2015 – 058 Is Napoleon is going to have last laugh?

Napoleon is going to have last laugh

DESPITE David Cameron’s red line insistence on a referendum for the British, on just how long we are to obey our Brussels masters as opposed to our elected Parliament, it is astonishing how even a Conservative government will prefer to obey the EU rather than UK law.

Later this year we will be commemorating 800 years since Magna Carta, sealed on the banks of the Thames in 1215. It is extraordinary to read even now the freedoms, liberties and rights inscribed on those two expanses of sheepskin.

Almost all that we now call the Rights of Man stem from them. So we will have the usual whistles and bells for a British ceremony. DC has earmarked a million pounds for the occasion. The Queen will come to Runnymede to pay tribute. The Guards will present arms.

How odd therefore that David Cameron, in the last Parliament, merrily abandoned one of the Carta’s prime rights in order to please Brussels. Let’s just glance at the history.

Magna Carta crossed the Atlantic Ocean. It is revered in the US. It is written on a wall just inside the Capitol building in Washington, but it never crossed the Channel.

We got the guaranteed freedoms and rights of the Charter. Europe got the Inquisition.

Later we got the English Bill of Rights, 1689. France got the dictatorial Louis XIV The state, it is myself. Even later all Europe got the Code Napoleon on which most EU law is based.

Napoleon despised democracy. He was a tyrant and for him the state was supreme. All that â Citizen this and Citizen that was bunkum. Every European dictator since Boney had no trouble tweaking the Code Napoleon by a couple of commas to suit his purpose – and that includes Adolf.

So what about the European Arrest Warrant which the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition re-imposed on us all last year in order to co-operate with our EU partners – the usual excuse?

Well, it flatly violates Clause 38 of the Charter which prohibits any of you being arrested without evidence, let alone sent in cuffs to a foreign jail without a hearing before a British judge or magistrate. That is Clause 38, overridden by the EAW.

The usual liars have decreed that the European Convention on Human Rights embodies the safeguards of Magna Carta, so that’s all right then. Wrong. The phrasing of the ECHR is so vague that it is easily sidestepped – as intended.

So the EAW prevails over Magna Carta. Under its terms a European magistrate or judge, if he can be persuaded by anyone that you may have committed an offence over there, can issue an arrest warrant. It may be you are utterly innocent and can prove it.

It may be the accusation is tripe, motivated by malice or police incompetence. It matters not. The British police have no choice but to activate that warrant, come to your house and arrest you.

Ah, but they cannot extradite you? Oh yes they can. Without evidence? Yup.

But what about your appearance before a British magistrate to appeal against extradition on a trumped-up charge?

All history now – and all thanks to a Conservative government….and it’s no good expecting Labour or the Lib Dems to defend you, they’ve long sold out.

So it looks as if, on the 200th anniversary of Waterloo – also 2015 – Napoleon will win after all.

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