2015 – 043 Tory candidate ran website helping E.Europeans get jobs in UK

THE Conservative candidate fighting Nigel Farage at the General Election owns a website that helps foreign nationals claim welfare benefits – despite his party pressing for stiffer controls.
Craig Mackinlay, who is running against the Ukip leader in South Thanet, previously owned a dormant website called Angolmelo.com,

which urged Hungarian migrants to come to the UK for jobs. The website, which was later abandoned, had boasted “substantial opportunities across the UK to work in the agricultural and food processing sectors.” But now it has emerged that Mr Mackinlay is also the partner of accountancy firm Beak Kemmenoe, based in Chatham, Kent, who have a website called claimtaxcredits.com. The new site offers advice to EU nationals on how to claim British tax credits, describing them as “unbelievably generous.” It tells migrants from low-wage economies how they “will almost certainly find yourself in line for a substantial tax credit claim.”
The homepage also says the firm is “the UK’s only professional practice whose sole business is to deal with tax credit claims”. The website features flags of the countries where foreign nationals could qualify to claim and says the businesses, and older people planning for their retirement. “My company – and I – have a particular speciality when it comes to tax credits, which means we have helped significant numbers of people on low incomes to do their best for their families. “As part of this work, we have also helped some foreign nationals to claim tax credits.
“This is completely legitimate from a legal, moral and political perspective: foreign nationals who are entitled to tax credits are working and making a contribution to our country. The system is “uniquely complicated but unbelievably generous.” It adds: “Newcomers to the UK are often unaware of the Tax Credit system

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