2013 – 009 Whatever has happened to our police? Now politicised into an agent of the State

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The problem with our police now is not the beat policemen but the infiltration of Common Purpose into their senior ranks. A major problem they have as well is that they are grossly understaffed.

      Whatever has happened to our police? Why are they so heavy on citizens and soft on criminals? The police service of today is no longer the police force of Sir Robert Peel. It has been destroyed essentially by two things. The Macpherson report and the infiltration of Common Purpose Wokerati into the senior police.

There are still many ‘good’ coppers but they rarely get promotion now. However if the Senior police are not prepared to allow the police to defend the public they cannot expect the public to come to their aid.

We now have many senior police (Including Cressida Dick chief of the Met) who are alumni of the crypto Marxist training college Common Purpose. (http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2015-074-common-purpose/)




In my village we had a policeman (PC Upton) in a police house as did the next parish ( PC Ken Keens). Both knew everyone and who the problem locals were. Their children went to the village schools. They were also was active participant in the activities and life of the villages. They were  good, honest coppers.

The urban areas also had ‘beat’ policeman who knew their patch.

The police house was then sold and the policeman removed to car duty. This meant that the close personal contact between the policeman and the villagers was broken. The political and police authorities were clearly starting to isolate the police from the public. They were also dazzled by USA methods with officers roaring around in fast cars with ‘blues and twos’ as they erroneously think that such behaviour means that the public will believe they are, therefore, being very active. The BBC closed down the local friendly copper Dixon of Dock Green programme to replace it with Z Cars to big up police in cars. Coincidence?

Of prime importance he was free to use his ‘common sense’ and expected to do so by his superiors when carrying out his police duties. He had our respect.

Sir Robert Peel set up the police to be a ‘shield between the government and the people’. The police were responsible to the citizens not the state.

The oath of allegiance to the Queen has also been removed. The oath was not to the Queen herself but to her as representative of the citizens of the UK.  This has removed the police’s loyalty to the citizens and moved their loyalty to the state.

It is the intention of the EU to completely destroy the British police and replace them with Europol and the Eurogendarmerie. These two have a totally different ethos to the UK police.  http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2013-007-eurogendfor-the-eu-paramilitary-police/

Indeed a Mr Ferenc Banfi was appointed the Director of our Bramshill Police Training College in UK by the EU. He was a Hungarian who was a senior member of the Hungarian Communist Party and a policeman under their murderous communist regime. He introduced EU style training of UK police recruits as opposed to that of Sir Robert Peel.


There are reports from people present that a number of the riot police could not speak English. The suspicion is that members of the Eurogendfor were imported from the remoter parts of the EU. read http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2013-007-eurogendfor-the-eu-paramilitary-police/. The EU paramilitary police who have a reputation and culture of thuggery.

London’s policing has been signed over to Stronger Cities Network as has Leicester, Luton, Manchester and Birmingham. They are only here to enforce the lockdown and oppression rules. George Sorros is one of the funders of SCN – it’s all on their website. A precursor to the New World Order? And get rid of all Diversity Offices.


Why do the police take little notice of the stalking of women? There is no money in pursuing it.

The police are now virtually a paramilitary wing of the Labour Party.


Robert Peel’s police principles 1829 : ‘The test of police efficiency is the absence of crime and disorder, not the visible evidence of police action in dealing with them.  The police are now little more than a revenue raising organisation. All police recruits should have had at least 5 years of service in the army.

What ever happened to our boast that our police are unarmed?


At one time all police had their personal number on their shoulder. They seem to have disappeared. Who made that decision?

Criminal police  https://twitter.com/i/status/1234492257237176321

The current practice of allowing rogue police to retire to escape prosecution must be stopped. They should be sacked with full loss of pensions.

Replying to 

The higher ranks have to go through the brainwashing, ie, common purpose training, in order to get the promotion. I have this independently from 2 retired deputy chief commissioners.

We no longer have a Police  Force of Sir Robert Peel responsible to the public. We have a Politically Correct Police Service dominated by alumni of the Cultural Marxist Common Purpose in police uniforms. They are now agents of the Establishment.

There seems to be a competition between Chief Constables as to who can make the police look more stupid.

Our justice system has also been infiltrated by Cultural Marxism. Now the ghosts of Judge Jefferys and Roland Freisler walk the corridors of our justice establishment.

see http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2020-11-the-appointment-of-judges-and-magistrates/

The police now want to control what press editors can write. What ever has happened to Free Speech

Police recruitment wants Uni graduates. The best recruits are ex sevicemen who have been trained and are fit.


Painted finger nails, prancing about like demented puppets on speed, wearing silly mascot heads etc etc. We need an annual award for the force that comes up with them most ridiculous stunt  THE GOLDEN FINGER NAIL AWARD

worth reading as well is  https://www.workingthedoors.co.uk/go-to-guides/the-ultimate-guide-to-knife-crime/?msID=ac5fc273-0084-4c89-9bfe-837c7f661018

Asian grooming gang free to roam streets because officers were told to ‘find other ethnicities’ to investigate, detective claims.  https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/01/14/police-officers-knowingly-neglected-girls-exploited-grooming/


Police now will not attend if your house is burgled but just give you a crime number for your insurance company. They also refuse to accept complaints of Muslim grooming of little girls and mass Muslim demonstrations when illegal to avoid Muslims rioting as they are too busy searching the internet for hurty words.

With the proposed recruiting of raw naive graduates into the police for thought conditioning the fate of the puppies of Jesse and Bluebell in Animal Farm spring readily to mind. The ideal people to be recruited as police are ex military. They are trained and disciplined and not brainwashed.

We now seem to have two tier policing. One for the British and one for the BAME population. Peaceful Brits demonstrating are confronted by Riot police and illegal BAME demonstrations are shepherded by ordinary police.

More and more reports like this are coming in

see also 2014 – 052 EUROPOL, EUROJUST and EUROGENDFOR http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2013-007-eurogendfor-the-eu-paramilitary-police/

2014 – 069 The European Arrest Warrant.  http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2014-027-the-disgraceful-european-arrest-warrent/
2015 – 20 The Appalling Malfeasance of the traffic police.  http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2015-20-appalling-malfeasance-by-the-traffic-police/
2014 – 067 The Met Police and Common Purpose  http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2014-067-the-met-police-and-common-purpose/

Police give up on charging thieves     https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/01/23/crime-figures-theft-decriminalised-police-fail-pursue-prosecutions/?WT.mc_id=tmg_share_tw


One of the worst things to happen to our police was the mad Macpherson Report that accused the police of ‘institutional racism’. The consequence of that is they are now terrified to apply the law to ‘ethnic minorities’. The Rotherham mass raping of little girls was allowed by the police rather than risk any spurious accusation of racism. The ethnic minorities and their solicitors know that and exploit to the full.

At one time a senior policeman started as a constable progressing up after a few years via a period as desk sergeant to more senior positions. They then began recruiting ‘politically correct’ university graduates to be inserted into the career structure with accelerated and preferential promotion – many of the alumni of the Marxist Training College Common Purpose heavily influenced by The Frankfurt School (http://www.theeuroprobe.org/2012-025-the-frankfurt-school/) We now have a police force where many of the senior police have had minimal experience of policing ‘on the streets’ or dealing directly with the public. Common Purpose alumni preferred. (2013 – 004). There is no formal policy statement for this but there are still very many ’good coppers’ who are fully aware that this is happening. The truth and a definite answer of this is difficult as the police constantly circumvent the Freedom of Information Act.

Is it in the interests of London that the head of the Met is a Common Purpose alumni?

It seems to be becoming practice of the police to ‘lose’ or even shred files of investigations into the crimes of the political elite and their chums to prevent later prosecution.

To be fair to the ‘good coppers’ they are given politically motivated targets that are not in the best interests of the citizens. However there are many who no longer consider they have a duty to the citizenry but to their political masters and themselves.

A major problem to ‘good policing’ is that of ‘targets’ as the police have to achieve their targets regardless of justice as these targets are often politically motivated. This may be by ‘booking’ motorists for marginal transgressions or not recording crime.
The senior officers have their potential for promotion increased by ‘reducing’ crime in their area. This is often achieved by ‘leaning’ on the desk sergeants not to record crime. A street robbery of a mobile phone may be recorded as ‘lost property’ or in the extreme case of Rotherham. There 1400 little girls were systematically raped by a network of Pakistani men over many years. The police chose to ignore their pleas for help. There was a significant Common Purpose influence there however. The head of Child Services was Joyce Thacker – a Common Purpose alumni.

The aim is to discredit our p0lice is to get the public to easily accept their replacement with Europol (the EU police force see 2013 – 008) and also replace English Common Law with EU Corpus Juris. Under CJ you can be arrested without evidence and held in custody without charge for an indefinite period and you have to prove your innocence. This directly opposite to English Common Law where you are innocent until proven guilty.

The banning of gun ownership by citizens, but not worrying about gun criminals. is to prevent the possibility of an armed citizens uprising.

ACPO – Association of Chief Police Officers is a private company wholly owned by the CPOs. Sir Hugh Orde – head of ACPO – is an alumni of the Marxist Common Purpose and wishes all CPOs to be alumni of the Marxist Common Purpose (2012 – 004) as well.

Macpherson report claimed that the Metropolitan Police were guilty of ‘institutional racism’. Are they? Probably no more so than the rest of society. It was the influence of the Frankfurt School of thought on that declaration by Macpherson. It is the direct cause of our police allowing the systematic rape of hundreds of little white girls by Muslim men for fear of being called ‘racist’.

It is a Charter for criminals and their complicit lawyers.

Further info in www.theeuroprobe.org 2013 – 009         ©  Mick Greenhough 2010

Police now making up law to enforce.


The above has been in the public domain for over 9 years without challenge or dispute.

Retired PC “No surprise Police officers reluctant to investigate ‘Grooming Gangs’ Police officers told that any complaint against them of racism, would be accepted without opposition The consequences for Police officers would be instant dismissal & possibly criminal proceedings”

There are now proposals to put foreign policemen in charge of our police (By James Kirkup, Political Editor Telegraph  4:07PM BST 13 Oct 20130

Sir Robert Peel set up our police as a body independent of the political elite. The police were at one time one of the institutions that formed a shield to protect the public from criminals and the excesses of the political elite.

ACPO – the Assoc of Chief Police Officers is a private company wholly owned by the CPOs. It is heavily influenced by Common Purpose. Indeed it is the desire of the senior ACPO officers to have all Chief Police Officers as Common Purpose. (2013 – 004). They are a private ltd company with £mmm in the bank, all costs and time paid by the State. How in God’s name was THAT ever allowed? And they are immune from the Freedom of Iinformation Act. As a private company they operate in secret and they dictate policy across the country!!

There is a very good book written by Peter Hitchens that gives the background to the collapse of law and order in the UK. The Abolition of Liberty.

The Frankfurt School ethos (2012 – 025) has infiltrated our police and legal system where the Human Rights of the criminal are equal to or greater than those of the victim. Also the victim is considered to be as equally guilty as the criminal.

eg  A householder catches a young hooligan kicking down his garden fence and marches him to the police station. The response of the police now is to caution the hooligan, release him ( the courts will not adequately deal with him and there is virtually no chance of getting any money from him) and put the householder in prison for up to 12hours without charge for a possible charge of assault on the hooligan. That should teach him a lesson not to bother the police with problems that adversely affect achieving their Targets. The police now concentrate far more on petty motoring offences that raise revenue and tend to give housebreaking, public disorder, street and domestic violence a low priority target. Policing is becoming far more about meeting Targets and raising money.

The police in general are increasingly refusing to supply information that the public are entitled to under the Freedom of Information Act. They also being frequently caught out falsifying police records.

The police are increasingly becoming ‘box tickers’ to achieve political ‘Targets’ and to raise revenue rather than pursue crimes that require time and effort but with no financial income.

There are proposals to allow the police to retain the money from fines. The pressure for the police to generate income from ‘crimes’ that do not go to court or with creative arrests will be enormous.

You get what you vote for and if you do not vote do not complain.

The new Police Commissioners are very much an unknown quantity. The cost of standing for election is prohibitive for all but political appointees. It is part of the move to separate the police from the public.

The £5000 fee to stand and to contact just 100,000 voters with a couple of A5 leaflet and postage about yourself as an Independent candidate could be as much as £50,000. No other information is provided directly to the voters. An Independent candidate’s only hope of getting elected is if he is very wealthy indeed and there is a very small turnout to vote.

Now they have been ‘in office’ for a few year some 50% are under suspicion for malpractice and fraud.

I strongly suspect that there is a hidden agenda to prepare our police for political control by Europol thus making them true agents of the state.

There is also P.A.C.E. The Police and Criminal Evidence Act of 1984. This seems to have been produced by someone who has never done any actual policing. It has tied the hands of honest policemen and given the distinct advantage to petty criminals. So much so that the police try not to arrest them as they take up so much time to process. There is no box to tick and the police authorities do not want them added to their local crime statistics.

Probably the worst has been the Macpherson report that quite unjustly labeled the police ‘institutionally racist’. They are no more so than the rest of the community whatever their race. It has given the opponents of law and order freedom to ignore the law if they can falsely claim racial discrimination. The systematic raping of underage white girls in Rotherham by Pakistanis was allowed by the police to continue as they were more terrified of being called racist if they tried to stop it than concern for the girls.

One of the most unsavory actions is to allow ‘bent coppers’ caught out indulging in severe corruption to take early retirement with his full pension instead of being prosecuted. In the short term this may protect the image of the police. In the long term this leaks out into the public domain. It also encourages other  policemen to be corrupt as there are no serious sanctions.

Today they are planning to insert foreigners and those with no policing background into the higher echelons of the police.  A former director of a supermarket is now to be a suitable senior decision making policeman. It looks very like further preparing the British police and public to accept the Corpus Juris EU police to run our police on EU principles and to bypass Habeas Corpus and Magna Carta.

What a waste of police time.

Time will tell

© Mick Greenhough 2012

We have the bizarre situation now where the police take the handing out of sausage roll snacks at a political party as an event as a bribery offence but allow rape foreign gangs to freely rape hundreds of little girls and do nothing.

see also 2014 – 052 EUROPOL, EUROJUST and EUROGENDFOR

see The Abolition of Liberty by Peter Hitchens ISBN 1 84354 1491 for a thorough analysis.

see 2012 – 018 What is a Police State? For a thorough expose’ of the EU and it’s aims get a free copy of Freedom, Security and Justice by Gerard Batten MEP PO Box 51542  London  SE1 3XS  Bus. phone:  020 7403 7174


Email:  gerard.batten@europarl.europa.eu


Scotland Yard corruption: leaked report claims police were bribed to DESTROY evidence, SLEPT with criminals and intimidated witnesses

  • Internal investigation      into corruption at the Metropolitan Police was leaked
  • File from 2002 says that      organised criminals could access records ‘at will’
  • Claims officers owned      houses and racehorses with suspected gang leaders
  • Also alleges officers      were paid £15,000 to destroy surveillance logs
  • Another accessed records      for drug supplier he was having sex with
  • Met spokesman says report      is ‘outdated’ and the force has ‘changed vastly’

By Kieran Corcoran

PUBLISHED: 10:25, 10 January 2014 | UPDATED: 14:16, 10 January 2014


Dozens of corrupt police officers helped organized criminals hide evidence, intimidate witnesses and access details of ongoing operations, according to a leaked report.

An internal investigation by the Metropolitan Police claimed officers were bribed to destroy surveillance logs and some officers even co-owned houses and racehorses with suspected gang leaders.

The 2002 report, produced as part of Operation Tiberius, an investigation into police corruption, named 80 corrupt officers. More than half of them were still serving at the time.

‘Corrupt’: The report alleges that criminals had free access to information held by the Metropolitan Police

The documents, leaked to the Independent, concludes that organized criminals were able to infiltrate Scotland Yard ‘at will’ and access confidential information from secure databases.

The report, written by a team led by Andy Hayman, the force’s former assistant commissioner, spoke to informants, used intelligence from intercepted telephone conversations, interviewed officers and scoured old police files to reach its conclusions.

The Metropolitan Police today insisted that the force has ‘changed vastly’ since the report was completed. But a recently retired senior officer, speaking anonymously to the newspaper, said that: ‘The Met is still every bit as corrupt as it was back then.’

Details of the report include a case in which a police statement from a sensitive witness was found in a nightclub controlled by a family of suspected gangsters.

‘Endemic’: The Tiberius report named 80 corrupt officers, more than half of which were still working in 2002 (file photo)

Other records claim that a man on trial for drug trafficking was able to pay officers £15,000 to destroy two ‘crucial’ surveillance logs. His trial later collapsed.

At another point, a corrupt officer who discovered the existence of a highly sensitive informant was able to threaten his handler with reprisals if he any evidence about organized crime were to emerge.

Another part of the report speaks of a corrupt officer who had ‘an ongoing sexual relationship with a female drug supplier’, and access police records for her.

Speaking to MailOnline today, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police suggested that the report was ‘outdated’ and does not reflect the organization as it is today.

He said: ‘I think everyone recognizes that the police has changed vastly over the past five years – let alone the last 10 or 15 years.’

A statement issued by the force also said that the Met continues to investigate corruption, and has ‘no complacency’ about the matter.

It said: ‘The dedicated Anti-Corruption Command (ACC), part of the Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards, proactively investigates any allegations or intelligence relating to either corrupt police officers and staff and those that may seek to corrupt our officers or staff.

‘All such allegations and intelligence are taken extremely seriously and any any lessons learnt from resulting investigations are used to further our efforts to reduce the likelihood of such offences occurring in the future.

‘There is no complacency in the Met’s determination to succeed in this task and the work of the officers and staff of the ACC is undertaken relentlessly and determinably, fully recognizing that criminals who seek to corrupt our officers and staff will remain a threat.’

Scotland Yard corruption: leaked report claims police were bribed to DESTROY evidence, SLEPT with criminals and intimidated witnesses

  • Internal investigation      into corruption at the Metropolitan Police was leaked
  • File from 2002 says that      organised criminals could access records ‘at will’
  • Claims officers owned      houses and racehorses with suspected gang leaders
  • Also alleges officers      were paid £15,000 to destroy surveillance logs
  • Another accessed records      for drug supplier he was having sex with
  • Met spokesman says report      is ‘outdated’ and the force has ‘changed vastly’

By Kieran Corcoran Daily Mail

PUBLISHED: 10:25, 10 January 2014 | UPDATED: 14:16, 10 January 2014



Dear Mr. Herbert,

Thanks for your time after this moring’s meeting at Chichester. about Acpo.

Having been aware that you had warned Acpo to stick to their remit, after it was revealed that as a private limited company they had been responsible for “running” unercover police officers) I was very pleased to hear this morning that you had taken steps to end that anomolous and extraordinary position. I fail to understand how it was ever allowed in the first place.

A few general points:

Having fought speed camera policies for 12 years I have a web site www.fightbackwithfacts.com largely related to cameras and the lies told about them. I have a great deal more information not yet in place but available on request.

Acpo is closely involved in Road Safety Support Ltd. also a limited liability company, set up by Chief Constable and head of Acpo’s road safety policy, Meredydd Hughes, shortly before he had to resign from the latter position after being caugt speeding at 90mph in, of all places, Brunstrom’s patch, North Wales. Its overt purpose is, as Hughes told the Times when it was set up in 2007, was to threaten those who dared defend themselves in court with costs of thousands of pounds: 

idris francis

The Editor,
The Daily Telegraph.


As Chris Huhne and Vicki Pryce face penalties for attempting to pervert the course of justics, it should be more widely known that, in a variety of ways official web sites across the country have done the same, and worse, for many years by threatening or implying that:

Responsibility to identify the drivers is absolute (in fact anyone who does not know and cannot find out commits no offence by not identiifying, para. 4, S172 1988 RTA).

Registered keepers must always know who is driving at any given moment (clearly impossible without logs for every vehicle).

NIP’s are valid as long as posted by the 14th day (in fact they must be posted normally to arrive by that day).

Mitigating circumstances can be assessed only by Magistrates in Court following a Not Guilty plea (in fact Police are required to consider mitigation before prosecution).

Severe penalties apply to providing false information, but at the same time withholding evidence such as photographs that might assist correct identification – or indeed convict the defendant of false identification if, deprived of that evidence, he identifies the wrong person.

Far higher costs, fines and penalty points if they fail to provide a name. (Acpo’s RSS Ltd was set up to threatend defendants with costs of £4,000 if they lost.)

All of these threats have one thing in common – as many admissions of guilt whether guilty or not, with as little resistance as possible. That Police forces, for the first time in their 174 year history now have an incentive to maximise penalties to increase cash flow through their Driver Courses back to Police funds, seems significant.

Yours faithfully,

Idris Francis

I can provide confirmation for all of the above points on request – I have been fighting speed cameras since 2000, initially in relation to my “right to silence” application to the ECHR.




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