2016 – 011 Is the EU Democratic?

BBC continually describes the EU as democratic. Well is it?

What is the difference between a police state and a democratic state?

     An Oligarchic /Police State

* An Oligarch of an unelected ‘Elite’ who are effectively the ‘State’

* Any elected parliament has no power

*  System run by a complicit Civil Service

*  No criticism of the State permitted

*  The State controls all social activities

*  Press and media controlled by  the State

*  Police answerable to the State

*  Citizens monitored by State Security

*  Police can arrest anyone without needing a warrant or evidence

*  All citizens required to carry an ID card

*  Local informers to report on neighbours

*  Citizens are guilty until they can prove their innocence.


   A Democratic State

*  Citizens can stand for any political position and vote for any party

*  The Civil Service is strictly neutral

*   Vote by secret ballot to remove or keep the government of the day

*  The government is required to give a truthful answer to any question

*  Citizens are innocent until proven guilty and  arrested with a warrant

*  Police and judiciary independent of government

*  Press and media free from government control

*  Citizens have freedom of speech, movement and religion                       


Comparison of an Oligarchic/Police State with the EU              

*   Government by an unelected Elite who cannot be voted out    yes

*  Any elected parliament has little or no power                               yes

*   System run by a pampered and compliant Civil Service            yes

*   No criticism of State permitted                                                       moving that way

*  All commercial and social activities controlled by the State      desired

*  Press and media controlled by the State                                         moving that way

*  Police and Security Forces answerable to the State                       yes

*  Citizens continually monitored by the Security Forces                moving that way

*  Police can arrest anyone without a warrant or evidence              yes

* All citizens required to carry an ID card                                           yes

*  Local informers to report on their neighbours                  now in embryonic form

*  Citizens are guilty until they can prove their innocence  yes – Corpus Juris

*  Licences required for nearly every activity                                    moving that way

* Officials are unaccountable and immune from prosecution    becoming more so

see 2012 – 021 The Origins of the EU to see why.

As yet, much of the EU list is embryonic – but the clear conclusion is that this is a bloodless coup that has the potential to become a police state.
The people of Europe may have had more than enough of police states. It would seem, though, that the EU/E.Commi elite clearly think an authoritarian or potential police state to be a jolly good idea – it certainly will be for them (ref. 2007-28).
The political elite running the Labour, Conservative and Lib-Dem parties all fully support the EU Agenda. They must, therefore, also wish to have a political structure that’s rapidly approaching something very akin to an authoritarian or police state. Whether they realise it or not they are classic Trojan Horses.

The rank and file of their parties have yet to become even faintly aware of exactly of what is being quietly and remorselessly established in their name.

Clearly, a structure is being set up that will be an authoritarian state. There will be no mechanism to prevent it, sooner or later, from becoming a full-blown police state.
The immediate appearance of such a police state is most unlikely … we could just drift into one via small increments (the well established Euro-salami technique) with each step fully justified and reasonable at the time until the result has been achieved – by deliberate stealth or mere happenchance.
Excuses? We’ve many already – e.g. trade, political correctness, Health & Safety, anti-terrorist measures, economics and the all-encompassing ‘security’.
Can we trust the corrupt and anonymous elite of the EU/E.Commi not to take advantage of such a golden opportunity to systematically increase their undemocratic control over us? History does not suggest that we can – and the English Channel will not protect us this time (ref. 2006-22).

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