2019 – 043 Operation Comeuppance


Not fully operational yet but will be soon – watch this space.

We are being run by thoroughly dishonest, deceitful and duplicitous politicians. They think they can ignore the historic laws of the UK established over hundreds of years. We are hoping that if enough people feel angry enough to crowd fund this operation we can bring the culprits to account in court.

Charity status applied for but a 12 week waiting list. Probably go for Association not for profit instead.

Brief on Operation Comeuppance

Operation Comeuppance is not affiliated to any political party. It is a completely cross party organisation. It’s function is to get Politicians guilty of lying and perverting their authority to degrade our democratic ethic into court to account for their deeds.  It is in of interest to Remainers and Leavers alike who cherish our democratic heritage.

There is only one Deal that will achieve Brexit. That is No Deal. Any other Deal will come with strings attached to allow the EU to maintain some residual control over aspects of the UK.

No problem continuing negotiations post Brexit but in London and we set the agenda

Operation Comeuppance

We believe that Theresa May and Oliver Robbins conspired with parallel Brexit negotiations behind the back of the official UK negotiating team leader without Davis Davis’s knowledge. Davis was continually over ruled by Downing street making his negotiations impossible so he resigned.

Davis is on Facebook saying that he was continually undermined by Downing Street.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JEtRIGyiOg

They agreed with the EU what they called a Kit Kat Brexit. This was May’s Chequers Agreement. The UK will not be in the EU but the EU will have absolute permanent political control over the UK. It is a surrender document where the UK will submit to EU law, EU regulations and unlimited migration from the EU. But because it will involve UK leaving the EU May considers that it satisfies the spirit of Brexit. However as EU law will still take precedence over all UK law it is, in practice, the exact opposite of the Brexit that the citizens voted for.

We believe that is a Prima Facie case of Malfeasance. A crime that carries the penalty of life imprisonment.

We will be crowdfunding to take out a Private Prosecution of May and Robbins.

Go to our website www. OperationComeuppance.org  for full details and how to donate and please forward this email on to all your contacts. Not yet in operation.yet but will be soon

I have spoken with a criminal barrister who has assured me this is perfectly feasible.

However he thinks the Establishment will try its damnedest to block it by the CPS trying to take it over or getting as Common Purpose judge to throw it out. However if sufficient crowdfunding can be reached it is worth a shot.

If only partial success is achieved then the publicity and exposure of duplicity would be well worth it

Any funding left over could be used to repeat the exercise on such as the BBC for their continuous breach of their Royal Charter and Sadiq Khan for using public money to fund union activities.

Donated monies will not be used for salaries and pensions of those running Operation Comeuppance.

The potential for crowdfunding looks very promising. 17 million voted for Brexit. If they all donate £1 each that would give a pretty good fighting fund.

Mick G

No Deal is Brexit as it is the only Deal that does not give the EU some, or a lot of residual control over the UK. A Kit Kat Brexit is one where the EU retains enough control to effectively rule the UK completely.




3 responses to “2019 – 043 Operation Comeuppance

  1. An e/mail exchange with my local MP (a waster) Keith Simpson.
    It is now time for us to join the various political parties – en-masse and act to de-select those who ignore the wishes of their constituents who are also their employers.

    Dear Mr. Simpson, I have received you letter below, for which I’m grateful. I have written to you previously without reply, but on the 16th. January, I sent you a letter which was as follows;

    Dear Mr. Simpson.

    It would seem that you ignored the majority and National vote regarding Brexit and that you supported Mrs May’s offering to the EU Council.

    A claim that you voted in support of the National interest, cannot be a support because unless you have a crystal ball, there is no way of predicting the future and there is considerably greater evidence which would have the reality being that we as a Nation will indeed prosper, should we manage to disentangle ourselves from the corrupt and wholly dishonest EU.

    Needless to say, I shall not be voting for you at the next General Election, and I shall actively campaign to see that you lose your deposit. I shall also be making enquiries as to the de-selection process for members of parliament.

    I have written to you in the past, and never yet had a reply. I don’t expect a reply to this letter either, but would offer the warning that with an ever greater access to social media and with the National level of anger being where it is, so UKIP will again split the vote, evermore so than previously, and the chances of your party facing an ignominious defeat, is looming – – and all because of the most supreme arrogance of you and your party.

    Sincerely yours, Alec Swan.


    That parliament voted at the ratio of 6-1 in favour of following the nation’s majority decision to leave the EU is undeniable. That parliament have now – following the protocol of EU deception – decided that they will not only ignore the wishes of the majority – those who have appointed them, let’s not forget – but have now decided to abandon their election reliant promises, is a fresh and disgraceful turn of events.

    You will see that I have joined the Conservative party. I am, by inclination a Conservative and hold Conservative values but it is my intention to join with those who would have our previously trusted party regain the ground which it is losing – daily. Democracy, despite any claims to the contrary has been abandoned and along with others, it seems that you have trotted out the party line.

    There is a growing movement to de-select those MPs who ignore the wishes of those who appoint them and it’s a movement which I feel compelled to support, and in any way that I am able.

    It may well be that there is a valid reason for the treachery (treachery to mean a betrayal of trust) displayed by parliament – and it would be a point which I have missed. I am open to considering the reasons for such betrayal, beyond defending the pecuniary interests of those who the nation employ.

    Sincerely, Alec Swan

  2. Under article 61 of the Magna Carta which has been invoked this government is illegitimate. This is an avenue which needs progression. All laws are built on the Magna Carta. All modern laws can be removed under the Magna Carts. Treason holds sway in our land.

  3. Good luck. But…
    Under article 61 of the Magna Carta which has been invoked this government is illegitimate. This is an avenue which needs progression. All laws are built on the Magna Carta. All modern laws can be removed under the Magna Carts. Treason holds sway in our land.

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