2015 – 069 EU and Corporates working in secret against people.

Who do you think should be writing the terms of the huge trade deal between the EU and the US that’s currently being negotiated? Politicians? European citizens? Or corporate lobbyists, paid hundreds of thousands of Euros a year to push a big business agenda in Brussels?
We’ve teamed up with Corporate Europe Observatory to find out who’s lobbying on TTIP, and it’s pretty disturbing to read. We found that some of the biggest increases in lobbying spending came from the finance sector and big pharma. Not the most trustworthy people when it comes to protecting European citizens.
We’ve created a set of graphics to highlight the most important details we’ve uncovered. With TTIP talks happening right now, it’s never been more important to spread the word about big business’ involvement in the deal. The more people that see them, the harder it will be for European politicians to justify this dangerous corporate power grab.
Have a look at the infographics yourself — and then share them on Facebook or by forwarding this email, so that everyone knows who’s really writing TTIP.
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Our research found that many corporate lobbyists didn’t even bother signing the EU’s transparency register — leaving the public completely in the dark about their influence on the trade deal.
Even though politicians might try to ignore corporate lobbyists, their constant presence — not to mention fancy dinners — can be hard to resist.
The best way to stop politicians listening to lobbyists is to deliver a louder, stronger, people-powered message opposing TTIP. We’ve done that time and again — targeting politicians at every level, and highlighting the truth about TTIP whenever we get the chance.
But we also need to make sure we chip away at the power of the lobbyists lurking behind closed doors in Brussels, paid big money to convince politicians to ignore their voters in favour of big business’ demands. Shining a light on what they’re up to destroys their power.
We don’t have much time left before the talks finish for this stage of TTIP. And we urgently need to ramp up the pressure: US politicians just voted in favour of making it much easier for Obama to sign them up to big trade deals like TTIP. The EU is increasingly the last line of defence against the trade deal. If we want to prevent this massive corporate power grab, we need to stop lobbyists dominating the TTIP debate. Will you help spread the word?
Look at the shocking truth about the Brussels TTIP lobbying here — then share the details on Facebook to get the word out far and wide.
Thanks for all you do,
Wiebke, Hannah and the team at SumOfUs

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