2017 – 022 Global Warming is Fake Science


Science shows “Man-made” Climate Change is

#FakeScience and fraud and the real world is cooling.
Piers Corbyn www.WeatherAction.com LongRange Weather & Climate Forecasters.
ManMade Climate Change delusional AntiScience Piers Corbyn 22 Nov ppt http://bit.ly/2ghwfes For Ref slides.
1. CO2 levels are an effect not a cause of climate (world temperature) changes.
Actual scientific data shows CO2 levels follow (ocean) temperatures by some hundreds of years eg at the end of
ice ages (Slide 17+18).
2. Even if CO2 were a driver of climate and temperatures the idea that Man’s CO2 –
which contributes only 4% of the total flux of CO2 in and out of sea/land – controls
the other 96% is a deranged conspiracy-of-nature-theory for which there is no
Termites produce 10x Man’s CO2 equivalent so if CO2 is a problem we should have war on termites.
3. The Sea Rules. CO2 and all constituents of air are in dynamic equilibrium with the same constituents
contained in sea and land. The sea holds 50X more CO2 than air and when the sea warms up (eg at the end of
an ice age) some CO2 comes off and vice versa under Henry’s Law (of liquid gas dynamics at interfaces). The
same happens when you warm a glass of pop. It’s physical fact and cannot be overcome. This fact also means
the ‘Ocean acidification’ alarm is total fiction.
4. ALL the confident alarmist predictions of the UN Climate Committee (IPCC,
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) in 2000 for the coming decade failed.
Eg World cooled not warmed (on their data at the time), More snow not no snow in UK etc, Less USA
hurricanes not more etc etc (slide 13).
5. ALL extreme events since 2007 have been The Wrong Type Of extremes and a
direct negations of CO2 warmist theory.
A CO2 warming world will make the cold area North of The JetStream in NH shrink and the Jet stream on
average more north and be less wavy. The opposite has occurred and the trend is intensifying as we advance
further into the Solar-Lunar predicted WildJetStream / Mini Ice Age (in cold parts) circulation. ALL
exceptional warm events now come as part of warm-cold dipoles with larger colder bits than warm events
(warm reported on BBC who downplay the cold). The mild Arctic late Dec was matched by supercold
Mongolia /Russia and snow in the Sahara etc. Moscow (Jan7) had its coldest Orthodox Xmas for 120yrs.
6. The Man-Made Climate Change proposition violates basic Laws of Physics.
– The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics (cant get something for nothing), Henry’s Law, Non-equilibrium
thermodynamics (slide 26).
7. What is really going on? Data Fraud is being committed on an industrial scale.
a) About 0.5C have been added to current data. If data is reverted to reality so-called warming disappears. 100%
of USA warming is fraud. (slides 22, below and 23).
b) Data is fiddled to make it warmer now and relatively cooler in the past (where it had been measured as
warmest). 1998 used to be warmer than 2005 and 2010, now it is deemed colder.
c) Sea ice in Antarctica has not decreased for 100years and has increased in the last 30yrs (BBC).
d) Greenland ice is now expanding at Record rates (graph below).
e) The world is plunging into the new mini-ice Age (Slide 24)
8. The Climate Change story is part of the political-Globalization-corporate-BigOil
plunder agenda.
This must be and will be stopped. Note Big Oil state Qatar funds #Aljazeera the most pro CO2 story TV
channel on the planet and also funds(ed) the Clinton Foundation and ISIS.

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