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ByG.F.REAKESon 8 July 2017

Excellent book for giving an over view of the evil EU project. Have bought 3 copies for avowed Europhiles who knew nothing of the machinations to deceive the British people. Not one Europhile I have ever met knows of ” Corpus Juris”

ByDavidon 23 June 2017

What a read this book is it should be supplied to all universities and maybe then all the snowflakes will wake up to the situation of why we should be out of the EU. The perfect antidote the fake news put out by the BBC and the main stream media

BySFindlayon 19 June 2017

Well worth buying. It certainly opened my eyes and was very informative reading for me and I strongly recommend it .

ByMichael Mooreon 19 June 2017

This publication puts everything into prospective. A must read for all who want the truth. Mike (Sundridge)

ByKen Traceyon 12 June 2017

An intriguing read. The sinister story of the EU is stranger than fiction. Mick describes; how the Nazi plans to run Europe were implemented by the lies and deceit of politicians, progression towards a police state and interference with UK law. There were many more attacks on our democracy, all apparently unnoticed by the BBC. It’s even more chilling when the well documented research sources are studied.


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