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2022 – 008 Archbishop Welby and the Woke Bishops of the Church of England.

Archbishop Welby and the Woke Bishops of the Church of England.

In the early ’60s when we first got cars we would drive down into rural Kent to visit the country pubs.

On one visit on entering there was a group of 4 lads, very jolly but not drunk. They turned out to be trainee CoE priests from a local Church of England training college.

Me, being a Primitive Methodist, always found it fun to engage with CoE people. The CoE is nothing more than the Church of Rome without confession or Mass. It has all their smells and bells and authoritarianism.

I began ragging them about the CoE and one, who was quite tipsy, said ‘we are not really Christians we are Marxists and intend to rot the church from the inside’.

One, who was not so tipsy, then jumped up and rather angrily marched them all out leaving their half full glasses of beer.

I never thought much about it until now. However the behaviour of Archbishop Welby has made me recall that event

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2022 – 007 thelightpaper

2021 – 039 Why the panic on CO2 and Net Zero?

NET ZERO IS FOOLS GOLD it is a precurser to THE NEW WORLD ORDER  Part 1

Mankind is responsible for three mega threats to the survival of man. One of them is not Global Warming. They are toxic waste,  pollution and overpopulation in the 3rd world who cannot feed and look after their children. Manmade CO2 is being accused of being the cause of catastrophic damage to the world’s future. Is it? However, we surely need more CO2 in the air? At the moment future environmental events are all purely speculation or built on models based on past events.

COP26 ties U.K. taxpayers to punishing #NetZero targets – £20k boilers, £50k to insulate your house, £50k electric cars, heat pumps that do not work when the air gets cold- while the world’s biggest polluters utterly ignore it????

Anthropogenic Global Warming is essentially a creature of  The New World Order.

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2022 – 006 Klaus Schwab, the Great Reset and its threat to mankind


2022 – -005 On Klaus Schwab: International Man of Mystery


2022 – -004 The Cloward Piven strategy

2022 – 003 Brian Gerrish’s exposure of  psychological operations by our government

A very important read to understand much of what is happening now

Brian Gerrish’s exposure of  psychological operations  by our government; and the other, which transports this psychological operation, is the mainstream media

2022 – 002 Grenfell Tower and cladding

Who is Michael Gove protecting exactly?

It was Nick Raynsford who fobbed off the Garnock Court Select Committee in 1999 with BRE Fire Note 9 and commissioned Warrington Fire to compare Class 0 (National) to the classes in BS EN 13501-1.

Charles Falconer seems to have been in office when Warrington Fire finished the RADAR 2 report in early 2002, which told the Ministry that Class 0 (National) could be (European) Class C or D for composites.

Making a mockery of Diagram 40.

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2022 – 001

Rather like that petition to overturn the result of the referendum, there is something altogether too pat and too convenient about this story of a “wave of hatred”. An article on this subject by Brendan O’Neill appeared in the Spectator of 6 August  entitled “The Real Hate Crime Scandal” and I am indebted to him for the following information.

The police say that 3,192 reports of hate incidents were received in the last two weeks of June and 3,001 in the first fortnight of July, constituting a rise of 48 per cent and 20 per cent respectively . Many of these reports (the police cannot say how many) came from a website called True Vision which allows anyone anywhere to report anonymously something they say they experienced or witnessed. Every such report is instantly logged as a hate crime. No evidence required.

The police’s “Hate Crime Operational Guidance”  now stresses that the perception of the victim or any other person is the deciding factor in whether something is measured as a hate crime or hate incident. “Evidence of …hostility is not required…The perception of the victim  is the defining factor… the victim does not have to justify or provide evidence of their belief… and police officers….should not directly  challenge the perception”.

“Hate Crime Procedure” by Surrey Police instructs that, even when nothing hateful was said to the victim….still the police must record  the incident as hate crime, if the victim perceives it to be so. Manchester Police’s guidance says that, if a victim of alleged hate crime feels that the police are indifferent, this is then victimising the victim a second time “whether or not it is reasonable for them to perceive it in that way”. Truth is “immaterial”.

I now revert to my own experience of two incidents which might have generated three reports of “hate crime” and could have caused endless trouble for those potentially  accused.

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2021 – -42 Harry Miller v the ‘police’   (see link to video report)

I have watched a longer interview with Harry Miller, who has now won his case against the police for registering a “Non Crime Hate Incident” against him because of remarks he had made about transgender people. Of many matters mentioned, the following impressed me.

(1) The police had actually no business doing this sort of thing. The judge remarked that they had behaved like “the Stasi, the Gestapo or the Cheka”.

(2) Their actions did not arise from any law but from “guidance” issued by the College of Policing (a limited company owned by the Home Secretary which had no right to create such a law)

(3) The police could disclose his record (for instance) to somebody checking on Harry Miller’s suitability for employment.

(4) The police had been following this procedure since 2014. There must be hundreds of thousands of records of such illegal actions by the police and they need to be destroyed. The senior responsible officers need to be disciplined publicly – at least for “wasting police time” which should have been used for protecting the public. Police officers were instructed that they too could be guilty of “hate crime” if they questioned any report of such an incident, however ill-founded or far-fetched it was.

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2021 – 041 info a short cut to Information you need before you vote next time

Information you should know before voting.

If you can find anything inaccurate in these posts please inform the editor at

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2021 – 040 Smog and CO2

Smog is when smoke from coal fires mixed with fog. It was mixture of nitrogen oxides, ozone, sulphur oxide and particulates. It was common from the latter part of the 18cent and the problem came to a head in the 1950s. It was cured by the Clean Air Act and the processing of coal into smokeless coal.

However the change from smokeless coal to gas fired central heating lead to much less smokeless coal being used. CO2 has now become the apparent problem now. But why?

We need more CO2 in the air now to increase the yield of crops and vegetation.


This graph shows the decreasing amount of CO2 where it is now approaching a level where plants can no longer grow.

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2021 – 039 Why the panic on CO2 and Net Zero?

Net Zero is fools gold


If you find this post of interest please forward it to all your contacts and MP. Anything you think is incorrect in this post please notify the editor listed at the bottom. No one has yet after several years

You do not need to be an Environmentalist or Climate scientist to follow this post. Net Zero is a precurser to ease in the New World Order.

Mankind is responsible for three mega threats to the survival of man. One of them is not Global Warming. They are toxic waste,  pollution and overpopulation in the 3rd world who cannot feed and look after their children.

It should be noted that Net Zero has not been discussed by the public but it is being implemented by a small handful of zealots. The government should be given a Darwin Award for Net Zero?

Manmade CO2 is being accused of being the cause of catastrophic damage to the world’s future. Is it? However, we surely need more CO2 in the air? At the moment future environmental events are all purely speculation or built on models based on past events.

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2021 – 038 How to solve illegal immigration and the fishing dispute

Fishing and Immigration 11/2021

This solution could run in conjunction with the Rwandan operation

The following rules to apply to all commercial fishermen in UK waters whether UK fishermen or from the EU in the interests of ‘fairness.

Please forward this post on to all your contacts and your MP.

The overarching principle with fishing in UK waters is that the UK has complete sovereignty over its waters and any concessions are at the sole discretion of the UK.

To achieve this it is first necessary to leave the European Court of Human Rights and establish a UK CHR.
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2021 – 037 patrolling French beaches

Suggestion – do not give £150 million to the French to stop the inflatables.

Have teams of British ‘bird watchers’ who are given a paid holiday on the French coast armed with binoculars (day and night), a mobile phone, a SatNav and a book of seabirds. They saunter along the coast ‘watching birds’. If they happen to spot a dinghy they phone a control centre in the UK giving the satnav coordinates who then contact the French police. All very immediate.

Every couple of weeks or so the ‘birdwatchers’ are replaced with another group of ‘birdwatchers’.

However the people traffickers are usually armed and very dangerous. It may be better to send the SAS in mufti.

2021 – 036 Why we cannot trust the press


2021 – 035 Covid masks are quite unsuitable for Covid

If you find this post of interest please forward onto your family, friends  and contacts  and MP
If you can breathe through the mask then the covid virus can pass easily as well.
It should be noted that none of the G7 delegates and politicians wore them nor social distancing. This is now commonplace for those who consider themselves to be of importance.  The politicians also take them off when they think the cameras have stopped filming, nobody at Wimbledon or the football final wore them – why?
Mandating masks make it appear that the government is taking positive action whether or not they do any good.

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021 – 034 The Nazi roots of the EU


2021 – 33 Joe Biden and White Genocide  Joe Biden and immigration  and why white genocide is good for you   

2021 – 32 A very perspicacious assessment of the covid crisis


2021 – 31 log burners

The latest target for the cod climate scientists is log burning stoves.

They say you must use dry wood. You can never completely remove moisture from wood and how do you check it and how much should be removed?

To remove most of the moisture from wood you need to dry it in a kiln (using fossil fuel?) so why not use the heat for the kiln to heat the house instead?

If the wood is not burnt in a log burner what do you do with it? Burn it in the garden?

How will the Drax power station cope as it now only burns wood chips?  The wood chip comes from Canada. It is harvested using fossil fuel, chipped using fossil fuel, processed to remove water using fossil fuel, transported to the docks using fossil fuel, loaded onto ships using fossil fuel, transported across the sea using fossil fuel. unloaded using fossil fuel and transported to the power station using fossil fuel.  All this is done to avoid using clean coal ( developed after the smogs of the 50s and 60s and the Clean Air Act) while China uses vast amounts of coal and Germany is mining Lignite (very dirty semi coal) and opening up new mines

The only ‘dry’ fuels are coal, gas from fracking and nuclear.

How do these cod scientists get into positions of authority?

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2021 – 030 Why we do not trust the press


2021 – 029 The Britons and Caucasians who are they?

The British (and particularly the English)  are getting a lot of flak of late, even to the extent where there are some who deny that the English exist at all. So who are the English?  and why are the people of the UK of British heritage and culture are now continually under attack?

Some are even those calling for the elimination of the White race. Critical Race Theory and Black Lives Matter being the worst which is now prevalent in our schools. It teaches kids that you and your parents are evil and racist for being white.

Diversity is a euphemism for discrimination against white people.

Some 6 million years ago an ape-like creature started to walk on two legs instead of all fours. He then began to hunt and eat meat.  The meat diet was critical for their brains to develop once we left the vegetarian diet of the apes. Why he did it we do not know but it was the start of the line of hominoids. They began to evolve into several different hominoids, one, the Denisova hominins of whom left Africa perhaps 100,000 years ago and spread as far as China. All of them came and went except two, those who led to Homo Sapians and Neanderthals who went extinct only about 25000 years ago but against all the odds the line that led to the Homo Sapiens survived. About 250,000 years ago something started to happen in the brains and to the body of one hominoid and they became Homo Sapiens (that is us) who appeared in the southern tip of Africa. Some sort of environmental stress was possibly the cause but we do not know.

The hominoid brain seemed to have several compartments that each dealt individually with a different skill. Making fire, hunting, knapping stone tools, making skin clothes. In the developing meat eating Homo Sapien brain those distinctly separate areas of the brain began to cross-link and cooperate – a massive change.  That cross-linking in the brain enabled Homo Sapiens to create and invent and to have almost unlimited imagination. (Read ‘The Pre History of the Mind’ by Stephen Mithen) Of the other Hominoids, it seems that only Neanderthals had some limited creativity of thought as they began to bury their dead using very simple ceremonies with grave goods for a select few.  They started to grapple with the mystery of death and what happens to the spark of life when it leaves the body after death. Where does it go if anywhere? Something we do not understand even today. Nearly all European Caucasians have a trace of Neandethal in their genetic heritage, Africans have virtually none and Asians have a trace of Denisovan.

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2021 – 028 Megan and the Queen.


2021 – 027 We no longer have a police force of Robert Peel.

The root cause is the infiltration of the crypto Marxist Common Purpose into the senior police.  see



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2021 – -026 GESARA the end-of-the-deep-state

GESARA is nothing to do with the Great Reset but a Populist alternative.