to work in UK

  • Time limited work visas.
  • Employer responsible for their accommodation
  • Employer responsible for their health insurance
  • Employer responsible for them to leave when their visa expires.

© Mick Greenhough


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