2016 – 082 Authoritarian Globalism or Libertarian Populism

What of the future?In order to understand the bizarre behaviour and decisions of many of our top politicians that seem to defy common sense. You have to be aware that there is a titanic struggle taking place between two conflicting World Orders that are quite incompatible with each other. However it is taking place out of the public domain. The Main Stream Media and TV resolutely refuse to expose this as they are generally part of the Globalists.

It is a war going on but not with tanks and bombs. It is between Globalists and Populists. The Globalists want to completely control all human activity. Their weapons are the Mockingbird MSM, lies and deceit. They wish to destroy the Western industrial society for a Soviet style society. It is spearheaded by the United Nations that has been hijacked by Globalism.

Globalism is to have a world government run by unelected super families, international banks and international Corporates – the New Illuminati.. People will be completely controlled and dragooned. Populism is essentially ‘The industrial Western Culture’ with free speech and personal liberty.

Essentially Globalism is Corporatism and Populism is Capitalism.

When Ted Heath was asked why he deliberately lied to parliament and the country to get the UK into the EU he said it was necessary as ‘the British people are too stupid to be involved in governing themselves’. That is the firm belief of the Globalists about the world’s population.

Brexit is part of this struggle. Those who want to thwart Brexit are, whether they realise it or not, aiding the New World Order

The Advocates of Globalism also want eliminate Christianity, particularly Protestantism,  due to its culture of free speech and personal liberty.

The terms Left wing and Right wing  longer explain current politics. Globalism and Populism are much nearer the mark.

The end game for the New World Order is to eliminate ‘Western Culture, dismantle the Industrial Society, reduce the world’s population by some 90% (how they intend to do that they do not say), remove Western Society culture and white DNA and return those left to serfdom and servitude for the benefit of a small number of fabulously wealthy families, International Corporates and international banks.

Nothing wrong with the industrial society. It is not a threat to humanity as it has lifted millions upon millions out of poverty. The overwhelming threat is the third world birth rate that is out of control.

The Authoritarian Globalists and the Libertarian Populists. They are, in reality, the true Left and Right wings. Globalists are of the extreme Left (Cultural Marxists) and Populists are of the Right. (more properly the Center Wing)

Simply put Globalism supports Corporatism and Populism supports Capitalism. eBay is a pure form of Capitalism.

The extreme right are very similar to the extreme Left as they both have the same modus operandi.

The remit of a Populist society is that you can do anything you like that is not prohibited. In a Globalist society you can do nothing unless you you get permission from the authorities. The Populist society that the vast majority of citizens want with just law for everyone.

The New World Order was first mooted in 1775 by Adam Weishaupt. It ticked over quietly as a curiosity until post WWII when it began to be taken seriously. For 60 years the Globalists have been quietly infiltrating all the arms of government, the Education Authority, police, civil service, charities, BBC etc etc. One way is by Common Purpose.

The EU is a major step towards the undemocratic New World Order.

They want the world to be like a giant anthill. The queen ant is the Illuminati, the soldier ants as the bureaucracy and the the rest mindless, soulless worker ants.

Aims of NWO, the UN and the EU. These are not my words but the stated aims of the New World Order.

  • to dismantle to Industrial society and eliminate ‘Western Culture’ of free speech and persona liberty.
  • to have an exclusive ruling elite of a few very wealthy families, international Corporates and banks who will control all aspects of your life.
  • Destroying all national cultures especially Western Culture for a Soviet style universal culture.
  • To destroy Christianity – particularly Protestantism with its culture of Free Speech and Personal Liberty.
  • To reduce the world population by 90% but they do not say how they will do that.
  • To remove the white Caucasian DNA from the human gene pool by overwhelming them with 3rd world migrants. The proposal of Richard Coudenhove Kalergi’s Pan European Movement. The UN Migrant Pact and the EU Coudenhove plan are to do just that to produce his Mestizo people who will be docile and easily controlled. It is only aimed at Western Culture countries. (e.g. Saudi, Africa, Pakistan, India etc not included).
  • To remove all national borders give all people unrestricted right to move to any country they wish regardless of the wishes of the indigenous population and to freely receive all the benefits that others have paid for.
  • 3rd world migration into Western Culture countries to replace the white population with Coudenhove’s Mestizo people who will be poorly educated to produce a docile and dim serflike workforce.
  • to remove all democratic accountability from the ruling elite
  • Remove ‘Free Speech from the proletariat/people’
  • Ban all self employment status as they are difficult to control
  • Remove all personal liberty and rights from the ‘proletariat/people’.
  • There will be no such thing as personal property. Everything will belong to the State.
  • To break up the traditional nuclear family structure and remove all loyalty to your family, clan and country.
  • It is now the major driving force of the United Nations that has been hijacked by the Globalists.
  • U.N. Official Admits Global Warming Agenda Is Really About Destroying Capitalism
  • https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-02-03/un-official-admits-global-warming-agenda-really-about-destroying-capitalism
  • Leading NWO people are Peter Southerland, Brock Chisholm, Maurice Strong, George Soros.

The uncontrolled birth rate and inability to feed themselves the Third World is putting impossible strains on the First World . The over exploitation of the earth’s resources is also becoming critical. The third world wants to share freely in the wealth that is being generated by ‘Western Civilisation’ as an entitlement without having the work ethic to generate any wealth..

The Globalists want to be in absolute control over all human activities with their version of a perfect, ordered and a completely undemocratic  society with all trade controlled by International Corporates. Society will be divided up into

  • the Illuminati – a small handful of obscenely wealthy families , international Corporates and banks who will control everything.
  • The Nomenklatura – the bureaucrats who will have a very pleasant lifestyle. Their remit is to implement the edicts of the Illuminati without mercy.
  • The vast rest of peoples who will returned to serfdom with no free speech, personal liberty or personal property. The aim for these people will be to be cross bred to eliminate the various tribes, especially the white tribes, to have a single ‘tribe’, Coudenhove’s  Mestizo tribe, who will be docile and easier to control. (UN Agenda 21 and EU Coudenhove plan)
  • There will clearly be a need for a technicians to keep the water supply, eletricity, drainage and construction. No mention has been made of the class but they will be essential to keep the infrastructure operating.

Orwell’s 1984 is essentially being used as an instruction manual for the Globalist New World Order.

Mick Greenhough

Read also The New World Order by Mark Dice.

The Club of Rome (see theeuroprobe.org type BNE into search box  and appendix 80)  or hyperlink  http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2014-002-the-club-of-rome-invented-global-warming/




The Libertarian Populists

We currently have a Libertarian Populist society where traditional nuclear family life and one’s ethnic and national history are of great importance to the individual. The bedrock of Populism is the nuclear family. The desire to work to improve your life and family, individualism, personal freedom and free speech are highly prized. The individual has the opportunity to exploit their natural talents for the benefit of themselves and their family with spin off for society in general. Democratic governance is of prime importance for the individual as opposed to being the exclusive right of the political class. The genetic heritage and legacy of the individual is of great importance.

Populism stands for

1. Small state

2. Freedom of choice

3. Entrepreneurship

4. Lower taxes

5. Empowering the individual

6. Law & order

7. Secure borders

8. Pro military forces

9 Most important Free Speech.

10. Pro house ownership 10. Promoting the UK’s proud history & achievements

The industrial society has taken hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and drudgery. However the resulting pollution and waste need to be very strictly controlled with recycling not dumping.

Libertarian Populism can be somewhat chaotic but individual liberty and free speech are your choice. It has been under continual attack since the end of WWII

The Authoritarian Globalists

The other is the United Nation’s New World Order and Agenda 21 that wants to supplant our varied cultures with a single rigid, monolithic controlled society. Now called Cultural Marxism.

With this philosophy all National borders, traditional family life, your ethnic heritage, private property, national cultures, national history are to be destroyed for a new society. This will be run by the ‘New Illuminati’. A controlling Soviet style group of fabulously wealthy unelected families, politicians and bureaucrats. UN Agenda 21 (now 2030). The Bureaucrats (the Nomenklatura) will be appointed and unaccountable to the citizens. So long as they acquiesce and stay ‘on message’ they will have a very pleasant life style indeed. The citizens will have no say whatsoever in governing. Individualism and free speech are quite incompatible with such Soviet governance. The bulk of the population will be little more than serfs who will be controlled and ordered.

The aim of Globalism is to make the genetic heritage and legacy of no importance to the individual. It is a core requirement is to mix all the various tribes, particularly the white tribes, into one undifferentiated monolithic tribe as it is considered they will then be much easier to control. Coudenhove’s Mestizo race.

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

George Orwell


International Corporates will control all trade with self- employed squeezed out. Nobody will be allowed to be self supporting. Everyone must be beholding to the state for all their needs. This will enable to state to have complete control of everyone. Everyone must be in debt. Those in debt are much easier to control.

Individuals (AKA Proletariat or Serfs) will be told what they can do, when they can do it, where can do it and how they can do it.

However everyone would be fed and housed but with no personal choice. All will be allocated by faceless bureaucrats.

BNE  in theeuroprobe.org Appendix 86  The Committee of 300: Some of the Shadow “Elite”

The EU is part of this project spearheaded by the UN – a sort of updated version of the Roman Empire.

This is been quietly set up over the last 50 years without consulting ‘the people’ or even informing them of the UN’s intentions.

We can only have one of the above cultures.

The UN charter was written by Alger Hiss later exposed as a closet Marxist. The UN is now like a stick of Blackpool Rock. Sweet and sugary on the outside with Cultural Marxism running through its core.

(BNE appendix 80)  http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2014-002-the-club-of-rome-invented-global-warming/

It is like the fable of the fox wandering into the farm meeting a farm dog. ‘What are you doing?’ said the dog ‘Looking for some food’ said the fox. ‘Well join me here’ said the dog. ‘The farmer gives me food and a nice kennel to sleep in’. ‘Sounds great’ said the fox ‘but what is that chain round your neck?’’ Well’ said the dog ‘the farmer only allows me to do what he wants when he wants it’. ‘And the rest of the time?’ asked the fox. ‘Nothing I just sit in front of my kennel when not working for the farmer.’ ‘Not for me’ said the fox ‘I like to run free and do what I want – goodbye.

But of course the fox is very disruptive to the smooth, orderly way of running the farm and so has to be hunted down and killed.

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  1. Thanks so much. The perfect description of what is going on. Shout it from the rooftops – hardly anyone in the UK will know this, believe this, or (sadly) even care. But you only have to join up the dots to see what’s happening.

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