2013 – 017 Manifesto promises by Blair, Brown and Cameron

From ‘Brave New Europe?’ Chap 18

Will we have a Referendum?

Is it just another of their many empty promises? Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Cameron have all reneged on this promise. Even David Cameron’s  ‘Cast Iron’ promise on the feeble excuse that it is now called the ‘Lisbon Treaty’ instead.
A recent court case challenged the decision by Gordon Brown not to have the Labour Party manifesto promise of a referendum, along with the formal statement by Tony Blair that the Labour Party manifesto was a Contract with the People. But Gordon Brown’s barrister Ms. Cecelia Ivimy said on behalf of her client: “They (NuLabour manifesto promises and contracts) are not subject to legitimate expectation”. Astonishing?
Even more astonishing is that the Brighton County Court judge accepted this defence. His judgement was: ‘The public should not expect promises or contracts made in NuLabour Party manifestos to be kept’. A case of lies, damn lies and NuLabour manifesto promises perhaps? From now on any promise in a NuLabour manifesto will be pointless as they can quite legally ignore all promises and contracts made in that manifesto if they regain power.. Presumably that also applies to the Cameron Tories.
The ‘Treaty’ is the Constitution – with a different name. As previously noted: ‘the label on the tin may be different, but the contents are identical’ (see chapter 15 for Mandelson’s statement on referenda and ref. 2006-54). And it should be remembered that the most insidious part of the Lisbon Treaty is that it’s ‘self-amending and does not need to be referred back to elected politicians.

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