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2021 – 040 Smog and CO2

Smog is when smoke from coal fires mixed with fog. It was mixture of nitrogen oxides, ozone, sulphur oxide and particulates. It was common from the latter part of the 18cent and the problem came to a head in the 1950s. It was cured by the Clean Air Act and the processing of coal into smokeless coal.

However the change from smokeless coal to gas fired central heating lead to much less smokeless coal being used. CO2 has now become the apparent problem now. But why?

We need more CO2 in the air now to increase the yield of crops and vegetation.


This graph shows the decreasing amount of CO2 where it is now approaching a level where plants can no longer grow.

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2021 – 039 Why the panic on CO2?



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You do not need to be an Environmentalist or Climate scientist to follow this post.

Manmade CO2 is being accused of being the cause of catastrophic damage to the world’s future. Is it? However, we surely need more CO2 in the air? At the moment future environmental events are all purely speculation or built on models based on past events.


COP26 ties U.K. taxpayers to punishing #NetZero targets – £20k boilers, £50k to insulate your house, £50k electric cars – while the world’s biggest polluters utterly ignore it????

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2021 – 038 Commercial fishing, France and illegal immigration

Fishing and Immigration

The following rules to apply to all commercial fishermen in UK waters whether UK fishermen or from the EU in the interests of ‘fairness.

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The overarching principal with fishing in UK waters is that the UK has complete sovereignty over its waters and any concessions are at the discretion of the UK.

  • There is a crisis in North Sea fishing stocks due to overfishing and species depletion. This is a prime reason given for this proposal.
  • All Fishing in UK waters to be under the authority of a UK Fishing Authority (UKFA).
  • The French to be given temporary discretionary access to British waters to enable them to reduce their fishing fleet in an orderly manner. A concession that was not given to British fishermen when the UK joined the EU,
  • The total catch of fish to be harvested in UK waters is to be assessed by the UK annually by a UK scientific department of the UKFA and applied to both UK and EU fishing boats. An EU representative to attend as an advisor.
  • Total annual catch for all EU boats to be limited by UKFA and where one EU boat catches a large harvest it reduces the catch allowed by other EU boats are allowed to catch.
  • An annual license per boat to fish in UK waters at £5000 (?) a year for UK and EU fishermen to fund the conservation necessities issued by the UKFA. It can be reclaimed as a legitimate business expense by a UK fisherman from the UK Inland Revenue and the EU reclaim from the  Revenue.
  • A similar license required by UK fishermen to fish in EU waters
  • The number of licenses available for EU fishermen can be open for them to bid for can they reclaim their license and bid fee from their home EU Inland Revenue
  • Review all the French applications for a license and reject any with spelling mistakes, wrong colour ink etc.
  • The number of annually reducing licenses and harvest issued to EU boats and time scale is to be at the complete discretion of the UK Fisheries.
  • Annual harvest taken by EU Boats and licenses issued to the EU boats to be incrementally reduced each year and transferred to the UK fishing fleet to enable the EU fisheries to gradually adapt to the new fishing climate.
  • The license would limit what the EU and UK fisherman can catch to prevent species depletion.
  • Licenses awarded to UK fishermen cannot be sold on to EU fishermen – only other UK fishermen but not corporates.
  • No correlation between EU and UK annual harvest
  • Unintentional overfish to be cross decked onto a UK boat or landed at a UK port- not dumped overboard.
  • To be granted a license to fish the EU Fishermen must have documented proof they have historically fished in UK waters.
  • The boat must be fitted with a tracker and the UKFA informed of the intention to fish, where and when before being given permission to commence fishing.
  • When the fishing trip is completed all fishing boats, UK and EU, must check-in at a UK port to verify its catch is within the license before a UK boat is unloaded or an EU boat returning to the EU.
  • The UKFA to have the right to board and inspect any fishing boat as a condition of the license anywhere in UK waters and before they leave UK waters.
  • All EU boats must then return to the EU with 25 illegal immigrants that came from the EU back to the EU after each of their fishing trips finishes as a rigid condition of being granted a license.
  • Any illegal migrant found on a UK or EU fishing boat will result in that boat being impounded with a heavy fine and imprisonment of the skipper and no further licenses allowed to that fishing company.
  • If the UKFA decides to allow future licenses for EU boats the EU boats will have to bid for them. Licenses are not an entitlement. They are a temporary concession.
  • Any attempt by France to exploit the licenses for petty reasons should result in the UK canceling all licenses issued to the EU.
  • Fish Quotas to be initially the same for UK and EU. EU to decide how much each EU boat can catch from to total quota. UK quota to increase each year and EU quota to reduce each year until the UK has 100%
  • As an alternative No fishing in UK waters for 5 years to allow the fish stocks to recover after years of overfishing by EU boats. UK fishermen to be on 5 years furlough but allowed to fish for scientific research during that 5 years

2021 – 037 patrolling French beaches

Suggestion – do not give £150 million to the French to stop the inflatables.

Have teams of British ‘bird watchers’ who are given a paid holiday on the French coast armed with binoculars (day and night), a mobile phone, a SatNav and a book of seabirds. They saunter along the coast ‘watching birds’. If they happen to spot a dinghy they phone a control centre in the UK giving the satnav coordinates who then contact the French police. All very immediate.

Every couple of weeks or so the ‘birdwatchers’ are replaced with another group of ‘birdwatchers’.

However the people traffickers are usually armed and very dangerous. It may be better to send the SAS in mufti.

2021 – 036 Why we cannot trust the press


2021 – 035 Covid masks are quite unsuitable for Covid

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If you can breathe through the mask then the covid virus can pass easily as well.
It should be noted that none of the G7 delegates and politicians wore them nor social distancing. This is now commonplace for those who consider themselves to be of importance.  The politicians also take them off when they think the cameras have stopped filming, nobody at Wimbledon or the football final wore them – why?
Going into a restaurant needs a mask but it seems that Covid cannot be transferred to other diners once they start eating. Perhaps we should replace school desks with dinner tables so school kids do not have to wear masks?

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021 – 034 The Nazi roots of the EU


2021 – 33 Joe Biden and White Genocide  Joe Biden and immigration  and why white genocide is good for you   

2021 – 32 A very perspicacious assessment of the covid crisis


2021 – 31 log burners

The latest target for the cod climate scientists is log burning stoves.

They say you must use dry wood. You can never completely remove moisture from wood and how do you check it and how much should be removed?

To remove most of the moisture from wood you need to dry it in a kiln (using fossil fuel?) so why not use the heat for the kiln to heat the house instead?

If the wood is not burnt in a log burner what do you do with it? Burn it in the garden?

How will the Drax power station cope as it now only burns wood chips?  The wood chip comes from Canada. It is harvested using fossil fuel, chipped using fossil fuel, processed to remove water using fossil fuel, transported to the docks using fossil fuel, loaded onto ships using fossil fuel, transported across the sea using fossil fuel. unloaded using fossil fuel and transported to the power station using fossil fuel.  All this is done to avoid using clean coal ( developed after the smogs of the 50s and 60s and the Clean Air Act) while China uses vast amounts of coal and Germany is mining Lignite (very dirty semi coal) and opening up new mines

The only ‘dry’ fuels are coal, gas from fracking and nuclear.

How do these cod scientists get into positions of authority?

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2021 – 030 Why we do not trust the press


2021 – 029 The Britons who are they?

The British (and particularly the English)  are getting a lot of flak of late, even to the extent where there are some who deny that the English exist at all. So who are the English?  and why are the people of the UK of British heritage and culture are now continually under attack?

Some are even those calling for the elimination of the White race. Critical Race Theory and Black Lives Matter being the worst which is now prevalent in our schools. It teaches kids that you and your parents are evil and racist for being white.

Diversity is a euphemism for discrimination against white people.

Some 6 million years ago an ape-like creature started to walk on two legs instead of all fours. He then began to hunt and eat meat.  The meat diet was critical for their brains to develop from that of the vegetarian diet of the apes. Why he did it we do not know but it was the start of the line of hominoids. They began to evolve into several different hominoids all of which came and went except one. About 250,000 years ago something started to happen in their brains and to the body of one group of them and they became Homo Sapiens (that is us) who appeared in the southern tip of Africa. Some sort of environmental stress was possibly the cause but we do not know.

The hominoid brain seemed to have several compartments that each dealt individually with a different skill. Making fire, hunting, knapping stone tools, making skin clothes. In Homo Sapiens those distinctly separate areas of the brain began to cross-link and cooperate – a massive change.  That cross-linking in the brain enabled Homo Sapiens to create and invent and to have almost unlimited imagination. (Read ‘The Pre History of the Mind’ by Stephen Mithen) Of the other Hominoids, it seems that only Neanderthals had some limited creativity of thought as they began to bury their dead using very simple ceremonies with grave goods for a select few.  They started to grapple with the mystery of death and what happens to the spark of life when it leaves the body after death. Where does it go if anywhere? Something we do not understand even today.

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2021 – 028 Megan and the Queen.


2021 – 027 We no longer have a police force of Robert Peel.

The root cause is the infiltration of the crypto Marxist Common Purpose into the senior police.  see



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2021 – -026 GESARA the end-of-the-deep-state

GESARA is nothing to do with the Great Reset but a Populist alternative.

2021 – 024 Outside Dangers to National Sovereignty. 

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2021 – 023 A Muslim Mayor of London


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Is this speculation or a reasonable expectation of things to come?

Mayor Khan is behaving as if he is the Dictator of an independent country. The rules governing what the mayor can do need completely redrafted. Similar for Devolved countries of the UK.

Khan was a solicitor who made his money by defending many terrorists. Sadiq Khan’s law firm sued police 328 TIMES in 10 years.


It has been reported that some 300,000+ Londoners have moved out to the suburbs recently due to the violence in London. Perhaps as many a 2 million over the last 20 years.

 I would suggest that the reason Khan is allowing violent crime to proliferate is to encourage more Londoners to leave London. He is also ordering police, with Cressida Dick, to be heavy-handed with citizens and soft on BLM, XR and Antifa violence. He has said he would like 1.5 million more migrants (Muslim migrants to replace Londoners?) into London. This is surely a means to secure a permanent Muslim Mayor.

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2021 – 022 Things to come – or may be here now.

CALLER: Is this Pizza Hut?

GOOGLE: No sir, it’s Google Pizza.

CALLER: I must have dialled a wrong number, sorry.

GOOGLE: No sir, Google bought Pizza Hut last month.

CALLER: OK. I would like to order a pizza.

GOOGLE: Do you want your usual, sir?

CALLER: My usual? You know me?

GOOGLE: According to our caller ID data sheet, the last 12 times you called you ordered an extra-large pizza with three cheeses, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms and meatballs on a thick crust.

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2021 – 022 Woke companies

Just started collating – will add reasons for inclusion

BBC  Nuf sed?

Sky  Image

Cadbury’s   The US company bought Cadbury’s on the condition it conti9nued to manufacture in the UM. Once bought it closed down the UK factory and transferred it to Poland and changed the ingredients for cheaper ones. Mondelez has seven factories in Poland, including the largest Skarbimierz, which produces the Crunchie, Double Decker, Curly Wurly, Chomp, Fudge and Picnic.

Their new add features two men engaged in a sexual kiss using their lips and tongue to swap the contents of a Cadbury’s creme egg.


University of Leicester to axe Chaucer in favour of woke ‘decolonised curriculum’

Benny and Jerry’s ice cream   for encouraging illegal migration/

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2020 – 21 A suitable solution to the accommodating of illegal economic migrants

I would like to propose a solution to the economic migrant accommodation crisis which usually conflated with refugees and migrants who enter UK legally.

The treatment we have now of ‘refugees’ is based on the 1951 UN agreement due to the appalling treatment of them in WWII. The UN of today and ‘refugees’ are totally different to the situation in 1951. It should be redrafted as a UK Act and to include Human Responsibilities.

Please forward this on to all your email contacts especially your MP – if he is friendly.

Due to the Covid Crisis the Government is pushing through law that has not gone through Parliament as it is a National Crisis. This is not about refugees but migrants who have entered the UK illegally and are therefore criminals.

We also have a National Crisis of accommodating illegal migrants. There is now a desperate shortage of 5* hotels and as barracks are not up to the standard the migrants expect. Theoretically, 2 billion or more illegal migrants could infiltrate into the UK and we would not be allowed to stop them.


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2020 – 020 Why you shouldn’t believe the COVID vaccine is effective

Why you shouldn’t believe the COVID vaccine is effective

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2020 – 019 How the enemies of democracy have been at work

Vive la France!

I will not prophesy. I will merely repeat that we are at present working, discreetly but with all our might, to wrest this mysterious political force called sovereignty out of the clutches of the local national states of our world. And all the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands.

Professor Arnold Toynbee, 8 June 1931

The clutter of small nations must be eliminated in favour of a united Europe.

Adolf Hitler, 1943

Quite clearly, the plan to be adopted, even on the purely economic level, must be too vast to be prepared in any detail before it is undertaken. Its shape must be subject to modification as we go. Moreover – and it is as well to state this at the outset – no government dependent on a democratic vote could possibly agree in advance to the sacrifices which any adequate plan must involve. The people must be led slowly and unconsciously into the abandonment of their traditional economic defences.

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2021 – 018 Videos of the Police we have now

Mobile phone cameras are dynamic at recording the transgressions of the Establishment and their lickspittles. How soon before they are made illegal?

2013 – 009 Whatever has happened to our police? Politicised by Tony Blair?

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False and Deceptive UN and WEF Narratives – All Part of the One World Government Agenda of Control

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2020 – 016 US Voter fraud so far