2015 – 016 The Green Party ‘manifesto’

The real Monster Raving Loony Party: Turning toilets gender neutral, using farm animals for traffic calming and moving the Queen to a council house are all policies dreamt up by the Greens
•Here we expose the truth about the Green Party’s bizarre policies
•Greens would make the Army ‘non-aggressive’ and cut number of soldiers
•Toilets would be turned gender neutral, farm animals used to calm traffic
•Party want to abolish the monarchy and put the Queen in a council house
•The Greens would also bring in a ‘Beyonce Tax'(special tax on superstars) if they got into power

By Leo Mckinstry For The Daily Mail

Published: 22:59, 5 February 2015 | Updated: 01:49, 6 February 2015

Exploiting disillusion with the mainstream parties, the Greens have enjoyed a remarkable surge in popularity over recent months. In many opinion polls they have overtaken the Lib Dems, while party membership recently passed 50,000 — more than Ukip has.

A central part of their growing appeal has been the cuddly image they have presented to the public, portraying themselves as a movement of compassion and commonsense.

But behind the propaganda the reality is very different. Far from being moderates, they are extremists who mix ideological bullying with naivety and crackpot policies.

This was exposed last week during Green party leader Natalie Bennett’s car-crash interview with the BBC’s Andrew Neil as he took her to task on the party’s absurd ideas.

Here, we expose the truth about the party’s policies and personalities.

Natalie Bennett’s Green Party have more than 50,000 members – more than Ukip – but have a number of absurd policies

Natalie Bennett’s Green Party have more than 50,000 members – more than Ukip – but have a number of absurd policies

An open door and an end to Britain

Immigration controls would be torn up since the Greens seem to have a contempt for the idea of British nationhood. ‘We will work to create a world of global responsibility in which the concept of a British national is irrelevant and outdated,’ the party says on its website, adding, ‘nationality is inherently racially discriminatory.’

National borders are seen as instruments of oppression: ‘Richer regions and communities do not have the right to use migration controls to protect privileges from others.’

To this end, ‘Partners, prospective partners, immediate families and prospective families of British residents’ will be allowed to enter Britain without any delays. Moreover, the party ‘will resist all attempts to introduce a barrier around Europe by shutting out non-Europeans’.

Shadow women and equalities minister Gloria de Piero addresses the Labour Party annual conference in Manchester. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Sunday September 21, 2014. Large firms will be required to publish the average salary of men and women across every level of their organisation as part of Labour efforts to deliver equal pay. See PA story LABOUR Pay. Photo credit should read: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire \n \n
Can Loose Women decide the election? Tory, Labour and Lib…

The Greens would also abolish rules that are meant to bar entry to those who have cynically formed a relationship with another person with the sole aim of coming to Britain.

In a typical inversion of economic wisdom, the Greens would ban any preference for migrants ‘with resources’ or ‘desirable skills’. Nor would they allow any prospective immigrants or asylum-seekers to be held in detention other than in exceptional circumstances.

The Greens further demand ‘greater ethnic minority participation in the Immigration Service’, ignoring the facts that a quarter of the Home Office workforce and 60 per of the staff at Lunar House, the Government centre for dealing with applications, are from ethnic minorities.

The Greens want the Armed Forces ‘severely reduced in number’ and would allow soldiers to refuse orders on the grounds of conscience

The Greens want the Armed Forces ‘severely reduced in number’ and would allow soldiers to refuse orders on the grounds of conscience and leave Britain defenseless

Until this week —when scrutiny of their policies resulted in a screeching U-turn — they believed it should not be a crime to belong to a terrorist organisation such as Islamic State or Al Qaeda, or to ‘have sympathy with its aims’. To the Greens, terrorism was ‘an extremely loaded term, frequently used by those in power to justify excessive use of force’.

Now, party leader Natalie Bennett has changed her mind, calling Al Qaeda a ‘hideous organisation’ and saying involvement with them is a crime.

Nevertheless, the Greens urge that the infamous former U.S. security official Edward Snowden, whose leaks have done so much damage to Western security, should be ‘granted political asylum in an EU state of his choice’.

They also want Britain to leave Nato and pursue ‘immediate and unconditional nuclear disarmament’. The Armed Forces would be ‘severely reduced in number’, personnel would be allowed to join trade unions and would have the ‘right to refuse orders on the grounds of conscience’.

The Territorial Army would become the largest element of ground forces and would adopt a ‘non-aggressive stance’, while the defence industry — one of Britain’s most successful manufacturing sectors — would be made to develop renewable energies like wind turbine construction.

The 9/11 cranks

Some members have an ingrained anti-Western mentality. This is graphically reflected in their enthusiasm for the ‘Truther’ movement, which holds that the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11 was actually committed not by Al Qaeda but by George W. Bush’s government to provide a pretext for the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Green candidate Martin Deane, from Hull, asked whether 9/11 was ‘the greatest show on earth’, expressing his belief that ‘there is culpable U.S. Government complicity in the events’.

Bristol journalist Tony Gosling is a former Green party candidate whose obsession with 9/11 has often spilled over into anti-semitism.

He once said he had ‘an open mind’ about the authenticity of the infamous 1903 text, The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion which purports to be a Zionist plot for world domination which was taken up by Hitler — even though it was demonstrably proved to be a hoax in 1933.
Conspiracy theorists: Some Green Party members believe the 9/11 attacks were staged by the U.S. government

Lunatic welfare proglifacy

Another abrupt U-turn this week came when the Greens downgraded their flagship welfare policy of a ‘Citizens’ Income’, in place of income tax allowances and most social security benefits.

Paid at a rate of £72 a week, this would have been given to everyone in the country, regardless of wealth. Even the richest would receive the handout. The cost to taxpayers was estimated at £280 billion — almost three times the budget for the NHS. Last week, the Greens were still trumpeting the policy, claiming it would mean an end to people ‘living in fear’.

But then, following recent media scrutiny, its economic illiteracy has been laid bare — because of the withdrawal of tax allowances and other welfare payments, the low-paid would be hit the hardest — and they’ve suddenly changed their tune. The proposal, however, remains a ‘long-term aspiration.’

Sex and drugs

All elements of the sex industry would be decriminalised and ‘sex workers’ given workplace rights. There would be an end to the offences of ‘brothel-keeping’ or ‘soliciting for the purposes of prostitution’.

Anti-drugs laws would also be drastically relaxed. ‘Possession and cultivation of cannabis would be immediately decriminalised,’ while trade in the narcotic would be ‘fully legalised, controlled and regulated’.

On other drugs, ‘small scale possession for personal use would be decriminalised’.

The Queen and the constitution

The party would also abolish the Royal Family and move the Queen into a council house

The party would also abolish the Royal Family and move the Queen into a council house

They plan to abolish the monarchy, evict the Queen and Prince Philip from Buckingham Palace and put them in a council house.

The same approach would be adopted with other members of the Royal Family, including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who would be served with an eviction notice from Kensington Palace.

The Greens also want to abolish the City of London Corporation, bringing the wealth creation of the City under the control of that bureaucratic talking shop, the Greater London Assembly. The office of Prime Minister would be downgraded into that of First Minister, and Sec- retaries of State would be replaced by ‘Convenors’.

A proportional representation voting system would be introduced, regional assemblies created, the right to vote based ‘on residence rather than nationality’ and parties would be given state funding. The vote would also be extended to prisoners.

Bores and troublemakers

Apart from party leader Natalie Bennett, there are a host of other troublemakers, such as Thanet councillor Ian Driver, who is constantly in the local news with his attention-seeking antics, such as disrupting meetings, mounting protests, calling for a cannabis café in the area or his expressing support for graffiti, which he said can be ‘very funny’ and ‘highly political’.

The Labour leader of the Kent council resigned last year because he said he could no longer tolerate Driver’s ‘persistently negative and disruptive actions’.

Even more sinister was the conduct of Brighton and Hove’s Green councillor Ben Duncan, who tweeted that the Armed Forces Day parade last June ‘brought hired killers onto the streets of Brighton’. Though forced out of the party, Duncan says he stands by his comments.

Remarkably, his replacement as a Green council candidate, Richard Stanton, once described the IRA Brighton bombing during the Conservative Party conference in 1984 as ‘a justifiable act of political warfare’.

A so-called ‘Beyonce Tax’ would raise funds for local cultural enterprises

Tax and economy

The eco-puritanical Greens want to see economic growth and consumption sacrificed for the sake of the planet. They would certainly achieve zero economic growth with their plans to brutally expand the scope of taxation, including a much higher top rate of income tax at more than 50 per cent — plus a new wealth tax — a tax on ‘environmental damage’, a new aviation tax ‘that reflects the full environmental costs’ of air travel and a tax on ‘superstar performances’ in any given area — the so-called ‘Beyonce Tax’ — to raise funds for ‘local cultural enterprises’.

Independent schools would lose their charitable status and be forced to pay corporation tax. Inheritance tax would be extended to cover gifts passed on by benefactors while they are still alive, such as jewellery, furniture or antiques.

Private healthcare would be heavily taxed, and, in place of business rates and council tax, a new land tax would be brought in, based on the annual rental value of land.

The anti-Israel fanatics

The party is fiercely hostile to the state of Israel. It supports a campaign to boycott the country, urging governments, organisations and individuals to stop dealing with ‘companies and institutions identified as facilitating Israel’s military capacity, human rights abuses or illegal settlement activity in Palestine’.

One ex-party member, Toby Green, complained that ‘not only is the Green party institutionally anti-semitic, but for deep-seated political and emotional reasons it is incapable of dealing with this’. He added that there ‘is a crass and touchingly self-congratulatory view that if someone is a member of the Green party, they therefore cannot be prejudiced’.

One senior party figure accused of taking her anti-Israel views too far is the leader of the Welsh Greens, Pippa Bartolotti. A businesswoman who once appeared on the TV show Come Dine With Me (after which a viewer described her as ‘mad as a box of frogs’), she was arrested in Israel in 2011 after participating in protests against the blockade of Gaza. With offensive self-dramatisation, she said that ‘Israel was doing to me what had been done to them (the Jews) in Nazi Germany … These Jews are fascists’.

Ms Bartolotti was photographed holding the quasi-swastika flag of the neo-Nazi Syrian Socialist National Party, one of the oldest terrorist organisations in the world, though she denied any knowledge of its significance.

The cultural commissars

Despite their rhetoric about freedom, the Greens are determined to impose their political values on the population.

They want to tighten media regulations, with public broadcasting controlled through a new Public Service Media Council and funded through a new progressive tax which will replace the TV licence fee. The

BBC would be expected to show ‘educational programming’ during prime-time. In the commercial sector, ‘there will be a ban on the advertising of unhealthy food and drink on television before 9pm’.

The Greens also want public toilets to be turned gender neutral and would use farm animals for traffic calming

There would be ‘a complete ban on the promotion of any tobacco and alcohol products through advertising and sponsorship’, while ‘advertising of holiday flights will be controlled by law to halt the promotion of a high-carbon lifestyle’.

There will be limits on the number of takeaway outlets near schools. Mandatory sustainability and health criteria will be set for all restaurants. Alcohol should be served in smaller measures, and taxes on tobacco and drinks increased even further.

Inevitably, the traditional Green softness on crime and open borders does not apply to these products, with the party calling for a crackdown on the smuggling of fags and booze. The Greens will also aim to turn top professional football clubs into co-operatives or supporters trusts, while the tourism industry would have to adopt an environmental certification system to raise ‘sustainability’ awareness. Magazines that promote guns and shooting will have ‘blank wrapping and be kept out of the reach of children’.

Gender intolerance brigade

A commitment to supposed ‘inclusion’ increasingly manifests itself as form of intolerance — the opposite of what was intended.

In 2012, Brighton Councillor Christina Summers was expelled from the party because she said, as a Christian, she could not support same-sex marriage. She said she was ‘called everything from a ‘bigot’ to a ‘fascist’,’ adding: ‘For some of these people, ideology is far more important than personal relationships.’

Brighton Council also produced a 74-page report on its ‘Trans Equalities Strategy’ to combat discrimination against transsexuals. The proposals included demands for transgender-only sports sessions, gender-neutral toilets and the new category of Mx (for Mixter) on official forms.
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