2012-016 What is Left Wing, Right Wing and Centre in UK politics?

2012-016 What is Left Wing, Right Wing and Centre in UK politics?

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What’s This All About Then?

    What is Left Wing, what is Right Wing and where is the Centre of British Politics?

Originally from the French National Assembly in the 1790s. The Monarchists sat on the right and Republicans on the left. In Britain in about 1850 this evolved into the landowners/factory owners on the right and the ‘workers’ led by the Methodists and Chartists.  By the 1920s the Left were  being hijacked by Communism who advocated state control (by them of course) of all activities with the Right promoting a Free Market, individual rights, small government and lack of concern for the needy and exploitation of their workers. They now seem to be rather more extreme creeds but with considerable variation in between.

Left Wing, Marxism and the Frankfurt School of Marxism (FSM). There are many forms of Marxism who all hate each other. However they are now virtually all self-appointed Elites who reject democracy. They believe in total State control of all activities of society – the police, personal behaviour, commerce, the media etc. – even the way you think. The individual is completely subservient to the unelected Elite.

Essentially they need to control by coercion not by consent.

The FSM (similar to the British ‘Fabian Society) were a group of Marxist ‘Intellectuals’ in Frankfurt in the 1920s who wanted Germany to become a Soviet state. They had to flee from Hitler and went to the USA and UK. (2012 – 025). However they both believe that the lumpen public are far too stupid to be involved in government. State control over-rules any consideration for the individual and environment with the neutering or eliminating of all political opposition. Control is enforced through a thoroughly pampered and complicit bureaucracy.

They believe, as a matter of faith, that anyone who disagrees with them must be mad, bad or just plain stupid. Whichever, they are all enemies of the State.

There are essentially two forms of Socialism. One is that of the working man who seeks to improve his pay and comforts but remains wedded to his lifestyle of football and pubs. The other is the inky fingered metropolitan Marxist who believes it is his balloted task to control the working man to improve him but not enough to enable him to join the metropolitan elite.

Right Wing or Corporatism.  The unfettered globalised financial and commercial interests of a loosely knit, faceless and grotesquely wealthy and greedy Elite. They use compliant acolytes in the political system to pursue their commercial interests with extravagant patronage or even covert bribery.

The profit motive completely over-rules all consideration for society, individuals, workers or care of the environment. You are not a person – you are a commodity to be exploited as a worker or as a consumer for their goods. The safety of their workers was of no consideration if it costs money.

Their aim is the acquisition, or elimination, of all competition and to have complete control of all raw materials, supply and prices worldwide. Some just manipulate money instead to make more money without adding any value.

Individuals are to be completely subservient to the interests of the globalised capitalist elite – usually without realising it – by PR spin and deceit.

The Victorian industrial masters varied from the entrepreneurs like  Cadbury and Jackson who built model villages for their workers. But there were also the Arkwrights and Gradgrinds, iron, cotton and coal masters who could not care less about the appalling conditions that their workers worked in and lived in.

Capitalism.  Essentially trade where someone who wants some goods or services will pay what they think it is worth. If the supplier wants more than the customer is prepared to pay then the customer goes elsewhere. Promotes self employment and the worker is entitled to the fruits of his labour to spend it how he feels fit.

But what if ultimate aims of these apparent opposites are becoming:

The New Left Wing is a project of the Frankfurt School of Marxism (2012-025) to form areas of the world by stealth into Unions (e.g. the European Union, the New Soviet Union, the African Union and the N American Union etc). Each Union will be run by an FSM elite before they unite under a single New World Order run by FSM Elite. Known as Globalism

The New Right Wing is multinational Corporatism. The imperative of each company is to continually expand their operation. These can then ultimately merge into a single globalised conglomerate. They aim to control all the natural resources, finance, means of production, distribution and prices. To take over all competition.

Fascist.          This is usually used by the political left to describe anyone who does not agree with their philosophy. It is used by the lazier media in this context as well.

But what is a fascist? The term fascismo is derived from the Latin word fasces. The fasces, which consisted of a bundle of rods that were tied around an axe, was an ancient Roman symbol of absolute civic authority.

Fascism is a coalition of a dictatorship and large private Corporations. e.g. The Nazi Party and the IG Farben coalition. Very anti Capitalist

The Roman Empire was controlled by a political elite who were unaccountable to the citizens. Any citizen who fell foul of this elite was subjected to the most draconian of punishments. Thus a fascist is someone who agrees with the civic authorities having absolute and unaccountable authority. They  usually operate happily with the large Corporates.

The Left desire a political system where they have complete and unaccountable authority to order the citizens on how they can and cannot live their lives. Otherwise known as a ‘Police State’. They have to control by coercion not consent.

There is very little difference in practice between Left and Right control of ordinary people. Just different people in charge.

In general the fascists indulge in mob with vicious verbal and physical attacks on those they do not like. They usually have naive followers who are there for the excitement with a few cheerleaders.  The Anti Fascist Blackshirts (Antifa) behave in a very similar modus operandi to Hitler’s Brownshirts. The women anti fascists are known as the Brown Blouses.

go to 2013 – 032 What is fascism?  for more info.

Elected Bodies are to give the illusion of democracy but are steadily losing real power to govern. Their function now is to dupe the public into believing that our loss of democracy is all in our best interests by PR spin, ambiguous truths and vacuous babbling that are, in effect, fibs. (Gordon Browners)

‘A Listers’ are candidates for election, very carefully selected by the party elite or a Trade Union for safe seats. They are to replace locally preferred candidates who may reflect the politics of the local people not that of the national party elite. Their job is to deceive the voters to get elected and then to follow Party orders. Very rarely have any of them ever had a proper job. Their pre-election promises are very carefully crafted so they can be disowned, easily renounced or just ignored once elected.

A Listers are of two types who will lie and deceive the voters without shame.

Type Triple A. Very intelligent, well heeled, well connected and usually exceptionally selfish. Their ambition knows no bounds. They consider the right to rule is their birthright. Their loyalty is to themselves and the European political class – certainly not the UK voters. They will all quite ruthlessly plot against each other for their own political advancement – but only within their elite circle and never involve the voters. Rarely had a proper job whether Labour, Lib Dem or Tory.

Type A minus. They are also ambitious but of very little brain or moral values. They are the invertebrate politicians whose aim is to move smoothly up the political ladder, enjoy a plush lifestyle and perhaps indulge in a bit of petty fraud without sanction on the way. They will vote as ordered by the Party Whip or sponsoring Trade Union regardless of their personal opinions

The ‘Third Way is where the left and right wing unelected ‘opposite’ elites hope to co-operate, or may even combine, to have worldwide control over the lumpen public. It is also known as The New World Order. It is intended to be completely undemocratic and be run by a select, unelected and grotesquely wealthy elite with the ‘ordinary’ people effectively disenfranchised and international banks and Corporates.

What about the Political Parties in the UK?

 The Tory Party.    Essentially two parties – the political elite and their rank and file supporters – who have quite different values. The Tory party has been hijacked by elite MPs who believe it is a private party. They campaign on a manifesto that the rank and file like to get elected. Once elected they dump the manifesto commitments for their own, usually New World Order agenda . They consider the rank and file members as nothing but ballot fodder.When in opposition the elite always promise their potential voters whatever they want. Most of the ‘cast iron’ promises are then quickly forgotten or sidelined once elected. The elite are fully committed to the undemocratic European Union, whatever they claim in public, while their grass root supporters are definitely not. To quote a Tory grandee “When in opposition we oppose the EU, when in power we support it”. Most of the elite support the Frankfurt School ethos whether they realise it or not. Now the Tories are committed to Brexit there are still many influential Tories who ignore the democratic will of the people and continue to undermine Brexit.

The Labour Party.    Again this is essentially two parties – the political elite and their rank and file supporters. The Labour Party of today is far removed from its working class Chartist roots. They aspire to very different social orders from each other. The Labour party was a product of two working class movements – the Chartists and the Primitive Methodists but was hijacked by Middle Class academics, Fabians and Metropolitan dilettantes in about 1900. They have absolute contempt for the working class now who want a free, but fair society.  The Elite want an undemocratic society with complete state control. The elite are fully committed to the EU and NWO, whatever they say when in public, while most of their supporters are most definitely not.

The Labour Party are now being hijacked by the Trotsky Militant tendency. They are supported by very naive Snowflakes who have been seriously indoctrinated by the Frankfurt School dominated educational Establishment.

The Liberal Democrats.    A sort of watery version of the Greens and NuLabour. Their elite are very left wing and fully support the EU and the New World Order. Their loyal and committed activists do so as well. Perhaps, by far, most of their voters are protest voters disillusioned with both the performance of both Labour and Tories. They accept the EU concept as part of the Lib Dem package – until they find out what this really involves. The elite will readily betray their voters.

The rank and file of these three parties have far more in common with each other than with the Elite Politique who now control their parties. The leaders and their acolytes are generally known as ‘the Metropolitan Blob’ and the ‘Green Movement’ as the ‘Green Blob’

 The elite now feel they should not have to be subject to the Law nor have to honour their pre-election promises. Apart from several honourable exceptions most have complete contempt for their voters once they are elected.
They are epitomized by the Bullingdon Club who feel they are leaders by entitlement. They continually deceive with weasel words. Promising Milk and Honey (which they achieve for themselves) but delivering Wormwood and Gall to the lower orders of the citizenry who continue to vote for them.

  UKIP (now being replaced by the Reform Party) has now fulfilled its remit and is losing following.The Frankfurt School now in charge of the BBC continually tries to rubbish UKIP by accusing them of being extreme right wing and coupling them with the BNP and subliminally hinting they are fascists. The BBC also tries, as much as it can, to cold shoulder and rubbish UKIP.

UKIP wish to return the UK to the democratic process by leaving the undemocratic EU (see 2012-018 What is an Authoritarian or ‘Police State’?). They support the Habeas Corpus, The Magna Carta, freedom of individuals, English Common Law, the enterprise culture, the UK bureaucracy and police becoming once more ‘servants of the people’. They also believe in the ‘work ethic’ with a safety net for those in genuine need. (see 2014 – 055 UKIP policies – rather more than a single issue party.)

Often ‘accused’ by the BBC of being a populist party. ( in reality a compliment but the BBC don’t realise that) According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary, the word ‘populist’ means ‘a political party seeking to represent the whole of the population’. As such they are very much a libertarian ‘middle of the road’ party.

Frequently suffers from being infiltrated by people intent on fermenting mischief. They are also the subject of malign and virulent attacks by several well funded, but often anonymous, groups via the internet.

The Green Party   Two parties again. Their supporters have good intentions that usually involve deciding how to spend other people’s money. They want ‘to do the right thing’ to achieve a rather naive version of Utopia. However it essentially a Cultural Marxist party (2015 – 028) with darker and rather more sinister forces behind this smiley Green facade. They are fully committed to the New World Order and Agenda 21. In particular they are heading for the UN Wildlands Project(2014 – 014 and 2014 – 021) to de-industrialise society, supporting the Climate Control Act that will ban the use of gas for domestic cooking and central heating after 2025. (2014 – 076) with no more washing machines or combine harvesters. They are also committed to the EU Coudenhove Kalergi Plan (2013 – 043)

Also known as the Watermellon Party – Green on the outside but red in the middle.

 British National Party      Their ultimate aim is to run the country in an undemocratic manner with the individual subservient to the State. Their form of government would be very similar to that of the EU and the old Soviet model. They do not believe in freedom of the individual so they are not really Right Wing and although they believe in complete state control they are not really Left Wing.

Scottish National Party. A FrankFurt School party using the National Socialist policies, similar to Hitler, to generate a desire for independence and to cause ill will between the Scots and English.

The European Union    Run by an unelected elite and a complicit bureaucracy. It is remarkably similar to the old Soviet system with their unelected Politburo, the elected but toothless Supreme Soviet and the appointed, unaccountable Nomenklatura. The EU is now the perfect Kakistocracy (government by the worst possible people) with the lumpen public to become completely subservient to the unelected European Commission and their bureaucrats.

Nearly all of the EU elite are Frankfurt School as are most of the elite of the UK political parties (whether they realise it or not).

Both Left and Right use neo Brownshirt thugs to breakup their rivals meetings Particularly the Leftards such as HopenotHate, BLM and Antifa.  These neo Brownshirts are funded by some very wealthy individuals committed to destroying the democratic society. Known as the Club of Rome and The New World Order.

The EU, the dumbing down of UK education and the debasing of our legal system are among the more successful projects of the Frankfurt School so far.

read  http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2012-025-the-frankfurt-school-to-destroy-western-civilisation/

The UK Class Structure of Upper, Middle and Lower is slowly disappearing and a new class structure steadily emerging of:

The Elite Politique

The supra party elite who believe that only they are intelligent enough to govern. In fact many mistake a good education for intelligence.

They also feel very strongly that they should not have to grovel to the lumpen public to get elected. The Party to which they belong is purely incidental. They can easily swap Parties with hardly any noticeable difference. They are all Bullingdon Alumni and their chums who have a deep seated distaste for the common citizenry. They nearly all belong to the EU clique of the Elite Politique where they want to enjoy a very pleasant life style without having to be accountable to the voters. They will plot and scheme among themselves but never involve any from outside of their circle. Very few do any hard work.

The UK Nomenklatura or Nomniks (from the Russian word for a Lickspittle)

These are the aristocracy of the bureaucracy – the bourgeoisie. They occupy the more senior and often unnecessary public service management positions with gold plated salaries, perks and pensions. So long as they stay ‘on message’ they are unaccountable to the public they are supposed to serve. It is virtually state bribery. They enthusiastically carry out the edicts of the elite to maintain their cushy lifestyle and bogus authority. They are often unelected and unaccountable members of Quangos, Senior Civil Servants or as Common Purpose alumni.

QUANGOs are Quasi-Autonomous Non Governmental Organisations and they remotely carry out government policy while being exempt from the Freedom of Information Act. This group should also include the Utilis Amentibus (the Useful Idiots). They are the gullible army, often students, who follow the current fashion of dissent with little understanding of what it’s all about. Also known also as the ecotards.

The Lumpen Citizens AKA The Plebs and Proles

The honest folk (treated with complete contempt by the political elite)  who work, if a job is available that pays more than being on benefits. They include both the self employed and private sector workers with front line public sector workers. Nurses, firemen, teachers, refuse collectors etc who keep society running smoothly. They wish to better the lives of themselves and their children by means of an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.

The Feckless Class

All those who want to live off the state with no intention of ever working so they can enjoy a life of indolence or petty crime and violence at public expense

Not to be confused with those who cannot work because of infirmity etc

Added to this are the naive and impressionable students who follow any fashionable political protest fad without understanding what they are  protesting against.

Common Purpose  A Cultural Marxist training college to teach administrators how to control outside of the democratic process.They train candidates at public expense. When they have proven to be satisfactory plum jobs are found for them in positions of authority in the police, local authorities, BBC, the legal industry. All they have to do is quietly implement the Frankfurt School ethos. However incompetent or corrupt they will not lose their job. Either moved sideways or promoted.

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