2016 – 042 Who invented the EU. The EU have it that it was Jean Monnet. Not so!

Legend and the EU have it that it was Jean Monnet.  Not so!

The initial idea was by Arthur Salter, a British diplomat, in the ‘20s. Monnet was a friend of his and took it up with enthusiasm. Monnet beavered away at the idea throughout the war and after. (see theeuroprobe.org and type the reference into the search box 2012 – 021  ( http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2012-21-the-origins-of-the-eu/

Also in the ‘20s Richard Coudenhove Kalergi started the Pan European movement that was incorporated into the EU. (2013 – 043  http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2013-044-couden/ )

However in 1942 the Germans were so confident they would win the war they set up a committee to decide how they would run Europe after the war. They produced a document Europaische Wirtschafts Gemeinsschaft (the European Economic Community)

By 1944 they realised that they were going to lose the war so they set up another committee to plan how they would win the peace.  The leader was Ubergruppenfuhrer Dr Scheid. His idea was to set up by stealth what would become the EU to be run by Germany. (2016 – 038 http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2018-038-how-germany-prepared-to-reclaim-its-ambitions-to-rule-europe-after-the-war/ ) His was the idea of the EU we have now. Whether he knew of Monnet’s plan is not known but the two were very similar.

In 1964 Germany set up a committee to establish the EU. All the committee members were members of the wartime I G Faben/Nazi coalition. They used the 1942 Europaische Wirtschafts Gemeinsschaft  document as the first draft of the EU. (2016 – 037 http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2016-037-the-leaders-of-the-embryonic-eu/ )  http://www.eu-facts.org/en/whoiswho/architects.html

Monnet was later given the accolade of father of the EU to hide its Nazi origins.

This is the reason it is completely undemocratic.

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