2017 – 027 An excellent expose of Common Purpose

The Secret Society Which Runs Great Britain • Bruce On Politics

The Secret Society Which Runs Great Britain  Bruce Everiss

Most people reading this will never have heard of Common Purpose, this is because, just like the freemasons and the mafia, it is a secret society. One way they create their blanket of secrecy is by applying what they call Chatham House Rules, which basically mean that whatever happens within Common Purpose stays within Common Purpose. Just as with the mafia and the freemasons so the members of Common Purpose look after one another in life. But where they are far, far worse is that they seek to gain and then to abuse power in order to change the world.

On the surface Common Purpose are a political charity who offer management training courses designed so that the various sectors of society can work together better. No doubt many people who have attended their courses believe this. But is is not what is really going on.

Common Purpose are social engineers who want to change the world, and they use Neuro Linguistic Programming to brainwash their course attendees so as to achieve this. Just like a religious cult. They want to divide the world up into two sorts of people, the elite (themselves) who run everything and then everyone else who must do what they are told. They want to get rid of nations and nationality ( a big part of the identity that defines us as individuals) and to achieve this they want to get rid of democracy and free speech, which are impediments to their cult. The EU is a very important stepping stone to them achieving their objectives.

The scale of what they have achieved is stunning, with tens of thousands of graduates they now effectively control the police, the Conservative Party, much education, the Civil Service, the BBC, the NHS, the Church of England, many charities and much local government.

One of their most powerful tools to enforce their rule upon us is political correctness. Making it socially unacceptable to challenge their dogma. So if you question mass immigration you are a racist. If you voted to leave the EU you are a stupid bigot. If you object to the massive scale of rape of white children by Muslims across Britain you are like Hitler. The BBC are one of the main Common Purpose propaganda mouthpiece and you see this all the time in all their output. Their current affairs and news, their “factual” programming, their soap operas, their comedy, everything. Every time you listen to or watch the BBC you are being brainwashed. Presenters who don’t toe the Common Purpose line have gone, replaced by Social Justice Warriors who don’t realise that they are just useful idiots.

The BBC, because of this, is in constant and blatant breach of its charter. But this doesn’t matter because all the checks and balances in place to control the BBC and to ensure neutrality have been taken over by Common Purpose.

The other main propaganda tool is education. Common Purpose use the education system to ensure that our children leave school brainwashed with their dogma. control click   http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2018-018-how-the-educational-authorities-produced-generation-snowflake/

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