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Our mission is to objectively expose the covert activities of the EU, the EC and of those in the UK who are trying to dismantle the UK, and its culture, by small increments so that it can seamlessly disappear into a Greater Europe. Plus other items of interest that pass by us.

We will continue to circulate information on what the ‘Political Prigs in Powers’ are trying to keep very low profile and ‘seuropetitiously’ implement when we are not looking.

We also want to add those vital bits of information that is usually missing in official statements about Euroland.

Also the consequences that we have to suffer due to EU Directives – that usually cause far more problems that they solve.

The Europrobe is an independent, non profit making e-bulletin.

We try to ensure that all information circulated is accurate. If any reader feels that something may be inaccurate or misleading they are free to respond – in a clear and succinct manner and no Eurobabble please.

Some information comes into us anonymously so we may unwittingly sometimes transgress copyright; however The Europrobe is non-profit making and exists only to pass on the information to as wide a readership as possible.

Whenever possible we will credit the source of any item.

If you have any item that you wish to contribute or comment you wish to make then please email it to

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