2014 -017 From the Somerset Levels to the EU to the UN to the Club of Rome

The wildfires now ravaging countries – notably Australia – and the flooding of Somerset and many parts of the UK have close similarities.

  1. Was the flooding of the Somerset Levels an act of God or the consequence of man’s deliberate actions? It was, to an extent both.
  2. Whichever it has knocked the lid off a gigantic can of worms.
  3. References will be made to information in the Blog   www.theeuroprobe.org such as (2012 – 015) for your essential reading to understand fully what has been going on and is still going on.
  4. EU directive that rivers and water plants cannot be disrupted. Generations of dredging had to stop and flooding started.
  5. In Australia for generations, the Aborigines had control burnt off dead brushwood to prevent wildfires from spreading. The Australians continued that practice but Environmental Activists lobbied for control burning to be stopped. Consequently, extensive dead brushwood built up and once wildfires started they became almost impossible to stop. Added to which Social Justice Warriors, careless travelers and others deliberately or accidentally spread the fires.

In Somerset we had by chance a series of westerly storms, low-pressure systems and high tides that came together to raise the sea level higher than expected. It generated the extensive flooding made far, far worse by politicians and their bureaucrats debasing the flood defenses.

However for several hundred years the people of the Levels have successfully managed the floodwaters. The last major flooding was in 1703 when some 15000 people lost their lives.

The Somerset River Authority since then regularly dredged the rivers and gullies to ensure free flow in times of flooding to significantly reduce any damage done.

So what went wrong in 2013/14?

Almost complete cessation of dredging of our rivers since we were required to accept EU Water Framework Directive (EWF) into UK law in 2000. It was because the EU designated all silt dredged up to be toxic and disposed of at very high cost. It is, in fact, a useful furtiliser for adjacent fields. Compare the annual inundation of the Nile where the silt has been a vital fertiliser for 3000 years.  It seems that the head of the Environment Agency and the RSPB felt the need for paddling pools for wading birds was more important than the homes and businesses of local people?

However Holland, Germany and France are dredging their rivers so why is the UK Environment Agency using the EU Directive to stop dredging at risk UK rivers?

We will follow the ‘paper trail’, such as it is, and it will lead us to bizarre and alarming information, some of it quite sinister.

The Quango Environment Agency was established in 1996 at the instigation of the EU. Labour’s Barness Young decided to implement the EU Water Directive. In 2008 Lord Chris Smith, who came with a background in Culture, Media and Sport, was put in charge. He had neither previous experience nor expertise whatsoever in water management but got the job as he was a chum of the political elite.

One of his chief advisers being the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds – who also had no expertise in flood management. It should be noted that the Labour Party put many of its Spads (Special Advisers) in positions of authority in many charities and then changed the law to enable them to be politically active.

The RSPB was given a degree of undemocratic authority for protecting birds. However, this went to their heads and they put the interests of birds way above the interests of people.

(see also 2014 – 062 Sir Ian Botham’s exposée of RSPB 2 November 2014)


One of the EA’s first acts was to disband the River Authority and sell off its dredgers for scrap. This removed all the experience and expertise built up over hundreds of years from the area and potential disasters were predicted by locals.

The RSPB has a policy to promote the removal of flood protection so flood large areas of the UK to provide paddling pools for wading birds. The result in Somerset was major flooding with very severe and extensive damage that has devastated lives, homes, businesses, farms and infrastructure. Vast numbers of hedgehogs, field mice, stoats etc were drowned and billions of insects and butterflies wiped out.
No warning was given to the inhabitants of the Levels.

Where did this idea come from?

It came to us, you may have guessed, from the EU. However, the EU never acts directly in a country – it acts through existing Agencies in that country that have been previously hollowed out and the jobs given to EU sympathetic bureaucrats (known colloquially as Eurotards). The mindset of these Quangos is that they consider they have the right to squander public money on pet projects, excessive expenses and luxury living for themselves with no accountability. The funding provided by the taxpayer has been treated as though it was their personal pocket money.

Was this then an EU initiative?  NO – it came from the United Nations Wildlands Project (2014 – 014 & 2014 – 021) to return much of the land currently occupied by the people back to a wild environment. It is based on a policy initiated by The Club of Rome. (2014 – 002 The Club of Rome invented Global Warming. & 2014 – 011 ) No consideration has been given whatsoever to the people living and working on such land. The UN has been taken over by people with the same mindset as the EU and our political elite.
The UN began with a strong Communism input and covertly pushes for global Communism. It should be noted that Algar Hiss, later a convicted Soviet spy wrote the original UN Charter & was the 1st Sec.Gen. of the UN

Never heard of the Club of Rome?

First, we have to have knowledge of the origins of the EU (2012 – 021).

The Club of Rome (2014 – 002 and 2014 – 011) is a shadowy, rather a secretive group of very senior statesmen, many of them internationally well-known some not so. They have decided that there are too many people in the world. First, they saw a need to soften up the public with a series of scare stories, such as Global Warming (2012 – 015), as an excuse and means to steadily remove free speech, traditional individual freedoms, ties to family and nation and to impose useless extra taxes ‘to save the world’. They have decided that the human race is incapable of running themselves and only they are intelligent enough and capable of doing so. To quote Ted Heath (when PM of the UK) ‘…the British public is too stupid to be involved in governing themselves’ (2012 – 008). He meant, of course, that only he and his chums are intelligent enough to govern, preferably without the humiliating bother of having to be elected. Their chums running the Quangos are appointed with obscene salaries, perks and pensions with enormous unelected and unaccountable authority irrespective of their competence. Deep knowledge of their remit is not considered a requirement.

The Environmental Agency did not inform the citizens of the Levels – ‘We are going to let your homes and businesses be devastated by flooding to provide wetlands for the RSPB and their wading birds’. It was done without their prior knowledge – much less their consent.

As far as the elite are concerned we are the popularis vulgaris.

Their ultimate grand aim is ‘The New World Order’ (2013 – 036). The world is to be run undemocratically by unelected select families of obscene wealth and luxury, their edicts implemented by a complicit bureaucracy (known as the Nomenklatura) on excessive salaries and pensions – as long as they stay ’on message’ (surely civic bribery). The rest of the world to be essentially disenfranchised serfs.

George Orwell’s 1984 was written as a warning. The New World Order is using it as an instruction manual.

“To achieve One World Government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, their loyalty to family traditions and national identification.”

Brock Chisholm, when the director of the UN World Health Organization.

Something similar to the Roman Empire. That failed catastrophically as the ruling elite eventually went mad with their unaccountable power and destroyed Rome from within.

This all fits together quite nicely with the EU Coudenhove Kalergi Plan (2013 – 043) to essentially destroy the White Tribes of Europe. The unelected EU ruling elite and their families are to be supported by a pampered complicit bureaucracy (essentially civic bribery again) to implement their edicts and the citizens to become serfs of a mixed undifferentiated ‘race’ (similar to the aims of the UN and Club of Rome and seem to be linked).


Please read the references carefully. They were not all written by me but many harvested with difficulty from many sources.

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Environment Agency blows £13million on expenses for staff leading to claims flood bosses are ‘out of control’

  • The figure is up more than £3.8 million, or 43 %, on the previous year
  • Just half of the rise could have covered the cost of river dredging that may have saved the Somerset Levels from flooding
  • The agency spent  £2.9 million on hotels, £8.8 million on train travel and £1.1 million on meals for staff working away from home

By Paul Cahalan

PUBLISHED: 22:00, 22 March 2014 | UPDATED: 23:50, 22 March
The Environment Agency has been accused of spiraling ‘out of control’ after it was revealed its staff claimed £12.8 million in expenses last year.

  1. on the previous 12 months.work the beleaguered quango decided not to carry out
  2. Environment Agency staff claimed £12.8 million in expenses last year. Just half of that rise could have covered the cost of river dredging that may have saved the Somerset Levels from flooding (Moorland pictured)
  3. A Freedom of Information request revealed that in the year to March 2013, the agency spent  £2.9 million on hotels, £8.8 million on train travel and £1.1 million on meals for staff working away from home.
  4. Bryony Sadler, whose Somerset home was flooded for three weeks, said: ‘The agency wrecked our homes and lives and we are getting nothing back. The expenses are inexcusable… they need to be justified.’
  1. Ian Liddell-Grainger, the  Tory MP for Bridgwater in Somerset, said: ‘It is simply typical of the agency. It’s a quango out of control and it has lost all public confidence.

    ‘It has become an evangelical environmental group when it suits them, the rest of the time [staff] appear to be drinking expensive champagne in hotels.’

    Ian Liddell-Grainger, the Tory MP for Bridgwater in Somerset, said: ‘It is simply typical of the agency (chairman Lord Chris Smith pictured left) . It’s a quango out of control and it has lost all public confidence’

    The agency said hotel expenses included bills such as meeting room hire; and that it would recoup some money from its ‘external partners’. A spokesman said: ‘One in five days in 2012 were in flood and we had to move our teams across the country to respond to numerous incidents.’

    In the financial year which is just about to end, the agency has already spent £10 million, but the figures are incomplete.

    More than 7,000 homes were flooded this winter, with insurers’ last week saying they expected to pay out about £446 million in compensation.  Dredging stretches of the rivers Tone and Parrett before the floods would have cost the agency about £1.7 million.




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