2013 – 012 What Will Happen to the England Rugby, Cricket and Football Teams?


What Will Happen to the England  Rugby, Cricket and Football Teams?

Does anybody know?  European National football teams, (indeed all National sports teams), are quite incompatible with the principles of the EU. The EU Toine Mander’s plan to eliminate all national teams

•    Will the Commission allow an ‘
England’ sports team to exist when they have gone to such lengths to remove England from the map of Europe?
•    Would they allow an ‘
England’ team to be selected from nine regions, but a ‘Scotland’ team from only one?
•    Who will be allowed to play for an ‘
England’ that doesn’t exist?
•    This may take years to come about but it is their intention to do so whatever they say.
It may be that parts of eastern
England will be lumped together with bits of Western Europe to form a new soccer team – called ‘Trans-Manche’ perhaps?
The Commission has already signaled its desire, with the Mander’s Plan, to close down all national teams and take full control of European football (Scottish Sun, Jan. 24, 2007).They particularly want this control for its potential as a platform for propaganda, along with the vast sums of money generated, particularly the TV rights (ref. 2006-47).
The Commission is intent, sooner or later, to have the pompous EU Anthem being sung at every European championship match even though it was removed from the LisbonTreaty.

Football clubs linked to a town/city, such as Liverpool and Manchester, will be OK but not national teams.

The Mander’s Plan is out of the public domain as of now but it is on the back burner to be brought back at some time in the future.

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The Scottish Sun Jan 24 2007


SCOTS soccer heroes last night teamed up to blast plans to scrap our national side. Former players put the boot into the proposal by Dutch MEP Toine Manders – which would consign our famous dark blue shirt to history. He wants all countries teams within Europe scrapped – insisting national football is against the principles of the EU.

But Scotland goalkeeping legend and radio pundit Alan Rough hit out: “This is just another example of some headcase politician dreaming up something one day in his office. If this happened it would be disaster. As soon as you lose your own identity you’ve lost all history and tradition you’re steeped in”. Scotsport host Andy Walker – a former Scottish striker – added: “I don’t think there’ll be much support for that proposal. It’s just Daft”.

A European Parliament Committee will meet in Brussels today to consider Mr. Menders dossier. The Future of Professional Football in Europe. He says it’s time for the EU to get involved with the game – claiming that since Europe regulates other businesses it should take control of football too. And that means an end to cross border rivalries.

Instead he wants to create an open market with a range of governing bodies, free to overlap national boundaries. The move would mean no more dra­matic Scotlandperformances like our recent win over France thanks to Gary Caldwell’s left

But a spokesman for theSFA said: “this is a non-starter. Football is not run in the same way as normal business. This idea deserves to go absolutely nowhere.”

And Jonathan Hill of governing body UEFA. added- “Is this person someone who in any way knows, understands or loves football? Judging by his text , the only answer must be a resounding ‘no’.”

SNP MEP Ian Hudgton has rallied support from across Europe and will table a series of amendments to kick out Mr Manders plan.

He said :”Football’s very popularity is due in large part to the national dimension of the game.

“But these proposals would consign Europe’s footballing traditions and history to the dustbin”.

Fan’s spokesman Hamish Husband said: “The Tartan Army has overcome many adversities in the past and I’m sure we’ll be able to see off the European Union”.


The Sun says – page Six

If Mr. Husband thinks he can overcome the European Commission while Scotland is still in the EU he should ask the Scottish fishermen what they think – and an ever increasing host of other businesses.

Page 6    THE SUN, Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Save Our Soccer

WE have our meddlers in Westminster and Holyrood but they can’t touch the barmy burghers of Brussels.

Their latest wheeze — to BAN international football.

That’s right — the level at which the beautiful game is seen at its most beautiful, and has been across three centuries.

All that tradition, all that rivalry — all up for the final whistle if the vote goes the wrong way today. The architect of this plan is a dotty Dutchman who thinks national sides are “against the principles of the EU”.


Oh, yeah? For a nation like Scotland, imagine taking away from us the chance of that famous victory against France last year.

Imagine the Tartan Army being disbanded, along with all the old Scottish regiments. It can never happen.

As for the EU, it’s at times like this you have to ask just what it’s for.


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