2014 – 026 EU transfer of UK companies to Europe.

From ‘Brave New Europe?’ 2008
Since then the EU has funded the closure of several UK manufacturing plants and transferred them to Europe. see 2012 – 021 The origins of the EU. It was a 1942 plan of Hitler’s to de-Industrialize Britain if he won the War. The EU are following on.

20. UK Jobs, Trade and Trade Unions
It is continually claimed that we export far more to the EU than they export to us and that many UK jobs are dependent upon our staying in the EU. Not so – the EU exports considerably more to the UK (by some £40Bn). The government fiddles the figures. A significant proportion of what we export to the rest of the world is shipped via Rotterdam. This is included in ‘exports to the EU’ to make them seem greater than they are (see ref. 2006-99 for a good example of how the EU is wrecking UK companies).
For the origin of Clegg’s 3 million lost jobs whopper see 2014 – 066
The Commission intend to implement a common financial services structure across Europe. This is based on the expensive French “three peaked”. The result is to raise the “rivals costs” of the city of London to allow inefficient French and other European markets to compete. It is also, another thin slice of the Euro-salami that is intended to transfer the world’s centre for financial services from London to Frankfurt and Paris.
The Commission has spent the past decade taking control of funds with the Collective Investment Scheme directives, Banks and Insurance Capital under and investment firms and stockbrokers under MiFID – Markets in Financial Instruments Directive. All of these have cost British business dearly in terms of regulatory costs and investors in either higher charges or lower rates of return. The Commission is now nearing completion of the job of controlling financial services by regulating hedge funds and private equity funds under the proposed Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (“AIFMD”) and the establishment of a European Securities and Markets Authority.
Once again EU Regulation will devastate one of UK’s most successful enterprises by increasing UK costs substantially to the advantage of France, Germany and Switzerland. 2008-26, ref-2008-33 In addition Northern Rock could have been quietly saved by The Bank of England if EU Regulations had not prevented such action.
The origin of the banking crisis was Government policy as enforced and monitored by the worlds banking regulators and Clinton and his Socialist Administration compelling US banks to comply with Jimmy Carter’s Community Reinvestment Act. This made them give mortgages to millions of people who did not have the income to repay them (on the premises. that they would then vote for him). The US banks did so with vigour then bundled these toxic loans, or Collateral Debt Obligations, alongside normal sound loans sold them to other banks. Curiously banks regard loans as ‘assets’ and credit worthy as Credit Refernce agencies gave these loans their seal of approval. Banks did not check them out properly to judge their true worth.In addition.
UK Commercial Banks, with the blessing of Central Banks, encouraged the public to take out excessive loans and mortgages without any concern as to how they would be repaid. We, the public, did so and overstated our incomes with equal enthusiasm. This has been made far, far worse by 13 years of Nu Labour reducing the UK to a state of bankruptcy and trashing most private pensions. The assets and wealth of our nation have also been squandered on a catalogue of administrative blunders. Public sector management and Quangos have been packed with non-productive, Nu Labour acolytes in phoney jobs. Work has been transferred overseas and the benefit culture changed for many from a safety net to something more like a hammock. Vast sums of money have been poured into the even more profligate EU.
The Bank of England could have quietly resolved Black Rock’s crisis but for EU Regulations.

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