2018 – 038 May’s 13 Brexit mistakes

Theresa May’s 13 Brexit mistakes:-


  • There was setting out her red lines before she knew what they meant.
  • Agreeing to they EU’s sequencing, triggering Article 50 before she was ready.
  • Failing to understand the EU positions failures of diplomacy.
  • The idea that Merkel will save us after the German elections, right the way through to Salzburg.
  • Not knowing how the EU would respond to Chequers.
  • Striking a belligerent tone comparing the EU to the Third Reich or the USSR.
  • Making promises that weren’t kept: that would have no transition, that there would be no money paid in the transition.
  • That there would be no free movement in the transition, and then saying no deal was better than a bad deal.
  • Then failing to plan for no deal.
  • Saying that we’d never be in the ECJ…well, okay, maybe we will be for eight years, well, maybe we will be for case law.
  • Saying there were no impact assessments – oh, there are impacts assessments, Oh, but they’re not realign impact assessments
  • Then there was the biggest mistake so far which was agreeing to the December Withdrawal Agreement agreeing to something the Cabinet did not understand in any way.
  • Failing to get legal advice, claiming ids meant something it didn’t: a mutual recognition agreement…


2 responses to “2018 – 038 May’s 13 Brexit mistakes

  1. The bullet points above have been very badly written. They barely make for sense.
    Next time, run it all past me, via a PM and I’ll proof ‘read’ it for you.
    I’m neither having a go nor taking the piss – clarity and a less than ambiguous approach will achieve dividends.

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