2017 – 010 Critique of May and Brexit by a real expert.

By Torquil Dick – Erickson

I have long predicted that Theresa May is not to be trusted to carry Brexit through.

Evidence of this has always been visible in her record as Home Secretary – she pushed for the UK to opt back into the European Arrest Warrant, thus placing every person in Britain at the mercy of alien judiciaries who are empowered to arrest and imprison anyone at will, for they do not have to provide any evidence, neither before the extradition, nor even after it has taken place, for many long months. And in June 2012 she made a statement to the House of Commons that “of course” we would welcome in “special intervention units from our EU allies onto British soil, if we saw the need”.

This means the lethally-armed, paramilitary European Gendarmerie Force, which would put Britain under effective military occupation since they will only take orders from Brussels, and once inside the country would not leave if asked to by a merely British authority.

And now as Prime Minister, her Home Secretary Amber Rudd made a statement to the Commons on March 6th, to say that they would KEEP

THE EAW, AND OUR MEMBERSHIP OF EUROPOL (the EU’s embryo FBI, to be given operational powers – NOT a branch of Interpol) even AFTER BREXIT, so indefinitely.

Yet many of our Brexiteers have allowed themselves to be seduced by her honeyed words, her vibrant rhetoric that “Brexit means Brexit”.

The above mentioned facts have been steadfastly ignored, or considered to be of merely secondary importance, by nearly everyone in the Brexiteering camp. The issues of freedom and security – Mrs May’s weak spot – were not publicly debated during the referendum campaign. And now, so successfully has she appeared to have stolen our clothes, that UKIP has allowed itself to be sidelined, to the point of being considered “surplus to requirements”.

Yet now she is openly seen to be backsliding on what are considered the primary issues. It is even being reported in mainstream media on the continent.

Today’s Italian paper headlines, “The ‘retreat’ by Theresa May over Brexit’ (this on page 15 of the top-selling, Eurofanatical Corriere della Sera – in editorials they call Nigel “fascistoid” (!) ):”… it was enough for the EU to clarify that there are some red lines that cannot be crossed to induce the London government to soften its demands…  On two points in particular Theresa May has given us to understand that she is ready for a compromise. … she now seems willing to concede that in two years’ time it will only be possible to sketch out the forms of future relations…. a long transition period will be needed before a final agreement can be finalised… She now admits also that Europeans will be able to enter the UK freely for several years after Brexit. And as for the “divorce bill”, the government now acknowledges that it will have to pay a substantial price into the European coffers… This generalised march backwards… risks being dangerous for May: there are many in the government and in the Tory party who continue to dream of a clean break with the EU….”. [The last remark may overestimate the stomach for a fight in the Tory Parliamentary ranks.]

The tragedy is that UKIP does not even have one voice in the Commons!

Torquil Dick- Ericson

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