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2018 – 038 May’s 13 Brexit mistakes

Theresa May’s 13 Brexit mistakes:-


  • There was setting out her red lines before she knew what they meant.
  • Agreeing to they EU’s sequencing, triggering Article 50 before she was ready.
  • Failing to understand the EU positions failures of diplomacy.
  • The idea that Merkel will save us after the German elections, right the way through to Salzburg.
  • Not knowing how the EU would respond to Chequers.
  • Striking a belligerent tone comparing the EU to the Third Reich or the USSR.
  • Making promises that weren’t kept: that would have no transition, that there would be no money paid in the transition.
  • That there would be no free movement in the transition, and then saying no deal was better than a bad deal.
  • Then failing to plan for no deal.
  • Saying that we’d never be in the ECJ…well, okay, maybe we will be for eight years, well, maybe we will be for case law.
  • Saying there were no impact assessments – oh, there are impacts assessments, Oh, but they’re not realign impact assessments
  • Then there was the biggest mistake so far which was agreeing to the December Withdrawal Agreement agreeing to something the Cabinet did not understand in any way.
  • Failing to get legal advice, claiming ids meant something it didn’t: a mutual recognition agreement…


2018 – 037 UK citizenship post Brexit

All UK citizens became EU citizens when the Maastricht Treaty became operative. That means that a UK citizen now also an EU citizen. Not clear which takes precedence?

British citizenship should not be given out like Smarties. It is something that should be well earned and if abused revoked.

Post Brexit we will have to reinstate proper UK citizenship.

We can make all those who were UK citizens pre Maastricht (and their descendants) to automatically become UK citizens.

All others who are EU citizens remain EU citizens. They can stay in the UK but will have no voting nor citizen rights in UK. They will keep their EU citizen rights.

All non UK citizens to carry an ID card.

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2018 – 036

2018 – 035 Essential Books to read to Understand to Threat of the New World Order

  • These essential books will tell you all you want to know to understand why the world is going barmy.
  • Brave New Europe Mick Greenhough
  • The EU in a Nutshell  Lee Rotherham
  • And into the Fire’ by Rodney Atkinson gives a far more detailed account of the origins of the EU.
  • (Appendix 7) Speech by Rodney Atkinson to House of Commons
  • ‘The Great Deception’ by Booker and North.- a very academic and detailed account
  • ‘The Rotten Heart of Europe’ by Bernard Connolly.
  • ‘The Nazi Roots of the ‘Brussels EU’ The Rath Foundation
  • ‘Broken Vows’ by Tom Bower
  • See also for many, many additional posts of interest concerning the EU
  • The Fourth Reich by Sara Moore
  • New World Order by Mark Dice
  • EU A Corporistist Racket  David |Bernby
  • ·       NoGo Zones Rahem Kassam
  • ·       Fake News Mark Dice


2018 – 034 Andrew Marr on forced mixed marriages.

Andrew Marr said
Raw Message

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2018 – 033 EU Article 13 A move to control the Internet

Article 13 in the EU:  A move by the EU to use copyright a a means of getting control of the interent
What Does it Mean for Photos?

2018 – 032 Common Agricultural policy

Then and Now – Entering and Leaving the EU                   Edward Spalton 3 September 2018

The Common Agricultural Policy is the most expensive single European project. When we joined on January 1st 1973, it was a huge revolution in farming and food. We moved from world free trade (with taxpayer support to home production for food security) to high regulation behind a massive tariff. Prices went up and were fixed politically in Brussels.

From late 1971 the government gave increasing guidance so that farms and food processors could understand the system. Although the European Communities Act did not pass until October 1972, we were ready to carry on smoothly from the first day. In retrospect, the government’s timely preparations were excellent.

The contrast with today could hardly be greater. The complications of EU policy have spread far more widely to all areas of the economy. Yet only now, a mere seven months before Brexit, has the government begun to issue technical notices about the consequences of a “No Deal” Brexit. The EU’s “Notices to Stakeholders” are more informative and were eight months earlier. There is precious little time for businesses to prepare or for government to build the necessary infrastructure.

Independence campaigners , who had given some years’ thought to the complex process of decoupling from the EU, were appalled at the amateurish policy Mrs May set out in her Lancaster House speech of January 2017. She would abrogate all the existing EU treaties and then attempt to negotiate a completely new “deep and special” partnership with the EU – an impossible task within the two years’ notice provided . She kept the plans for her partnership secret until July this year. Most people doubt whether the Chequers proposals are compatible with existing EU rules or that they will gain a parliamentary majority.

It took from January 2017 to January this year for David Davis to realise that the abrogation of the treaties also cancelled the EU regulatory approvals which make British products like aero engines, cars, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and food acceptable in the EU and much of the wider world.

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2018 – 031 Why is the UK Prison Service in such Chaos?

From an ex Prison Officer.

Birmingham prison was always regarded as a militant prison and the government/prison leaders did not like it at all and so jumped at the chance to break it up by privatising it (I am surprised the same thing didn’t happen to Liverpool). The thing is Birmingham was a good prison, a hard prison where staff were a dominant force resulting in a well run prison. Therefore it is ironic how the government have now taken it back and the talk is how we need to introduce more ex service staff and tougher regimes which is about to be introduced in several prisons in the north midlands area. This is a complete u turn. When I first started in the job half the staff were recruited from the services. Civvies like myself learned a lot from them from the discipline point of view. In time the authorities wanted to change the image of the prison service as didn’t want to upset the prisoners. I won’t deny that there were times when a prisoner got a bit of a hiding from staff but this was not done indiscriminately in what done because the prisoner had stepped way over the line. Prisoners knew this and it helped keep them in check. Then it changed. We were instructed that we must no longer wear our caps whilst on duty as it intimidated prisoners ( this was good for me as hated wearing it as it messed up my hair!) but this was a huge step in the softly softly approach which has led to today’s troubles. They stopped recruiting ex services and went firstly for a much higher female in take. Having a few female staff was good as they could offer something that the macho man could not but it became excessive. Eventually there was almost a 50/50 split between male and female which was always a dangerous recipe. At times the shift pattern would fall in such a way that only female staff were on duty. If you suspected a prisoner of having contraband on them we would deal with it swiftly, we would take the prisoner away immediately and give them a strip search (for the record we are no longer allowed to call it a strip search as it is offensive to prisoners so must call it a full search!!!) So if you only have female staff available then this action cannot be performed as only males can do a strip search.  Prisoners latched onto this, more so the Muslim prisoners who wouldn’t even allow a female to give them a rub down search. The rules stated that females could give male prisoners a rub down but eventually the authorities caved in and said that a female officer must not rub down a Muslim unless there was no other option which meant calling for a male officer on the other side of the jail. Due to this whatever contraband is concealed will be disposed of.

I worked at Bedford jail from 19** to 19** and it is best described as a mini Birmingham. We had the place screwed down, we run a tough regime and as a result had very few problems. Then the prison service introduced audits and as a result of the audit we were told that Bedford was a bad jail. Where was the failings? It was due to not having posters on walls pointing out help groups, it was due to us having metal tea spoons for stirring tea even though they were in an area not accessible to prisoners. There were many silly reasons like that whereas in reality the prison worked but as it had been deemed a failure things had to change. More time was spent getting posters and plastic spoons in place than was spent caring and dealing with prisoners. The eventual outcome was seen 2 years ago on TV when the prisoners posted their riot on line using their phones.

As ex service staff were no longer being employed it meant civvies were learning from civvies and I am sorry to say that we recruited some proper lame ducks who were not prepared to challenge unruly behaviour. For those that were prepared to challenge they were worried to do so as they knew they didn’t have the back up of staff anymore, no longer did we all stick together. Should an allegation be made that an officer had used excessive force then they were suspended and shown the door as this was no longer the image the prison service wanted. These days staff don’t have much back bone and are soft and easily go sick, for me this is due to the civvy background. For those of us that had a disciplined side we would attend work no matter how shit we felt and knew that our colleagues would support us.

Another change in the service happened in the early 90’s when a fast track promotion scheme was introduced so that new starters could become a governor within two years. It was known as the accelerated promotion scheme (APS). Up until then governors would have years and years of experience, they would have spent time as a Principal officer which was my rank. This rank was very respected by officers and governors and they always came to you for advice (in subsequent years this rank was disbanded and this led to further chaos in prison as staff did not know who to turn to for advice and support. More recently they realised yet again what a mistake they had made and re introduced this rank under another name but by then it was too late as the likes of me had left and so they had to fill the vacancies with staff of limited experience). As for the APS it worked ok at first because those staff on that scheme had experienced governors and Principal officers around them to feed off but in time most governors had limited experience and they made all their judgements based on what the new prison bible said they should do rather than basing decisions on experience and what was best for a positive outcome.

2018 – 030 THE HISTORY AND AIMS OF THE EU and New World Order.


             “BRAVE NEW EUROPE?”  by Mick Greenhough




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2018 – 029 How the early UK Deep state connived secretly to get UK into the EU with the  names of the guilty persons.

Paul Lashmar and James Oliver, Sunday Telegraph, 27 April 1997, page 10

A secretly-funded Foreign Office unit used public money to mount a covert propaganda operation aimed at ensuring Britain joined the European Community. Paul Lashmar and James Oliver investigate

IN LATE 1972, Alistair McAlpine, later Lord McAlpine, was recruited as treasurer for a pro-European lobby organisation called the European League for Economic Co-operation. It was only much later that he discovered the reason for his appointment. A “branch of the security services, called, I believe, something like the IDA”, had been financing breakfasts and lunches for this and other bodies, he later wrote.

Now, the full extent of the involvement by the MI6-linked Information Research Department of the Foreign Office in supporting Britain’s joining the European Economic Community can be revealed.

For nearly two years, IRD had been funding invitation-only meetings between senior media figures and pro-European politicians. diplomats and businessmen. These were regular, expensive, and well-attended breakfasts at the Connaught Hotel.

Then, McAlpine said last week, Sir William Armstrong, at that time head of the Civil Service, found out about the events. He went to the Prime Minister, Edward Heath, and the IRD funding ceased. As a result ELEC had taken over running the breakfast meetings and McAlpine, then as now a fund-raiser extraordinaire, was brought in.

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2018 – 028 The Deep State runs UK – who are they?

The Lisbon Treaty transferred nearly all of our sovereignty left to the unelected and undemocratic EU. So How on earth did our MPs vote it through?

Our Civil Service is really now The Deep State. They  are unelected and mainly self selected from their own section of society. They are permanent staff who advise ministers and continue  in the same post as ministers change. Ministers rarely have much expertise in the job they have been allotted and it takes perhaps 3 years to acquire that knowledge. They are then moved on to another post to be replaced by another inexperienced Minister. The proud boast of the Civil Service was that it was neutral and gave sound advice to ministers irrespective of the politics of the minister. They have now become politicised and consider the ministers to be fools to be manipulated to the collective political views of the Deep State. Their remit is the Globalised New World Order. They are now working behind the backs of elected ministers to implement policies that have not been through parliament. Their behaviour is Malfeasance and should be punishable with dismissal and loss of pension rights.

Common Purpose is a crypto Marxist training college that is a major source of new recruits to the Deep State.


The way the Lisbon Treaty was passed by parliament is a good example of their manipulations to achieve completely undemocratic parliamentary  results to suit their political desires. They have complete contempt for the democratic opinions of the voting public.

The Lisbon Treaty was originally the EU Constitution. This was comprehensively rejected by the French and Dutch. To get around this Giscard d’Estaing , the ex French premier, had the constitution deliberately re written in such a way that it was almost impossible for any one but a constitutional expert to understand. Several critical passages were removed and hidden in other Treaties. The label on the tin was different but the contents the same.
Gordon Brown said after he had ratified it ‘I have ensured a number of Red Lines to secure Britain’s future’. Sounds good but he omitted to add that the Red Lines would be there for no more than 5 years. Was this lying? He was deceitful to such an extent that it was no different to lying. Continue reading

2018 – 027 Difference between the population and the Establishment over Brexit


2018 – 0026 EU paid 160 million euro to pro Remain groups.

EU Paid €160 Million to Pro-Remain Groups

2018 – 025 How the NUJ muzzled journalists on naming Ethnic minority felons.

Denis MacShane, former Labour MP for Rotherham, as well as being a traitor is also a liar and a thief.

He began his twin careers of deceit and treachery while an official at the National Union of Journalists in the 1970s, when he was responsible for drawing up the NUJ’s Guidelines on Race Reporting, an influential document in the suppression of free speech in this country.

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2018 – 024 blank

2018 – 023 United Nations Migration Chief Claims Mass Migration in ‘National Interest’


United Nations Migration Agency Director-General William Lacy Swing has issued a barely concealed attack on the U.S. President, claimed mass migration is in the “national interest”, and that concerns about migrants are based on “false stereotypes and unfounded fear”.

“People say … we don’t want any migrants, build a wall and burn the bridge,” Swing sneered. “They identify [migrants] as ‘the other’. That is a big fear,” he claimed.

The former U.S. diplomat issued his thinly veiled attack on President Trump in an interview with the Korea Herald, buttressing it with a sustained assault on populism more generally.

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2018 – 022 The Libertas saga and how the Electoral Commission tried to bankrupt UKIP.

In 2004 a Michael Brown donated £2 million to the Lib Dems. Turned out to be stolen money and did time for his fraud.

However the Electoral Commission decided that as the LibDems were unaware it was stolen money they could keep it. Very generous of them. Surely it should have been returned to those from whom it was stolen.

I now strongly believe that the Electoral Commission is heavily influenced by Common Purpose. They are hiding behind exemption from the Freedom of Information Act to refuse to say how many of they committee are Common Purpose. They are not independent but report directly to the Cabinet Office and as such they are an agent of the Deep State.

In 2005 an Irish millionaire Declan Ganley started a party Libertas. He wanted a Libertas in each EU country to ‘change the EU from within’.  No hope of that working what so ever. He really did not understand the EU.

He had an office by Victoria Station so as I was standing for UKIP in the 2005 election I went to see them. I was met by a group of very arrogant 25 year old somethings. They said that they had plenty of money and were not inclined to talk to any UKIP oik. I was sent off with a flea in my ear.

On the train home it occurred to me that if you wanted a political party in the UK you had to register with the Electoral Commission.

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2018 – 021 Arc Manche A secret EU a plan to carve up UK.

In the meantime this is going on behind our backs. The EVIL EUROPEAN UNION has plans for OUR COUNTRY. EU chiefs have been quietly pouring around £1billion a year of taxpayers’ money into the regions

Senior Tories condemned plans to merge southern England and northern France into a territory called “Arc ­Manche” complete with its own flag.

Brussels chiefs have already earmarked millions of pounds for lavish projects designed to give the zone its own “identity”.

Schemes include a £7.6million “cross-Channel” network of cycle paths, a £2million travelling ­exhibition of “contemporary” ­artworks and even a ­bizarre ­international tour by ­circus clowns costing £5.5million.

Tory Cabinet Minister Eric Pickles yesterday revealed details of the plan inherited by his Whitehall department from the previous Labour government.

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2018 – 020 Speech to the DIEXODUS DEMONSTRATION by Edward Spalton

Campaign for an Independent Britain


Syntagma Square, Athens 13th May 2018

by Edward Spalton – Chairman

Contact 07960 906955

IT IS A GREAT HONOUR to be invited to speak here to our Greek friends who are fighting the same battle as ourselves to recover self government and independence for our countries. IT IS A PLEASURE to meet the tough, undaunted people who so cheerfully continue the fight in the face of the appalling damage which the institutions of the EU and the International Monetary Fund have inflicted on the Greek people – including the deaths of hundreds of thousands whose lives have been sacrificed on the altar of austerity, dead from malnutrition, lack of heating in winter and the plundering of resources from their hospitals and health service.

This process of plunder, including the forced sale of public assets and utilities, is portrayed as somehow helping Greece out – each additional tranche of unrepayable debt as somehow helping the Greek people, when all it represents is a transfer of liabilities from banks to taxpayers – privatising any profits and socialising the losses.

At the beginning, many people in Britain and Greece believed that the EU was a benign project, dedicated to peace and economic development – but it always was about power – power to in the hands of very few untouchable people. As early as 1947, A British politician, Peter Thorneycroft, wrote in Design for Europe No government dependent on a democratic vote could possibly agree in advance to the sacrifice any adequate plan must involve. The British people must be led slowly and unconsciously into the abandonment of their traditional economic defences”. Thorneycroft later became Chancellor of the Exchequer (Finance Minister) and Chairman of the Conservative party. What an arrogant insult to a people who had just fought a world war to defend their democratic self-government – to lead them deceitfully into a new form of definitely undemocratic government, of which they were to be kept in ignorance.

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2018 – 019 Letter to May on Islam.

Christopher Michael Baksa

2018 – 018 How the Educational Authorities produced Generation Snowflake

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”  George Orwell

Indeed one would be forgiven for believing that Winston Smith is the head of the Education Authority history division. This is known as Cultural Marxism indoctrination.

Hitler produced the Hitler youth by putting the Boy Scout leaders and many teachers into prison and replaced them with his own people.

In Animal Farm Napoleon takes over the puppies of Jesse and Bluebell and trains them to be attack dogs.

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2018 – 017 The EU’s intention to prevent free speech on the internet

The EU’s intention to prevent free speech on the internet

2018 – 016 Who do you belong to?

Your life is a lie

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2018 – 015 response to petition to keep UK military out of EU control

They do not say unequivocally that UK military will not be under EU control.

The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “Ensure the UK leaves all EU defence rules, policies and structures on 29/03/19.”.

Government responded:

The British people voted to leave the EU, and the Government will respect that decision. We want to develop a new partnership with the EU that builds on our existing security relationship.

We have always said that Parliament must be fully involved in shaping our exit from the EU. The Government has committed to hold a vote on the final deal in Parliament as soon as possible after the negotiations have concluded. This vote will cover both the Withdrawal Agreement and the terms for our future relationship. If Parliament supports the resolution to proceed with the Withdrawal Agreement and the terms for our future relationship, the Government will bring forward a Withdrawal Agreement & Implementation Bill to give the Withdrawal Agreement domestic legal effect.

Where it is necessary to implement future agreements the Government will introduce further legislation where it is needed, ensuring further opportunities for proper parliamentary scrutiny.

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2018 – 014 Slavery in the USA

L. Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is “Currency.” Todd is a contributor to Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, the New York Post, the National Review, Zero Hedge and others. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit

By L. Todd Wood – – Tuesday, September 26, 2017


I know of no white person alive today in the United States who has ever legally owned a black slave, or any slave for that matter. Almost 700,000 mostly white men died 160 years ago to end slavery. Jim Crow ended generations ago. Yet black America, for the most part, is still locked in inner-city gang violence and economic hardship. Why?

Is it because America is racist?  Is it because of some overhanging white supremacy?  Is it because of the Illuminati?

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