2015 – 002 Politicisation of Charities.

Western governments have long since funded and succoured (via the back door and circuitous routes naturally!) the nutters of Greenpeace, this is a scandal.We see this in many organisations PG, even the RSPB has gone down the road of advocacy and politicisation pushed by the infiltration of redundant ex Labour Spads. This is obscene and in the RSPB’s case a betrayal of those early pioneers of twitchers whose gentle beautiful guides to British Birds, enlightened and thrilled me so much, getting me out into the countryside to share the experience of observing mother nature and her avian friends in all their glory.Now they talk the talk and walk the walk of AGW advocacy and it is sad, very sad. As for Greenpeace I was involved in the very early days when it was in a terraced house in North London. They have morphed into a bunch of fascists.

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