2015 – 134 Carbon Dioxide in a Nutshell and why we need more not less

Carbon Dioxide in a Nutshell


  • A seed + CO2(carbon dioxide) + H2O(water) + sunshine = CH2O(carbohydrates)  + O2(oxygen) = food we eat and air we breath
  • Increase the CO2 in the air by 3 times and growth of wheat and rice probably will increase by 30 – 40% – end of third world hunger?
  • Halve the CO2 in the air from 400ppm as it is now to 200ppm or below and plants will start ceasing to grow.
  • Some Green Ninny’s want to reduce CO2 to zero. = no plant or animal life left on earth and no us or Green Ninnys
  • Natural processes like marine creatures and phytoplankton
    making sea shells of calcium carbonate that sink to the sea bed and become locked away as chalk are taking more CO2 out of the air than we can put in.
  • Any significant increase in O2 and any fire would rage completely out of control.

We are heading for starvation and asphixiation but not for 100,000 years or so

So why do the Cod Scientists and the political elite want to reduce CO2? The finger points directly at the sinister Club of Rome(2014 – 002  . See theeuroprobe.org  and 2012 – 015 The Great Global Warming Fraud.

see also 2015 – 116

© Mick Greenhough

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