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2018 – 018 How the Educational Authorities produced Generation Snowflake

people who had done much to promote the so-called ‘knowledge-lite’ New History which has been dominating school history lessons since the 1980s. The new National Curriculum for History now being… Continue reading

2015 – 123 The 1942 Europaische WiertschaftsGemeinschaft used as the first draft of the EU in 1964

Blockade on Europe 106 Principles of European Co-operation 107 The European Regional Principle 107 Europe’s Economic Independence 107 Europe and the Global Economy 108 Internal Preconditions of a European Economic… Continue reading

2015 – 022 Schools teaching ‘invented’ history of Europe.

because the history of Europe is to a large extent the history of division, not the history of unity. “When it has been the history of unity, as we’ve seen… Continue reading

2012 – 033 Martin Tillack – German Journalist persecuted by the EU and EU court outlaws criticism of EU

dentist to a high-paying E.U. post. B Euro-court outlaws criticism of EU The Spanish Advocate General of the EU Court of Justice has claimed that “Criticism of the EU is… Continue reading

2015 – 158 Origins of Political Correctness

single factor explanation of history. Economic Marxism says that all of history is determined by ownership of means of production. Cultural Marxism, or Political Correctness, says that all history is… Continue reading

2015 – 116 P.Moore ex director of Greenpeace explains why CO2 is essential for life.

…Alaska. We proved that a somewhat rag-tag looking group of activists could sail an old fishing boat across the north Pacific ocean and help change the course of history. We… Continue reading

2017 – 023 Lord Walsingham’s Witness to History on the origins of the EU

of the “Fathers of Europe”. At the time Britain was heavily indebted to the USA which was backing the EU project and funding the European Movement through the CIA. The… Continue reading

2015 – 129 The EU want to replace English Common Law with EU Corpus Juris. British justice to end?

…the truth by torturing the suspects. In Europe to this day, these two opposing approaches are still both used, in essence. Especially in criminal investigations and courtroom procedures. In our… Continue reading

2016 – 042 Who invented the EU. The EU have it that it was Jean Monnet. Not so!

– 021 ( Also in the ‘20s Richard Coudenhove Kalergi started the Pan European movement that was incorporated into the EU. (2013 – 043 ) However in 1942… Continue reading

2016 – 016 The EU to control all press and journalists with an EU Press Card

The European Union (EU) is proposing to issue an EU Press Card (EUPC) and to accredit journalists. This will be to replace the existing International Federation of Journalists Card that… Continue reading

2014 – 030 The EU scheming behind Scottish Independence

It started long before the question of Scottish independence with the wholly divisive EU promotion of minority languages and identities, culminating in the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages… Continue reading

2019 – 004 THE HISTORY AND AIMS OF THE EU, UN and New World Order

2018 – 058 THE HISTORY AND AIMS OF THE EU, UN and New World Order Posted on 12 November, 2017 | 2 Comments | Edit THE HISTORY AND AIMS OF… Continue reading

2018 – 003 THE HISTORY of the EU

THE HISTORY AND AIMS OF THE EU, UN and New World Order Posted on 12 November, 2017 | Leave a comment | Edit THE HISTORY AND AIMS OF THE EUContinue reading

2015 – 125 More on the Origins of the EU and Coudenhove Kalergi

of which I enclose a link of the result of searching this site for ‘EU history’: . Earlier this year I decided to find something by this Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi… Continue reading

2018 – 030 THE HISTORY AND AIMS OF THE EU and New World Order.

THE HISTORY AND AIMS OF THE EU and New World Order. “BRAVE NEW EUROPE?” by Mick Greenhough         The Origins of the EU from Paris in 1870… Continue reading

2018 – 058 THE HISTORY AND AIMS OF THE EU, UN and New World Order

THE HISTORY AND AIMS OF THE EU “BRAVE NEW EUROPE?” by Mick Greenhough The Origins of the EU from Paris in 1870 to Berlin in 1942 to Strasbourg in 1944… Continue reading

2016 – 008 EU TRYING TO CHANGE THE WAY WE THINK – the Metric system

a clever pressure group, the British Weights and Measures Association, that this new EU law would make it illegal for them to export anything to the EU unless its packaging,… Continue reading

2016 – 032 Brexit – the options to leave the EU

also the problem of UK EU bureaucrat pensions. They are working for the EU so the EU is liable for their pensions. Something the EU will try to wriggle out… Continue reading

2017 – 020 Hidden costs of the EU​

the EU flag on projects partly funded by the EU with YOUR money. 6. 250 MILLION To Turkey and Albania to help them join the EU. 7. 300 MILLION fine… Continue reading

2015 – 153 Frontex precursor to an EU army and taking our UK armed forces.

road will be open for the European Gendarmerie Force to move in too. The “United State of Europe” that the EU wants to build will clearly be based on the… Continue reading

2016 – 006 EU replacing English Common Law with repressive Corpus Juris

…now that it had never been an EU proposal, but merely an exercise by a bunch of academics wishing to while away a rainy afternoon. The EU came to realise… Continue reading

2016 – 011 Is the EU Democratic?

EU list is embryonic – but the clear conclusion is that this is a bloodless coup that has the potential to become a police state. The people of Europe may… Continue reading

2016 – 026 More on EU Coudenhove to eliminate the white tribes.

“when Europe’s feudal aristocracy became dilapidated,” in the crucible of antisemitism wherein “Instead of destroying European Jewry, Europe, against its own will, refined and educated this people into a future… Continue reading

2014 – 045 EU plans to scrap classic cars.

2020. This, according to the Deutsche Bank, could see the cost of cars manufactured in Europe soar by between 500 euros and 1,000 euros as a result of the 2015… Continue reading

2015 – 080 The financial crisis has devastated Greece and still they will not leave the EU

…disguised the extent of our debts. The goal was to get Greece into the Eurozone and it “worked” — Greece was allowed to join the EU after Goldman was involved…. Continue reading