2017 – 020 Hidden costs of the EU​

Hidden costs of the EU​

​(taken from Facebook)​

Here are just some:

1. 2.4 BILLION in VAT paid direct to Brussels.
2. 1.7 BILLION “punishment for success” because we had higher growth than expected.
3. 642 MILLION Fine for “poor Accounting” on Farm Subsidies.(from YOUR money)
4. I BILLION Towards Bail-Out of Greece
5. 150 MILLION fine for not flying the EU flag on projects partly funded by the EU with YOUR money.
6. 250 MILLION To Turkey and Albania to help them join the EU.
7. 300 MILLION fine a year until we meet Pollution targets set out by the EU.
8. 900 MILLION a Year to treat EU tourists on NHS
9. EU gifted 22 BILLION of your Taxpayers To boost French economy.
10. 300 MILLION costs to businesses for EU Red Tape
11. 40 MILLION in lost revenue in EU student Loans which are unpaid and the students have disappeared back to the EU.
12. 250 MILLION towards helping with costs of migrant crisis in Europe.

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